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The topic of Environmental Management Systems has to do with the implementation of the ISO-14000 series of international standards. This is a series of voluntary standards on environmental management tools and systems developed and maintained by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO 14000 series includes standards on environmental auditing, life cycle analysis, environmental performance evaluation, and more. The purpose of these standards is to incorporate environmental aspects into the operations and product standards of industries and other organizations. Often, when people refer to ISO 14000, they are actually referring to one standard in the series: ISO 14001. Environmental Management Systems should not be confused with systems for managing environmental data.
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ISO World

Offers ISO 14000, ISO 9000 information and services. Japanese or English.
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Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001

Provides a 1999 report by the Federal Facilities Council of the National Research Council (U.S.) which discusses the ISO 14001 standard and its application to government activities.
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Board of Environmental Health & Safety Auditor Certifications (BEAC)

Issues professional certifications relating to the auditing of environmental, health, and safety, and other scientific fields.
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An Meá Environmental Management Services

Offers tools, techniques, and training for improving the way businesses, regulators, and community manage social and environmental issues. Training in health and safety at the workplace and interactively.
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Provides a substantial FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for environmental systems, and the ISO 14000 standards in particular.
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EMS and ISO 14000 Group

Introduction to environmental systems and the ISO 14000 series of standards.
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EMS and ISO 14000 Introduction

A detailed introduction to the ISO 14000 standards and environmental management systems.
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An ISO 14001 Implementation Guide

Offers guidelines for implementing an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) which meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard
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EMS Assistance from Ohio EPA

The EPA Office of Pollution Prevention offers free waste minimization assessments for Ohio business and can assist in implementing an Environmental Management System, (ISO 14000).
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Transformation Strategies For ISO 14000

A raft of articles, case studies, benefit rationale, gap analysis information, and approach methods for environmental management and deployment of ISO 14000.
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Environmental Health and Safety Information Center

A resource center for information pertaining to ISO 14000.

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