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This category lists websites for Consultants and Consultancy companies that specialize in the Environmental industry.
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An independent consultancy firm that specialises in resource saving, renewable energy, conservation of the environment and development of sustainable techniques, systems, and organisations.
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Consulant for hydraulic and coastal engineering, translations from English into German of technical and scientific works.
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Clarus Technologies

Clarus provides cultural resource and environmental services to a variety of federal, state and commercial clients.
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GeoPentech, Inc.

Specializing in geo-engineering and geo-sciences, based in Southern California.
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Gremminger and Associates Inc.

Specializes in natural resource sciences project planning and permitting. Actions by clients require coordination and approval by state and federal resource agencies.
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ACC Environmental Consultants

California-based consulting firm specializes in asbestos, lead-based paint, site assessments, soil and groundwater remediation, hazardous materials management, and indoor air quality evaluations.
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Alan Edwards & Partners

Independent consultants in the treatment and management of water systems for the benefit of industrial cooling tower and boiler plant operators, and other industrial water systems.
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Geotechnical Resources, Inc.

They are practiced in the Pacific Northwest. Technical staff includes geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists.
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Professional Service Industries

Provides pollution and hazardous materials management, geotechnical engineering, and construction testing services.
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J.F. Sato and Associates

Fully integrated interdisciplinary consulting engineering, environmental planning and program management firm and is located in Colorado.
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Engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists and scientists specializing in soil and ground water contamination and other environmental compliance problems.
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Forsgren Associates

Services to government and private sector clients
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Eugea, Incorporated

Provide engineering automation solutions and services for utility companies.
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Technical Consulting Group

Engineering, project management, planning and environmental affairs. Serving Puerto Rico, Latin America and the USA.
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Irwin Engineers

Chemical and environmental engineers advise on pollution prevention, risk management, process engineering, site assessments and remediation, spill prevention and response, integrated contingency plans, EMS, and ISO 14001. Eastern U.S.
16 -

Hart and Hickman

Environmental consulting firm that provides a wide variety of environmental consulting and engineering services such as remedial design, geo-statistics, landfills and wastewater.
17 -

Barron and Associates

Providing a complete scope of geotechnical and environmental consulting services, construction monitoring and material testing, specialty testing services, and design/build services.
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IEC - Independent Environmental Consultants

A company which specializes in wetlands consulting - coastal and freshwater wetlands.
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Arden Consulting Engineers

Specializing in the design of decentralized on-site wastewater treatment systems.
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Environmental Compliance and Remediation

Environmental health and safety consultants (CA)
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UBS Umweltberatung

Engineering consulting, chemical and toxicological expertises.
22 -

Deigan & Associates, LLC

Environmental engineering consultants
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Carl E. Linderoth, Inc.

Boiler consultant, tuning, optimization, control, and system upgrade.
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CNS Environmental

Specializing in environmental site assessments, asbestos and lead-based paint consulting.
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Strata-G LLC

A veteran-owned small business providing environmental and engineering consulting. They offer support to clients performing operations for the Department of Energy, commercial nuclear facilities, and private industry.
26 -

McGinley and Associates, Inc.

A wide range of environmental consulting services for the western States, based in Reno, Nevada.
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ProSource Technologies Inc.

Providing consulting services including environmental, right of way, site acquisition, relocation, engineering, geographic information systems, global positioning, and database management.
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EnviroAssets, Inc.

An environmental consulting firm which delivers innovative solutions to cost effectively manage complex challenges, using proven experience and leveraging technology to transform challenges into assets.
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Tamar Consulting

A multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy specialising in natural resource management, environmental impact assessment, ecological evaluation and social and market survey research relevant to the environmental sector.
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Cherokee Enterprises, Inc.

A 100 % minority owned company headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida specializing in environmental and civil engineering.
31 -

Source Environmental Sciences

Provides air permits, waste and wastewater permits, SPCC plans, TRI reports, site assessments , and pollution prevention services.
32 -

Odor Control Systems Limited

Manufacturer of five different odor neutralising products for industrial use, with a range of delivery systems for air atomisation and high and low water pressure atomisation.
33 -

Ivey International Inc.

Remediation technology to restore air, soil and groundwater quality.
34 -

DeLisle Associates LTD

Environmental consulting, training, and industrial hygiene services.
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Barber and Barber Associates, Inc.

BBAI provides international environmental management consulting services, specializing in solid and hazardous waste. Services include permitting, expert testimony, regulatory agency liaison, site review, environmental acquisition review, contract negotiations and regulatory training.
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Fulkerson and Associates, Inc.

Cooling tower experts specializing in cooling tower inspection, testing, design, structural analysis, thermal improvement and other services to those involved with cooling towers.
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Environmental Systems Design and Management

Located in Houston, Texas and serving the entire United States, they offer a complete range of environmental engineering services.
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Midwest Environmental Consultants

Engineering and scientific services primarily related to environmental, health and safety issues. Information about services, clients and projects.
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MEC Water Resources

Professional water quality assessment and modeling expertise and services to assess and manage surface water quality. Includes services, clients and projects.
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Water Resources Consulting Services

Conducts studies of surface water hydrology and hydraulics, designs flood control systems, and provides expert witness testimony.
41 -

LCA Environmental, Inc.

Environmental consulting and engineering.
42 -

PerTect Detectors, Inc.

Providing an early warning system designed to detect subsurface vapors that result from releases of volatile chemicals such as Perc, tetrachloroethene, chlorinated solvents, benzene, and stoddard solvents. PerTect helps reduce potential contamination cleanup costs.
43 -

Foremost Environmental Consulting

An environmental consulting engineering firm specializing in the primary metals industries.
44 -

Balance Hydrologics

Resolving clients environmental challenges using site specific information.
45 -

GKW Consult

Germany-based consultant in the fields of water supply, wastewater, and solid waste disposal.
46 -

Andrea Fornaroli

Provides international experience in cost and project management for a variety of public and industrial clients.
47 -


California based environmental consulting firm serving Western United States. Services include wind engineering, air quality, exhaust stack and air intakes design, ventilation, pedestrian wind comfort, green buildings, risk and hazard concerns.
48 -

International Cabinet Merlin

First French company of council and engineering in the drinking water supply, the cleansing and the management of waste for the local communities. Independent of any industrial and financial groups since 1922.
49 -

New Waste Technologies

Information and developments in the new waste technologies, also known as mechanical biological treatment, in the United Kingdom. Information of technologies from pyrolysis to composting.
50 -

Saberprobe LLC

Based in Omaha, NE, providing a staff of environmental, geotechnical, and geology professionals providing Direct Push Geoservices and drilling contracting.
51 -

URS Corporation

Europe and UK environmental consultants, engineering and architecture program management.
52 -

Green Technologies Inc.

Engineering and commercial consultancy operates out of Vancouver, Canada. Established initially in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1992, the company moved its operations to Vancouver in the summer of 1997.
53 -

SLR Consulting

Offers expertise worldwide in industries for power, oil, gas, mining, buildings, infrastructure and geology. Profile includes teams, sector and service details, blogs of news and events, global jobs, along with contacts for offices situated at various locations.
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KLEAN Environmental Consultant Pvt. Ltd

Consultants with workforce from different fields. Provide a variety of services including environmental auditing, environmental monitoring, work zone monitoring and environmental research. Located in India,Sri Lanka, Thailand, Dubai and East Africa.
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Triton Environmental Consultants

Based in Western Canada with seven offices. Offers a wide range of services including: aquatic assessments, terrestrial assessments, marine assessments and habitat offsetting. Gives importance to work safety practices.
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