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Provides services and products based on a background of industrial and technological development, alongside practical applications in the fields of projects and legalisation of new investments, environment, safety, quality and processes improvement.
2 -


Manufacturer of water cooling towers, repair and spare parts.
3 -

Sespi S.r.l.

Provides market surveys, engineering and consulting services, and the supply of installations for electrochemical and chemical plants, environmental protection and wastewater treatment.
4 -


An international provider of environmental systems. Offering a wide range of equipment, systems and services to treat VOC emissions coming from industrial processes.
5 -

Aeromeccanica Stranich

Industrial Ventilation and Dust control
6 -

Neri Srl

Manufacturer of TURBOsplashPAC, a fill material particularly recommended for use in cooling towers with normal and difficult water conditions.
7 -

Hans Huber AG

Process engineering and manufacturing of plant equipment and machinery made of stainless steel for municipal and industrial water treatment. Specializing in stainless steel products for industrial equipment. Site is translated into two languages.
8 -

Horizon International

Environmental engineers for over 35 years specialising in air pollution control for dust and fume extraction requirements.
9 -

Processfilter Sweden AB

Sweden. Design and manufacture of industrial process ventilation and materials recycling systems. Extensive technical information. English and Swedish.
10 -

STS Canada, Inc.

Provides gas and liquid separation process expertise for the management, development and optimization of new filtration technologies, including engineering, training, analysis.
11 -

ShunDe XingWei Electric Porcelain Co.,Ltd

Produce piezo-electricity porcelain ignitor, automatic electromagnetism valve and related products
12 -


Provider of vacuum sewage collection technology for municipalities and small communities. Vacuum interface valves, valve pit packages, vacuum station skids and vacuum toilets.
13 -

Munters Corporation

Provides products and services for humidity control in industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural applications.
14 -

Bry-Air Asia (P) Ltd.

A manufacturer of desiccant dehumidifiers, product dryers and complete environmental control systems. Manufacturers of plastic dryers and other plastic auxiliaries for the plastics industry.
15 -

Klein and Hoffman, Inc.

Offers wastewater management, structural engineering and facade restoration.
16 -

EMG Corporation

Leader in the advancement of architectural, environmental, and engineering assessment strategies.
17 -

Ozone Solutions

Soil and groundwater remediation products such as ozone generators, ozone pumps, oxygen concentrators and ozone sensors. MTBE reduction with ozone. Units also available for rental.
18 -

Klimawent USA

Supplier of dust collection, fume extraction, air cleaning and pollution control equipment, including fume arms, dust collectors, hose reels, extension booms, fans and air filters.
19 -

Woolpert LLP

Providing client-focused solutions for matters including engineering, architecture, and design.
20 -

Chemical and Infrared Inspections

Assisting commercial and residential customers in Utah USA locate potential problems through infrared thermography scanning and structural drug residue detection.
21 -

C. & I. Inspections, LLC

Infrared thermal imaging, save time, money and improve safety. Independent certified infrared inspections at reasonable rates HQ South Jordan, Utah.
22 -

Santoni Electric Co. P. Ltd

Centrifugal and axial flow fans - from 1 hp to 100 hp - for ventilation, dust collection, pollution control, humidification, cooling, boilers, furnaces, pneumatic conveying. Manufactured for application specific performance.
23 -

Vacudyne Incorporated

Engineering firm specializing in design, fabrication and installation of industrial gas sterilizers, fumigators, oil reprocessors and other vacuum technology-based products.
24 -


Products for vibration control and engineering services relating to environmental vibration control, including the engineering of foundation isolation systems.
25 -

Mech-Chem Associates, Inc.

A full-service engineering firm specializing in the design, engineering and construction of manufacturing facilities, operating processes, and environmental control systems.
26 -

Power Acoustics, Inc.

Acoustical consultants specializing in the power industry. Designed noise control for hundreds of combustion turbine based power plants. Developer of SPM9613 environmental noise prediction software.
27 -

F. X. Browne, Inc.

A nationally-recognized environmental consulting firm with experience in lake and watershed management, water and wastewater engineering, environmental planning, and stormwater management.
28 -

Pollution Online

Daily news and product updates for professionals in the pollution control industry. Information on manufacturing, technology, equipment, supplies, and discussion forums, online chat, newsletter, software.
29 -

Geotech Consultants International, Inc.

Geotechnical engineering firm specializing in project and program management, construction and foundation inspections.
30 -

ETS, Inc.

Provides environmental services including air pollution control design, compliance services, air pollution training, testing, and stack testing.
31 -

Kalfrisa S.A.

Spanish company leader in providing equipment, services and technologies for the heat recovery, air or gases heating, incineration, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) abatement, industrial heating and tobacco curing.
32 -

Corona Flares

Specializes in flaring, CSF sonic flares, venting, vent dispersion, electric ignitors, and radiation plots.
33 -

ACA Engineering Inc.

Providing engineering services to private firms, governmental agencies, and large corporations.
34 -

Husini Engineers

Environmentally beneficial gas leak detectors, detect gas leak of chlorine, ammonia, common household gases, and other combustible gases.
35 -

NTH Consultants Ltd.

Infrastructure engineering and environmental sciences consulting services in the USA and internationally, located in Michigan and Pennsylvania.
36 -

G.P.R. Geotechnical Services

Locate and plot underground services, leaks, voids, subsidence, sinkholes, backfilled areas, bedrock, fault lines, forensic sites, archaeological sites and graves.
37 -


Groundwater and soil remediation by hydrogeologists and engineers.
38 -

MicronAir, Ltd

Manufacturers of air and dust filtration systems. Provides customized testing procedures and plant based consultancy.
39 -

Water Resource Associates

A civil and environmental engineering firm, with an emphasis on engineering, planning and environmental science.
40 -

Hygieneering, Inc.

Industrial hygiene, safety and environmental consulting testing and training firm serving the environmental health and safety needs of companies throughout the United States.
41 -

XCG Consultants Ltd.

An environmental engineering specialist firm with affiliations with large design firms and specialty firms in a number of fields.
42 -

Iyer Environmental Group

Provides a wide spectrum of environmental consulting, engineering and design-build services in water, wastewater, solid waste and hazardous waste.
43 -

Barker, Lemar and Associates

Environmental engineering for water, groundwater, soil, environment, environmental, civil works, landfill, remediation, solid waste, radioactive, nuclear, other.
44 -

Donohue and Associates, Inc.

An employee-owned engineering firm that provides wastewater, drinking water, transportation, and general municipal services to municipal and industrial clients.
45 -

Impact Environmental Consulting, Inc.

Environmental consulting, engineering, geotechnical services, environmental site assessments, remediation services.
46 -

Full service environmental consulting and engineering companies drawing on the resources of a nationwide network of offices.
47 -

HSW Engineering, Inc.

An environmental consulting and engineering company.
48 -

EMI - Environmental Management, Inc.

Consulting and training for Alaska, including Phase I site assessments, lead-based paint inspections, risk assessments, environmental sampling and reporting.
49 -

Applied Technology and Management, Inc.

Providing environmental and coastal engineers, scientists and management consultants.
50 -

A & M Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.

A consulting firm dedicated to serving industry and government with outstanding professional service.
51 -

Danena Engineering Associates

Storm and wastewater engineering, specializing in sewers, on-site septic systems, storm water quality designs, wetland delineations and permitting.
52 -

John C. Halepaska and Associates, Inc.

Award-winning consultants using professional engineers and geologists to provide services in all areas of surface water and groundwater resources projects. Located in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area.
53 -

Lycott Environmental Inc.

Provides lake and pond management services including aquatic weed and algae treatments, weed harvesting, herbicide applications, dredging, pond surveys and watershed management.
54 -

Flametec Limited

A supplier of Ex rated, rig safe and added safety products for safe operating systems used in hazardous areas offshore and in petrochem facilities and heat exchangers and exhaust gas coolers in CHP applications.
55 -

Ducon Air Pollution Control Systems

Designs environmental control air pollution control equipment such as FGD, wet scrubbers, baghouse filters, FCC cyclones, electrostatic precipitators, for removal of sulfur dioxide, particulate, fumes, nitrogen oxide, dust, chlorides,organics and other toxic gases.
56 -

Geotechnical Services, Inc. (GSI)

A Midwest firm, headquartered in Omaha, specializing in geotechnical engineering, drilling, construction materials testing and inspection, environmental services and micro foundation contracting.
57 -

Meri Technology

A partner for water treatment, sludge dewatering and reject handling, specializing in the paper industry.
58 -

Air Filtration Products, Inc.

International distributor of instrument fan filters and fan accessories, providing the latest technology and the highest quality fan filters and fan accessories.
59 -

Environmental Advisors and Engineers

Environmental and construction finance consulting including Phase I/II, construction and remedial investigions and designs.
60 -

Peterson and Matz, Inc.

Manufacturers representative for water, wastewater and industrial waste treatment equipment in Michigan and Illinois.
61 -


Consulting, development of client specific solutions and software develelopment concerning water resources management by a team of engineers and natural and computer scientists.
62 -


Specializing in cone penetrometer (CPT), direct push exploration for geotechnical, geophysical and geo-environmental projects.
63 -

The ACT Group

Specializing in dust control using water, air and natural chemicals, and expert assistance in bulk handling.
64 -

Timberline Environmental Services

Specializing in site preparation, vegetation removal, both mechanical and manual. Designers of specialized equipment for the UXO community. Small arms ammunition disposal up to and including 20 mill.
65 -

Alliance Corporation

Dedicated to building the best cost-effective, high quality,low maintenance Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) in the industry.
66 -

Airtek Environmental Corporation

NYC based firm specializing in asbestos, lead-based paint, HazMat, environmental site assessments, and indoor air quality consulting and testing. Provides specialized environmental and health and safety solutions to the metro-New York area.
67 -

ECOfluid Systems Inc.

Provider of advanced biological wastewater treatment technology.
68 -

WHKS and Co.

Offering boundary surveys, land development and subdivision platting, and topographical mapping and engineering design.
69 -

Penmann Climatic Systems Limited

Design engineering company based in West Yorkshire, UK. Specialising in product and process cooling systems, refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and extraction systems.
70 -

Air Noise Environment

Environmental engineers specialising in air, noise and emissions assessment and monitoring. ANE is based in Australia and works throughout the Asia Pacific region.
71 -

Terrapex Environmental Ltd

Providing environmental consulting and remediation services.
72 -

Hofstetter Umwelttechnik AG

Design, plan, develop and construct plants for the handling of landfill and offgas.
73 -


A business enterprise providing professional services in geotechnical, geophysical, geological, and forensic sciences.
74 -

Agat Laboratories Ltd.

Canadian company, providing wide array of services related to soil, air, water, and environmental analysis and monitoring.
75 -

HOMA Pump Technology

Submersible pumps ideal for heavy duty wastewater and sewage service in municipal, commercial and industrial applications.
76 -

TRX Consulting

Geophysics, geochemistry, geology and GIS - DTM studies in environmental, groundwater, engineering and geotechnical studies. Mining and Oils exploration. No dig - NDT and GPR technologies.
77 -

Smith Warner International

Providing consultant and project management services in the areas of coastal and environmental engineering and coastal environmental management in the Caribbean.
78 -

Sayler Data Solutions

Data validation, database and data management services for the environmental industry.
79 -

Med-Tox Northwest

Providing industrial hygiene, health and safety, and indoor air quality solutions.
80 -

Allied Environmental Technologies, Inc.

AlEnTec is a multi-discipline design and engineering firm whose objective is to provide consulting and support to industry in emissions control, plasma waste destruction, computational modeling, and applied energy systems.
81 -

Status Projects

Specialists in the design and supply of pollution control plants and equipment.
82 -

Enviroscience Consultants, Inc.

Providing services in industrial hygiene, environmental training and consulting, and asbestos analysis capabilities.
83 -

Rogers and Callcott

Providing civil and environmental engineering, hydrogeologic services, air quality monitoring and compliance, and a full-service analytical laboratory for over 30 years.
84 -

Welltech Pacific Limited

Supply low cost high quality ozone generator and accessories for drinking water, aquarium, fish hatchery, cooling tower and HVAC system.
85 -

Environmental Group Limited

Provides technology solutions to environment management, water treatment, gas vapour and odour emission control.
86 -

Geotechnical Services

Worldwide geotechnical equipment retail sales and repair services for the environmental, health and safety fields, including remediation of volatile organics, lead and heavy metals in water, air and soil.
87 -

In-Situ Oxidative Technologies, Inc

Full service environmental remediation firm providing In-situ chemical oxidation of contaminated groundwater and soil.
88 -

Peak Environmental Consulting, Inc

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase 1 ESA) services performed nationwide. Online quote.
89 -

Falmouth Products

Specializes in the manufacture, lease, sale, and installation of electric catalytic oxidizers for the destruction of volatile organic compounds.
90 -

Watercare Systems

Providing information on water filtration and disinfection systems including solar powered treatments and cryptosporidium sampling equipment. Watercare Systems is based in North Devon, UK.
91 -

Emtrol LLC

Offers cyclone design, specialists in fluid bed applications and air pollution control equipment, including scrubbers for industrial applications.
92 -

Sieben Energy Associates

An independent energy consulting firm specializing in the efficient use and smart purchasing of energy resources.
93 -

Altamont Environmental

An environmental consulting firm based in Asheville, North Carolina.
94 -

Savannah Environmental Consulting and Associates

Based in Savannah, GA, and providing reliable and cost effective environmental consulting in the southeast. Offers RCRA, EPCRA, CERCLA, TSCA, audits, property transfer Phase 1 reports, Due Diligence, SPCC SWPPP plans, and hazardous waste training and disposal services.
95 -

Nacah Tech

Custom designed systems for thermal oxidizers and combustion equipment focusing on minimized fuel costs and optimum equipment selection for desired results.
96 -

Micah Group LLC

Environmental consulting and construction services for private, governmental, municipal and industrial clients, including subsurface investigations, UST closures, construction management, and site assessments. Lexington, KY.
97 -

Corrigan Consulting, Inc.

Serving industry and government clients in Texas. Specializing in hydrogeological site investigation, remediation and closures, ecological resource evaluations including wetlands and endangered species studies.
98 -

Flood Control America, LLC

The invisible flood control wall provides removable floodwall protection, as it is erected only when floods threaten.
99 -

Phi Group Ltd

Offers earth retention, environmental barriers and ground engineering services.
100 -

D. A. Van Dam & Associates

Infrastructure solutions for manhole rehabilitation, pipe rehabilitation, crystalline waterproofing, stopping water inflow in sewage treatment plants, potable water tanks, manholes and pipe relining.
101 -

Sierra Piedmont, Inc.

Environmental site assessment, compliance and remediations services.
102 -

Polo Citrus

Supplying natural orange oil dust suppression products together with a turn key foaming system.
103 -

RCS Corporation

Professional and technical support services in engineering, environmental services, industrial safety, and operations support.
104 -

Clapham-Archer Consultant Engineers

Specialising in dust, fume and acoustic control for new and existing processes. Services include design and detail drawing and on-site inspection and testing.
105 -


A worldwide supplier of engineered systems for pollution control and evaporative gas cooling and conditioning applications. The company makes equipment for a range of industrial and municipal applications.
106 -

McCue Environmental Contracting

Specializing in the installation and maintenance of remediation systems designed for the in situ treatment of soil and groundwater treatment.
107 -

Civil Water Engineering

Provide complete water services for the South West UK.
108 -

Murray, Smith and Associates, Inc.

Full-service civil and environmental engineering firm specializing in water resources, subsurface utilities, and transportation. MSA serves the Pacific Northwest.
109 -

McFadden Engineering

MEI is a civil and environmental engineering/consulting firm located in Mobile, Alabama.
110 -

Allaway Acoustics Ltd

Providers of cost-effective, pragmatic and innovative noise and vibration control solutions.
111 -

Chem Process Systems Pvt. Ltd., India

Manufacturer of process equipment like multi-stage vacuum systems, evaporators, zero discharge solutions for effluent treatment, membrane technologies, distillation units for chemical, edible oil and pharmaceutical industries.
112 -


They offer clients a capability in emissions monitoring and management bringing decades of experience in the fields of environmental management, emission monitoring, and business performance improvement.
113 -

Tetra Tech, Inc.

Provides environmental engineering and consulting services addressing complex water contamination, cultural resource management, and other environmental problems.
114 -

Dorsey Engineering, Inc.

Services for bioterrorism, physical security and facility design.
115 -


Optimization of energy control in water circuits
116 -

Van Walt

A UK company supplying augers and related equipment for groundwater sampling, soil and earth testing, sludge and sediment sampling, penetrometers, and permeameters.
117 -

Environmental Engineering Consultants

Full service environmental consulting company offering site development, soil, groundwater and air testing services.
118 -

US Flood Control

Emergency flood control and protection system, easy to assemble, reusable and environmentally friendly, to divert up floodwaters and protect properties from flooding disasters without the use of sandbags.
119 -

Younger International Co., Ltd.

Designing and planning of ventilation equipment, cooling systems, conveying systems.
120 -


Manufacturer and provider of flue gas measuring and analysing systems from a single oxygen probe, from production, through turnkey emission and process projects.
121 -

Day Environmental, Inc.

An environmental engineering firm founded in 1984. Comprised of engineers, scientists, geologists, and technicians performing work for utilities, financial institutions, transportation agencies, municipalities, developers and contractors.
122 -

Weeco International

A volatile organic chemical (VOC) control and degassing company that provides contract service for all of the major oil companies and storage facilities using the latest degassing and incineration technology.
123 -

Carbtrol Corporation

Manufacturer of pollution control equipment including liquid phase and vapor phase activated carbon filters. Also supplies systems for odor control, water recycle, groundwater remediation, and heavy metal removal.
124 -

Oskar International

Producer of fume arms, portable air filters, stainless steel fume arms, hose reels, sliding exhaust rails, extension booms for heavy-duty industrial air protection.
125 -

Whitehead and Mueller, Inc.

A full service environmental consulting and engineering firm.
126 -

B. F. Environmental Consultants

Environmental, geological, hydrogeological and soils consulting and environmental services in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
127 -

Hygrade Industrial Plastics Limited

UK based company specialising in the design and manufacture of air pollution control equipment for the chemical industries.
128 -

Strategic Environmental and Ecological Services, Inc.

Full-service environmental consulting firm offering both environmental and health and safety services.
129 -

McCain and Associates, Inc

Consulting engineers and scientists. Provides engineering and environmental engineering, landfill remediation and related areas.
130 -

BeneTerra LLC

Specializes in the beneficial reuse of wastewater. Experienced in agri-business, agronomy, engineering, wastewater treatment, and business management.
131 -


Full service environmental engineering and consulting firm which maintains a focus on innovative technologies.
132 -

EHS-Alaska, Inc.

Engineering, health and safety consultants; hazardous materials engineering and industrial hygiene for the state of Alaska.
133 -

Environmental Odour Laboratory

Provides odour research in Australia and abroad, specialized in odour sampling, measurement and assessment.
134 -

Jordi Instrumentation, SL

Dedicated to the manufacture of quality machinery for packaging and palletizing a variety of products with reliably and efficiently. However, the development and the control of industrial plants.
135 -

Air Clean Technologies

An engineering and equipment supplier to industries in the Pacific Northwest.
136 -

Dynamic Aqua Science Inc

DAS Compact Package plants for wastewater, Retrofit and upgrade wastewater plants, Sewer Plants, Industrial Bio Treatment Systems, Ammonia and Nutrient removal, MBBR, Membranes, Bio Media, Wastewater Systems, Sequencing Batch Reactors, Grease Traps, Recycling Systems and Total Solution WWTP plants.
137 -

Weston Solutions, Inc.

Infrastructure redevelopment firm providing integrated, sustainable solutions for environmental restoration, property redevelopment, design/build construction, green buildings and clean energy.
138 -

MGM Engineering and Contracting

Engineering Company established in Milan in 2003, exploiting the value and long term experience of a group of managers and technicians coming from recognized companies of the engineering and energy industry.
139 -

Mantair Limited

Manufacturers of packaged sewage treatment plants and septic tank / cesspool conversion units.
140 -

Hycoprojekt, A.S.

Consultancy and engineering company operating in development, environment and utilities, property and structures, energy, and partnerships and outsourcing markets both in Slovakia and internationally.
141 -

Alpha Terra

An environmental and engineering consulting firm specializing in environmental and safety management, remediation and safety to government and industry.
142 -

TEC Inc.

Offers an integrated suite of architectural, engineering, environmental, information technology, facility, and infrastructure management services
143 -

Sea Horse Systems

Wastewater treatment Systems Sea Horse designs, engineers, and manufactures all types of self-contained sanitation systems that work in various applications and environments.
144 -

Terrane Consultants Ltd

Geotechnical engineering services provider in the North Island of New Zealand.
145 -

Environmental Remediation Specialists, Inc

Complete environmental and emergency services. Emergency response to accidents and spills. Accident and cargo recovery. Load shift correction.
146 -

Adwest Technologies, Inc

Over 650 RETOX Dual Chamber RTO thermal oxidizers have been installed since 1988 for solvent VOC air pollution control.
147 -

Combustion Research Associates

Provides waste heat recovery, burners and combustion systems, scrubbers, flame arrestors, flowmeters, incinerators, breather valves.
148 -

Polaris SRL - Italy

Innovative technology for solvent recovery and VOC abatement.
149 -

Engineering Technologies Group

An engineering and design firm working closely with a quarry operator, material processor, asphalt and/or concrete producer.
150 -

Hawley Control Solutions Ltd.

Design, manufacture, and installation of building environment control systems.
151 -

Jaworski Geotech, Inc.

Multi-disciplinary consulting and engineering firm offers services in the fields of geotechnical, environmental and hydrogeologic engineering, construction inspection services and material testing.
152 -

Gifford and Partners

Engineering consultants providing design and project management services in civil, structural, building services, environmental and coastal engineering, and in archaeology and historic buildings.
153 -

Process Combustion Limited

Design and manufacturer of waste liquid and gas thermal and catalytic oxidizers, incinerators with optional heat recovery.
154 -

Coastal Systems International, Inc.

Providing solutions to complex projects in the coastal / waterfront environment.
155 -

Seeley International

Manufacture of portable and ducted biocooling systems for the industrial, commercial and residential markets. Located in Australia.
156 -

Pollution Control Products Co.

Burn off ovens for removing paint, powdercoat, plastic, grease, and oil from hooks, racks, jigs, engine blocks, electric motor stators, breaker plates, injection molding screws, and plastic production parts. EPA friendly oven with automatic self-adjusting control system.
157 -

CYB Glass Fibre Ltd

Suppliers/specialists of glass fibre. GRP products, training workshops and supplies by mail order.
158 -


Offers cooling systems, heat exchangers, heat recovery, air pollution control, industrial chimneys from engineering to turnkey projects.
159 -

Timmons Design Engineers

A consulting engineering firm located in San Francisco, California. The firm offers a complete range of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sustainable design services for a diverse range of projects including commercial, retail, industrial, public, institutional and residential.
160 -

Rainmaker Irrigation Ltd

Irrigation specialists in sports turf surfaces, landscape areas and private gardens.
161 -

Multi-Factor Europe (MFE)

Specializes in the supply of all types of industrial filtration and separation, from air conditioning and dust control through to fluids, hydraulics, process and compressed air.
162 -

Logis-tech Associates

UK agents of portable ultrasonic leak stethoscope detector sensor sets, used for detecting leaks in compressed air, gases, vacuums, tanks and detecting mechanical movement malfunctions, gears, bearings and related areas.
163 -

CTL | Thompson

Full service geotechnical, environmental and materials engineering firm, specializing in small and large scale projects in all areas of residential and commercial construction.
164 -

De Leon Import & Export Corporation

Distributor of equipment for engineering and construction in environmental, geodetic, geological, hydrographic and oceanographic areas.
165 -

American Partitions

Manufactures modular offices, inplant offices, prefabricated offices and modular enclosures.
166 -

Ground/Water Treatment and Technology, LLC

A contractor and equipment supplier providing water and wastewater treatment solutions including technical services, construction, equipment sales, rentals, treatment studies, operation and maintenance.
167 -

Mudtech Ltd.

Suppliers of tunnelling, geotechnical, and brownfield clean-up chemicals worldwide.
168 -

Drewelow Remediation Equipment, Inc.

Groundwater and soil remediation equipment for Southern California. Specialists in vapor extraction, catalytic oxidizers, activated carbon, remediation equipment rental, sales and routine O and M.

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