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Wind Websites

For manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and those who service wind pump and wind turbine products such as windmills, which take power from the wind and convert it to forms in which it may be applied to specific tasks.
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Second Wind Inc.

Wind data loggers, wind monitoring systems, supervisory control and data acquisition for windfarms.
2 -

Maine Interfaith Power and Light

A non-profit electricity aggregator in Maine that enables individuals and organizations to buy green electricity from wind power.
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A non-profit wind energy information organisation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Windustry promotes wind energy through outreach, educational materials, and technical assistance to rural landowners, local communities and utilities, and state, regional, and nonprofit collaborations.
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Solent Composite Systems

Design, development and manufacturer of moulds and components for turbine blades.
5 -

The Wind Coalition

A non-profit association formed to promote an economic and regulatory climate that encourages the development of the vast wind energy resources of the south central United States, including Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi and Louisiana.
7 -

Urban Wind

All about Wineur Project: This organization seeks to inform municipal governments for small wind integration into European cities.
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A computer program for the visualization and analysis of wind resource data.
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Articles, reviews, and commentaries on wind energy by Paul Gipe, including measuring wind resources as well as installing residential wind turbines.
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Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Monthly updates on renewables, mostly wind energy.
11 -

Wind Power India

About wind energy generation in India.
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An educational resource for information on offshore wind energy. Includes: an open public forum, answers to questions, articles, project information and links
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LM Wind Power

Manufacturer of fiberglass blades for wind turbines. Also information on wind power plants, generation and engineering.
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NRG Systems

Designer and manufacturer of professional wind measurement systems. Catalog, documentation, and software downloads.

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