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Hydro Websites

1 -

Wasserkraft Volk AG

Manufacturer of hydro power stations and equipment.
2 -

Grande Dixence S.A.

Operate hydroelectric facilities in Valais, Switzerland. Includes history and culture, environment and technology.
3 -

Rainbow Power Company

Designs, manufactures, sells and installs renewable energy equipment based on solar, wind, hydro and biomass energy sources.
4 -

ASL AQFlow Inc.

Flow meters useful for hydro-electric plants, low head dam flow measurements, turbine efficiency, spillway discharge measurements, and flow monitoring at short intake power plants.
5 -

American Hydro

Designs, manufactures, and supplies complete turbine units and turnkey generating equipment packages. Also specializes in upgrading existing Francis, Propeller, and Kaplan reversible pump-turbines and pumps worldwide.
6 -

Alaska Power and Telephone Company

Local, employee-owned company building state-of-the-art hydro electric power facilities for Alaskan communities.
7 -

Russell Benussi Associates

Appointed UK and European representatives for a number of leading manufacturers of equipment for the power and process industries.
8 -

James Leffel and Co.

Turbine manufacturer for hydroelectric and water power. Francis, impulse and propeller runners, gate casings, wicket gates, shafts, and bearings.
9 -

Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc.

Manufactures hydroacoustic fisheries research equipment, and conducts hydroacoustic research in the marine environment, in lakes and rivers, and at hydropower dams.
10 -

International Journal on Hydropower and Dams

International technical and business journal for the hydroelectric and dam engineering professions, and for water resources development and management. Contains subscription information, an industry directory, and statistics.
11 -

Northwest Hydroelectric Association

Regional association advocating the hydropower industry. Contains information about northwestern hydropower.
12 -

Energy Systems and Design, Ltd.

Micro-hydroelectric components manufacturing including the Stream Engine and low-head models, also site analysis, renewable energy systems and installation services.
13 -

International Network on Small Hydro Power

A non-profit organization that promotes the development of small hydro power worldwide as a clean, renewable means of rural electrification.
14 -

Norcan Hydraulic Turbine Inc.

Canadian manufacturer of hydraulic turbines and turbine components serving the small and mini hydro, manufacturing and services market.
15 -

International Hydropower Association

Members include corporations, engineers, researchers, educational establishments, and individuals working or studying in the field of hydropower. Promotes the awareness of the role hydropower can play in sustainable development implemented in an environmentally and socially acceptable way.
16 -

From Energies International

Contact information, project photos, and descriptions from this Spanish company specializing in the construction and operation of hydroelectric power plants and selling the energy produced to the national backbone grids in different countries of the world.
17 -

Powerpal UK

Contact information and product descriptions for this supplier of micro-hydro power products for home and industry.
18 -

Nam Theun 2 Power Company Limited

Details of a collaborative effort between Lao PDR and Thailand to export 995 MW of electricity to Thailand by 2009.
19 -

Newmills Hydro

UK. Turbine manufacturer and installer. Contains turbine specifications, instructions for flow and head measurement, site evaluation information, and examples of specific installations.
20 -


Supplier of components to microhydro system developers worldwide. Located in western USA (Utah). Custom turgo runners and nozzles to meet hydro site specific needs.
21 -

Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant

Features company overview, historical background, resources, official documents and board members.
22 -

Ocean Power Technologies

Uses off-shore buoys to capture wave energy. Lists technologies, current projects, and an FAQ.
23 -

Directories, discussion forums, case studies, theory, references, and downloads related to microhydro.
24 -

BioPower Systems

Offers ocean power systems that utilize biomimicry and are designed to minimise environmental footprint. Lists news items, illustrations of their technology, current projects, and target markets. Based in NSW, Australia.
25 -

Scottish Hydro Electric

Generator and supplier of electricity, gas and telecommunications services in northern Scotland. Product and service details, including savings calculator and application form.
26 -

Cink Hydro Energy k.s.

Manufacturer of hydroelectric units using high efficiency (84%) X-flow turbines with max/min flow ratios of 3+, ideal for run-of-river applications. Available in portable and stationary units.
27 -

Bonneville Power Administration

Department of Energy agency that operates the Federal Columbia River Power System which markets and distributes electrical power generated by 29 federal dams and one non-federal nuclear plant.
28 -

Ocean Renewable Energy Group

Advocates the wave energy, tidal energy, and in-stream (hydrokinetic) energy industries in Canada and internationally.
29 -

OpenHydro Group Limited

Manufacturer of marine turbines to generate renewable energy from tidal streams.
30 -

Alterra Power Corp

Provides renewable hydro power through run of river hydro dams to customers in North America.
31 -

New Energy Corporation Inc.

Manufacturer of hydrokinetic power generation systems for generating electricity from tides and rivers.
32 -

The European Marine Energy Centre

Test sites provide ocean energy developers the opportunity to test full scale grid connected prototype devices in unrivaled wave and tidal conditions.
33 -


Specializing in the production of electricity from emission free renewable energy sources in Iceland.
34 -

Dependable Turbines Ltd

Specializing in the design and manufacture of mini hydro-electric turbines, ranging from 1 KW to 10,000 KW.
35 -

Addnew Technologies Limited

Supplier of equipment and tailor-made solutions for new and existing hydroelectric power plants.
36 -


Manufacturer of in-stream hydrokinetic turbines for clean energy generation around the world.
37 -

Canadian Dam Association

Goal is to advance the implementation of practices to ensure the safe operation of dams in Canada. Contains newsletters, links, membership and contact information.
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