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This Energy Management Equipment category includes industries and companies who provide equipment, tools, and supplies specifically for use in energy management. It does not include sites which sell consumer products online, or those for local supply.
1 -

Camille Bauer AG

Products and services for measurement in industrial environments. Performance, downloads, and contact information. Worldwide Presence. Site in English and German.
2 -

Leveck Lighting Products,Inc.

Specializing in light bulbs, lamps, ballast, and industrial fixtures. Products, ordering details, and contact information.
3 -

ABB Energy Information Systems

Systems to provide key interfaces to the real-time energy management, control and metering systems.
4 -

Brayden Automation

Manufactures demand control systems to reduce peak demand charges of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
5 -

Clifton Labs, Ltd.

Digital governing and synchronizing hardware and software. Examples, and contact information.
6 -

Cylon Controls Limited

Design, develop, and manufacture control systems for the automation of building services. Services, reference sites, and contact information. Based in Ireland.
7 -

Digital Meters Company

Manufacturing electronic power, single phase, 3phase, and pre-paid card meters. Dubai - United Arab Emirates company.
8 -

Eastern Energy Services

Retrofit or enhance lighting, upgrade HVAC, install computerized building management systems, analyze and replace motors, drivers and controls with units that are energy efficient and more environmentally safe.
9 -

EG Energy Controls

Manufacture control and monitoring products for retail, commercial, and industrial use. Functions include food product integrity in cases and freezers, lighting control, and gas detection. Canadian Company.
10 -

Elcomponet Limited

Meters, sub-metering systems, and instruments for metering and monitoring. Products, services, and contact information. UK Company.
11 -


Manufacture in-room energy conservation solutions based on infrared technology. Sensors turn off power such as HVAC and lighting in unoccupied areas.
12 -

Energy Solutions International

Supplier of leak detection, and pipeline management systems to oil, gas, and petrochemical pipeline companies. Products, services, and contact information.
13 -

Integrated BMS Ltd

Control systems and panels for the building services industry. Primarily involved in the design, manufacture, electrical installation, and commissioning of building management control systems. Based in the UK.
14 -

Log-One Ltd.

Manufacturers of smart thermostats for schools, business, apartments and industrial locations. Custom electronic design and home automation systems.
15 -


A building data acquisition system energy, water, environmental, and light industrial monitoring. Products, log-in, and contact information.
16 -

Ozona Systems

A power telemetry sub-meter system that allows users to read KW and KWH on multiple circuits using a PC. Product overview, pricing, and contact information.
17 -

Power & Energy Management

Power monitoring products are combined with controllers, I/O, MCCs, and drives. Specialty modules, designed exclusively for the power industry, provide additional capabilities and functionality.
18 -

Power Innovations International

Creator of UPQ standby power technology and other advanced power management, creation, and storage products. Products, how to buy, and contact information.
19 -


Hot water, hydronic and steam boiler controllers for installation in all buildings and facilities using significant quantities of hot water.
20 -

Publicstar Ltd.

Design, build, install and commission building management systems. Projects, products, service and maintenance, and contact information.
21 -


Ticket and fieldcrew management system for one-call centers and utility companies. Incorporates automated mapping and handling/dispatching applications.
22 -

Lodging Technology Corporation

Infrared sensor-based hotel energy and time management systems. Product descriptions, proposal requests, and contact information.
23 -

RealTime Control Systems Limited

UK manufacturer of controllers and interfaces for use in BMS and air conditioning applications. Products, specifications, and contact information.
24 -

XINCA Tech Services Limited

Distributor of advanced automatic control and management systems for building facilities including electrical, HVAC, fire and safety. Product gallery, documents, and contact information. In Hong Kong.
25 -

NewFound Energy Ltd

Suppliers of the AtlasEVO energy management and monitoring systems, smart metering systems, maximum demand control, and portable energy monitors.
26 -

Elecon Measurements Pvt., Ltd

Design, development and manufacture of a range of power monitoring hardware and software for energy management, monitoring and control in a wide range of industries. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
27 -


Electric power quality instruments, analyzers, meters, harmonics, and energy analysis instrumentation. Software available to analyze information gathered by equipment.
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