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This Energy Management Software category is for companies who make software for businesses for analysis, testing, management, monitoring in relation to energy management. It does not include sites which sell products online for consumers, or those for localized purchase only.
1 -

Neplan 2000

Planning and information system software for electrical transmission, distribution and industrial networks.
2 -

Aims Home Page

Specializes in petroleum marketer accounting software, fuel inventory control, dispatching, and environmental compliance for underground storage tanks.
3 -

Conserv-It Software, Inc.

Analyze steam loss, maintenance cost, failure trends and steam trap testing results.
4 -

Stark Energy Information Systems

Supplies energy information systems and services to major energy users and utility companies world-wide for energy management and automatic meter reading.
5 -

Data Management Solutions

Real-time trading, transportation, risk management, and accounting package for natural gas. Products, news, and contact information.
6 -

Diversified Automation

Designs, installs and services system solutions in commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. To improve the operating efficiency and the overall environment of their facilities.
7 -

Allegro Development

Integrated suite for electric power, crude oil, NGLs, refined products, coal, exploration, and production.
8 -

STC Energy

Integrated energy monitoring, targeting and management information system, advanced electricity contract, and tariff analysis software package.
9 -

HSQ Technology

Real-time distributed database software system designed for data acquisition, telemetry, SCADA, process automation and facility management applications.
10 -

State-of-the-Art Power Products

Power generation technology and evaluation of gas turbine power projects programs. Services, products, and contact information.
11 -

Cristal Controls

SCR, Triacs and lighting control systems using BACnet, DALI and Modbus. Energy management systems available for load shedding, and products such as gas fireplace timers and HVAC controls are also manufactured. [English and French]
12 -

Digital Energy, Inc.

PDA based tool designed for performing lighting audits. Services, product overview, and contact information.
13 -


Web-based, goal-driven project process management solution for entire ranges of project lifecycles, and business processes. Products, alliances, and contact information.
14 -


Develops solutions for energy trading in the British electricity markets through web based access. Services, documentation, and contact information.
15 -

GE Industrial Systems

Programs available that provide analytical tools, advanced power quality analysis, monitor energy consumption, and manage loads. Also that analyze and report disturbances and events on a power system.
16 -

Fujitsu Australia

Auditable greenhouse gas emission reductions and energy savings by reducing the energy consumption of personal computers. Switches off all enterprise workstations using user defined parameters such as period of inactivity or time of the day. Australian product.
17 -

BizEE Software Limited - Energy Lens

Energy management software to help businesses make energy savings by analyzing their half-hourly-data to discover energy wastage.
18 -


Providers of software and systems that meet the needs of hotel operators for security, energy conservation, management solutions and guestroom comfort.
19 -

Qualitech Solutions

Real-time dynamic scheduling of generation resources. Product details, and contact information.
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