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Mystery Shopping Websites

Mystery shopping is a service provided to businesses to give them feedback on the quality of their services, businesses, websites and/or personnel. Generally this is done by employing persons who visit the business, conduct transactions, and then provide a report on their experiences. Services should involve some kind of interpersonal contact, customarily in-person or by telephone. Web-only mystery shopping is a possibility as well.

This category is NOT for sites which essentially sell a list of mystery shopping companies or otherwise claim to have some "secret" to success as a mystery shopper for the right price.

1 -

Mystery Review

Offers surveys to check how customers do see shops, hospitals and theaters.
2 -

Advanced Feedback

San Diego, California based company providing various secret shopper programs.
3 -

Berring HIne Consulting

Telephone-based mystery shopper programmes as part of a wider evaluation of public sector services.
4 -

At Random Communications

Telephone based shopper evaluations of service quality and efficiency. Customer follow-up and competitive analysis services also available.
5 -

Service Check

Customer service audits performed throughout North America.
6 -

ICC - Decision Services

Mystery shopping and merchandising solutions. Services retail and restaurant industry. Programs customized to meet the objectives and budget of customers.
7 -

Confero, Inc.

Nationwide mystery shopping and customer satisfaction measurement services for automotive, banking, restaurant and real estate. Online application.
8 -

ServiceTRAC, Inc.

National and international mystery shopping and full service market research firm providing market analysis, measurements and solution services.
9 -


Nationwide mystery shopping and secret shopping solutions to more than 25 industries. Services include on site, video, telephone, and web. Online reporting system.
10 -

Second To None, Inc.

Full service mystery shopping solutions. Apply online.
11 -

Anonymous Insights, Inc.

Marketing research firm that specializes in customer satisfaction programs. Online application.
12 -

Imyst, Inc.

Provides customized mystery shopping services for automotive dealerships, retail locations, restaurants, hotels and apartments, telephone programs, and customer service evaluation.
13 -

Shadow Shopper

Video mystery shopping company. Shoppers wear microvideo equipment to record interactions. Services, press releases and news, dealers, and contact information.
14 -

J.M. Ridgeway Co.

A market research and mystery shopping company providing national coverage.
15 -

ITS (Incognito)

Offers assessment of customer service, call handling and sales skills through the implementation of mystery customer programs. Specialising in the hospitality industry.
16 -

Performance In People Ltd

UK-based telephone and video mystery shopping services.
17 -

Presence Quality Mystery Shopping

Specialists of network assessments.
18 -

Creative Image Associates

A consulting and training company specializing in assisting financial institutions to achieve a successful sales and service culture. Training, evaluation, and incentive programs designed to maximize employee performance.
19 -

Ath Power

Mystery shopper services catering to retail and financial services. Sales staff and management training and market research. Online application.
20 -

Shoppers Critique International

Provides independent customer service evaluations by using guest mystery shoppers to evaluate employee performance. Details about services and industries served, mystery shopping details, FAQs and contact information.
21 -

Mystery Shoppers

Evaluates customer service and quality control. News for potential clients and shoppers, contact information, and details about the business.
22 -

Service Excellence Group

Provides customer service development through mystery shops, customer service/management/sales training, personalized consultation, and a quarterly training publication. Find contact information, list of services, and details for potential shoppers and clients.
23 -

Service Evaluation

Provides a solution for keeping on top of the front line.
24 -

Jancyn Evaluation Shops

Secret shopping services used by the retail, restaurant and rental housing industry.
25 -

Support Financial Resources, Inc.

Customer-driven mystery shopping and consultative services specializing in the financial services industry.
26 -

Satisfaction Services, Inc

Mystery shopping and secret shopper services: online surveys and reporting customized quality and service evaluation programs to restaurant, hospitality and retail companies.
27 -

Ardent Services, Inc.

Mystery shopper services catering to retail, restaurant, hotel, airline and car rental industries. Online application.
28 -

Service Intelligence, Inc.

Provides actionable, real-time Internet-based mystery shopping and performance assessment across all of North America.
29 -

National Shopping Service Network, LLC

Offers a variety of mystery shopping services.
30 -

Sensor Quality Management Inc.

Mystery shopping services with either local residents or shoppers who have experience in a particular industry. Information for clients; application form for prospective shoppers.
31 -

Mars Research

Offers a wide variety of quantitative research studies, including mystery shopping and customer surveys.
32 -

Michelson & Associates, Inc.

Description of the company and services offered. Apply online to be a shopper.
33 -

The Christian Science Monitor

Article about Shoppers who spy on those who serve, amateur detectives rate firms on everything from cleanliness to customer service.
34 -

Amusement Advantage, LLC

Amusement park mystery shopping. Online application.
35 -

Richey International

Quality management programs to enhance performance, measure product quality, and maintain brand stature.
36 -

Mystery Shoppers Ltd.

Mystery shopping and customer service training and consultancy services. UK.
37 -

Business Evaluation Services

Business and retail on-site, telephone and customer feedback secret shopper services.
38 -

Service Performance Group

Mystery shopper program designed to objectively measure employee customer service skills, sales skills, product knowledge and other related criteria.
39 -

Sinclair Service Assessments

Company provides mystery shopping services throughout the U.S. and abroad. Sign-up area for shoppers.
40 -

Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants

Restaurant, apartment and retail mystery shops. On line shopper application.
41 -


Service evaluation programs and customer care consulting for restaurants, retail stores, service businesses and call centers.
42 -

Evaluation Systems for Personnel

Provides mystery shopping and sales training services. [Houston]
43 -

The Performance Edge, Inc

Mystery Shopping services. Customer Service Feedback. Online application.
44 -

Shadow Shopper

Shoppers pay annual fee to be part of an employee database accessed by would-be mystery shopper employers.
45 -


Web-based reporting that targets all levels of an enterprise. Mystery shopping, focus groups, web-site pop up surveys, telephone interviews and customer feedback.
46 -

Premier Service

A Montreal-based firm in business for over 11 years, provides mystery shopping and consulting services across Canada, the US and Puerto Rico.
47 -

National Shopping Service

Mystery shopping in America and Europe.
48 -

Pacific Research Group

Services include mystery shops, site inspections, and phone surveys.
49 -

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, LLC

Details how to become a customer and receive feedback on quality service, how to stimulate word-of-mouth, and suggestive selling.
50 -

Douglas Stafford

Video, telephone, and physical mystery shopping. Automotive industry specialists. Streaming video and audio results online.
51 -

Service Alliance, Inc.

Provides mystery shopping services to a variety of industries throughout the United States.
52 -

Guest Check

Offers mystery shopping investigative services exclusively to hotels, restaurants, and resorts.
53 -

The Kirandt Group, LLC

Offers mystery shopping and competitive intelligence services exclusively the casino gaming industry.
54 - Pty Limited

Focuses on Australian shops but also New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America.
55 -

Online tools for mystery shopping providers: web-accessible form and report editors, ftp transfer, automatic scoring of submitted forms, and report downloading in ZIP and CSV format. Monthly fee for access to these tools.
56 -

ICU Associates Inc.

Provides services in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico to fast food chains, restaurants, airports, and convenient stores. Also provides private investigations in the US. Shopper application available.
57 -

Retail Maxim

UK-based mystery shopping services including competitor visits and internet and telephone shopping.
58 -


Retail, service, hospitality and call center mystery shopping.
59 -

Shopper Anonymous

Australian mystery shopping organization.
60 -

Inland Retail Services

Specialists in mystery shopping and merchandising services. Includes services and contacts.
61 -

Checkout (UK) Ltd

A customized mystery shopper program using specialized secret shoppers with a video recorded analysis.
62 -

Customer Point of View

A mystery shopping service catering exclusively to the restaurant and hotel foodservice industries since 1985.
63 -

Customer 1st

Full service mystery shopping company providing on-line reporting for customer service evaluation.
64 -

ComSim, Inc.

Gathers and reports customer perceptions, feedback and suggestions concerning products and services for high-technology companies. Profile, FAQ and contacts.
65 -

Data Quest, Ltd.

Monitoring customer service performance and employee honesty in a broad range of industries (Hotels, Restaurants/Bars, Retail).
66 -

All-Star Customer Service, Inc.

Offering traditional, audio, and video mystery shopping, and market research. Also training training programs.
67 -

Frontline Shoppers Inc.

Offering mystery shopping and merchandising compliance evaluations. Also consumer research and training services.
68 -

Dynamic Advantage

Provides mystery shopping and customer satisfaction measurement services. News archive, and monthly newsletter.
69 -

GAPbuster Worldwide

Providers of mystery shopping services. Also customer experience evaluation and international benchmarking. Company profile, locations, contacts and Online shopper application.
70 -

JKS Mystery Shopping Ltd

Offers mystery shopping for retail, leisure and tourism sectors. List of services, profile and contacts.
71 -

AQ Services International

Mystery shopping, quality research, and consultancy services. Company profile, locations and contacts.
72 -

Secret Shopper

Mystery shopping programs provide a detailed competitive analysis. Digital and on-site evaluations.
73 -

Quality Scheduling Group LLC

Providers of scheduling, recruiting, and editing services for the mystery shopping industry. Personalized consulting service for each client. Mystery shoppers may register in our database. Job board available.
74 -

BARE International

Mystery guest retail, hotel and restaurant reports since 1987. Video training and guest intercept programs also available. Online application.
75 -

Clandestine Marketing

Mystery shopping solutions, marketing research and secret mystery shoppers. Also retail observation and restaurant evaluation.
76 -


Provider of mystery shopper programs and secret shopping services.
77 -

BestMark, Inc.

Offers mystery and secret shopper services, including online surveys and reporting.
78 -

Perfectly Frank inc.

A boutique mystery shopping company. Areas of specialization, pricing, and contacts.
79 -


Focus on customer service and sales performance in shops and offices across China and Asia. Company profile, news, and contacts.
80 -

Focus Plus Service Auditors

An independent customer service monitoring company which provides evaluation of customer service.
81 -

Shadow Shopper

Offers mystery shopping, website evaluation and reports.
82 -

React Surveys

Providing mystery shopping services to measure and improve service delivery from a customer perspective.
83 -

PAN Research

Services include mystery shopping, satisfaction surveys, and retail audit. Also website usability testing.
84 -

Shoppers Confidential Inc.

Services include customer satisfaction measurement, competitor intelligence, compliance and integrity audits, and customer surveys. Covers Canada and the U.S.A.
85 -

Shop Incognito

Offers mystery shopping training and support services. Also articles, podcasts and learning materials.
86 -

Consumer Impressions, Inc.

Providing mystery shopping services in the United States.
87 -

The Hotel Shopping Network

Provider of hotel mystery shopping and sales training services to the hospitality industry.
88 -

Acorn Management Associates

Mystery shopping provider. Specializes in automotive after sales care. Also offers design, development and manufacture of specialist tools.
89 -

Amber Arch

Specialist business evaluations by mystery shoppers, service measurements and analysis.
90 -

Retail Active

Provides business intelligence by way of mystery shopping and customer satisfaction research and insight, for the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors.
91 -

Market Force Information

Customer experience management company providing mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys, contact center services, social media analysis, audits, analytics and insights.
92 -

Reality Based Group

Video mystery shopping.
93 -

MSPA North America

Trade association representing the customer experience metrics (mystery shopping) industry throughout North America.
94 -

HS Brands International

Services offered, staff, contact details, and shopper application.
95 -

Shoppers, Inc.

Mystery shopper services to bank, restaurant and retail industries. Employee incentive plans and surveys. Online application and shopper resource.
96 -

Tern Consultancy

Works with retailers to improve and track customer service primarily by developing corporate standards and providing mystery shopping.
97 -

Ethos Integrated Solutions

Providers of mystery shopping, process improvement, e-solutions and benchmarking studies in the Middle East.
98 -

ACE + Surveys Mystery Shopping

Offering customer service evaluations, exit interviews, and employee training with web access. Resource for shoppers and online application.
99 -

Reality Check Mystery Shopper

Shopper evaluations, surveys and audits. Apply online.
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