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The Fireworks category focuses on the business of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing products related to consumer fireworks. Consumer fireworks are small and relatively harmless compared to the larger professional display fireworks one sees in the sky at major special events. Consumer fireworks are designed to be bought in packages and used by the average consumer. They are not legal in all areas, but where they are legal they typically do not require a license or any particular skills to use, unlike display fireworks which often require professional licensed operators for safety and liability reasons.

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1 -

TNT Fireworks

Manufacture a wide range of fireworks. Includes a dealer locator, catalog and legal and safety data.
2 -

Fireworks by Donnora

Wholesale and retail distribution center offering Black Cat, Brothers and World Class fireworks. Located in Pennsylvania.
3 -

Zenith Specialties, Inc.

US manufacturer of consumer fireworks including Black Cat and Brothers Pyrotechnics brand.
4 -

Coronation Fireworks

India based manufacturer and distributor of consumer fireworks . Includes product line, online catalog, and safety information.
5 -

Mike Killian Wholesale Fireworks

Wholesale distributor of consumer fireworks, provides downloadable color catalog (pdf).
6 -

Brothers Pyrotechnics, Inc.

Manufacturer of consumer and professional fireworks. Provides historical overview and origin of fireworks and museum images.
7 -

Dapkus Fireworks

Distributor of consumer fireworks, sparklers and sparkler safety. Connecticut, USA.
8 -

Online Fireworks

Features guide, selection of items available, and ordering details. Based in the UK.
9 -

1/2 Price Fireworks

Importers of wholesale and retail fireworks such as artillery shells, firecracker and fountains . USA.
10 -


Liuyang, China based manufacturer and exporter. Offer display shells, display cakes, roman candles, waterfalls, firing equipment, retail and toy fireworks [may not display in all browsers].
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