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Firearms Websites

The Firearms category focuses on the business of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing products related to firearms.

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1 -

Baschieri & Pellagri

Manufacturer of the Gordon System cartridge cases, as well as a variety of different hunting and gun competition cartridges and accessories.
2 -

Feinwerkbau GmbH

Precision target pistols and rifles made by this company are featured. In English, German, and French.
3 -

Sig Sauer

Features weapons made by this firm, B. Rizzini, and Hammerli. Also provides information about the academy and a dealer locator.
4 -


Read about the line of firearms, accessories, and services offered by this company.
5 -

Cimarron Firearms Company

Offers information about Old West style, SASS suitable firearms.
6 -


Provides information about the broad line of weapons made by this firm. In Italian and English.
7 -

Magnum Research Inc.

Provides data about pistols, revolvers, and rifles manufactured by this company.
8 -

Remington Arms

Offers information about this manufacturer of firearms, ammunition, accessories, and fishing line.
9 -

Springfield Armory

Offers information about the pistols, rifles, scopes, and scope mounts made by this manufacturer. Provides a chat room and a dealer locator.
10 -

Savage Arms

Read about the wide variety of firearms, air guns, bullet traps and accessories made available by this organization.
11 -

Olympic Arms

Provides data about the AR-15 style rifles, custom bolt action rifles, and 1911 style handguns made by this company.
12 -


Rifles, shotguns, ammunition, and accessories. Features company profile, product information, support services, and online store.
13 -

Valkyrie Arms, Ltd.

Includes product descriptions and prices of semi-automatic versions of military machine guns.
14 -

Uberti USA, Inc.

Offers specifications for historical firearms featuring single-action revolvers, black powder, engraved and lever action models by Colt, Remington, Paterson, and Winchester.
15 -

Dakota Arms

Features rifles and shotguns made by this company as well as a dealer locator.
16 -


Features a firearms catalog, dealer list, customer service, and news.
17 -

William Evans Gun and Rifle Makers

Offers information about hand-made rifles and shotguns.
18 -

Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc.

Specializes in remanufactured or reconfigured military firearms, parts, and accessories for civilians.
19 -

Benelli USA Corporation

Read about the product includes shotguns and target pistols. Also review the company history, news, and dealer list.
20 -


Manufacturers of the classic Thompson submachine gun, semi-automatic versions, and model 1911 pistols. Part of Kahr Arms.
21 -

American Western Arms

Recreation manufacturers of American western rifles and handguns. Features company profile, available products, and contact information.
22 -

Izhevsky Mehanichesky Zavod

Makarov pistols and Baikal shotguns made by this Russian firm are featured.
23 -

STI International

Presents performance firearms for competition, duty, and self-defense.
24 -

Searcy Rifles

Presents double rifles and bolt action guns-calibers ranging from 22 Hornet through 4-Bore for African safari game hunting.
25 -

Westley Richards

English bespoke gun and rifle manufacturer, which also deals in second hand guns. Located in Birmingham, England and Bozeman, Montana USA.
26 -

European American Amory (EAA)

Manufacturer of brand name pistols, shotguns, airguns, revolvers, and target rifles. Manuals and specifications of firearms. Safety, articles, dealers, parts, and links.
27 -

Hi-Point Firearms

Provides information about the semi-automatic handguns and carbines, in several calibers, made by this firm.
28 -

Wyandot Traditions

Offers a selection of reproduction pistols, rifles, and carbines of the Old West era.
29 -

National Association of Firearms Retailers

The NAFR is dedicated to providing professional firearms retailers with a unified voice in regulatory and legislative affairs, facilitating communication with other segments of the industry and developing programs that help these retailers respond to new challenges and opportunities.
30 -

FN Manufacturing, LLC

Makers of small arms, specializing in military and law enforcement weapons. Includes product information, company profile, sub-contract services available, purchasing forms, and a customer survey.
31 -

Krieghoff International, Inc.

Manufacturer and importer of hunting rifles and shotguns. Features a company history, products, dealer directory, accessories, and contact information.
32 -

Redfield USA

Rifle scope design and manufacturing founded in 1909 by John Hill Redfield. Includes company history, product specifications, downloadable catalog (PDF), technology, and dealer locator.
33 -

Briley Manufacturing, Inc.

Rifle, shotgun, and accessories manufacturer. Includes product information, company profile, available services, frequently asked questions, and contact information.
34 -

Ed Brown Products, Inc.

Manufacturer of custom rifles, handguns and after-market accessories. Features product descriptions with prices and images as well as company history, newsletter and purchasing instructions.
35 -

Ironsighter Co.

Manufacture of scope mounts and accessories. Features downloadable product catalog (PDF) with prices, company profile, and contact information.
36 -

Arntzen Corporation

Manufactures 3/8" thick alloy steel targets for training, practice or matches. Includes descriptions of products and order information.
37 -


Rifle and shotguns manufacturer. Includes products, service information, news, and dealer search.
38 -

Creedmoor Sports

Manufacturer of competitive rifle shooting and tactical sniper products.
39 -

McGowen Precision Rifle Barrels

Manufacturer and installer of rifle and pistol barrels. Includes company history, products available, pricing information, and contact information.
40 -

Sportsmatch UK

Specialises in manufacturing telescopic scope mounts for all types of sporting and target rifles.
41 -

Leupold and Stevens

Premier shooting sport optics.
42 -

Lyman Products

Firearms maker also offering shooting accessories. Features product information, specifications and dealer locations.
43 -

KN Nill-Grips

Custom manufacturer in Mössingen Germany of 300 models of fancy wood target and combat handgun grips. Offered in German and English.
44 -


Offers specifications and safety instructions for the line of firearms and accessories made in the US by this firm.
45 -


Manufacturers of electronic target and optical training systems. Features company overview and available services.
46 -

Sports South, LLC

Distributor of handguns, long guns and ammunition. Features information on technology, application to become a dealer and product catalogue.

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