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This category lists companies involved in the manufacture and sale of static and rotational industrial brushes.- Category ID : 47492
1 -

Jenkins Brush Co

USA. Design and manufacture of standard and custom wound, channel strip, epoxy set industrial brushes for a wide range of industrial applications. Detailed product catalog, including technical information and FAQ.
2 -

P.S. Daima

Manufacturers of brushes including cosmetic, artist, school, hobby and craft brushes. Also leather laces and beads. India.
3 -

Record Industrial Brushes, Ltd

UK. Design and manufacture of a wide range of steel, natural and man-made fiber, and feather industrial strip and sealing, tool and disc, and roller brushes. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
4 -

TOD Thin Brushes, Inc

USA. Manufacturers of thin, single row and flat channel electrostatic, static dissipative, anti-static and conductive brushes for industrial and OEM applications, from natural and synthetic materials. Extensive technical information.
5 -

Tanis, Inc

Design and manufacture of a wide range of standard and custom rotary, strip, staple and twisted brushes for industrial, craft and artistic applications. Also, repair and refurbishing and used brushes. Detailed product catalogs including technical information and specifications. On-line tools and information for the design of custom brushes.
6 -

Cepillos La Iberica,S.A.

Manufacturer of brooms and brushes for home and industrial uses.
7 -

Zhuoerya Cosmetic Kits Co.,Ltd

Manufactures hair rollers and makeup brush sets. Located in China.
8 -

Frank Bürsten GmbH

Produces shoe care, massage and spa, and ski brushes in Germany.
9 -

Valley Brush Corporation

Manufactures brushes for industrial vehicles, auto detailers, marine and recreational vehicles and janitorial needs.
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