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Nails, Screws and Fasteners Websites

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1 -

Boulons Plus

Supplier of a wide variety of fasteners, anchors, and cutting tools . Includes an online product catalog.
2 -

Duncan Bolt Company

Supplies, rents and repairs a complete inventory of all Huck bolts and tooling. Includes an online buying facility.
3 -

Pivot Point

Search catalog for non-threaded fasteners including lynch pins, S-pins, cotter pins.
4 -

Via-Chem Inc.

A wide variety of super glues for all purposes, hooks and clips which can be used in innovative ways around business and home.
5 -

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp.

Metric and British industrial supplies.
6 -

Sealtite Inc.

Supplier of sheeting fastener systems and closure products for the metal construction industry. Includes online catalogs.
7 -

Faspac Inc

Manufacture a range of self drilling wood screws. Product specifications and a listing of dealers .
8 -

Eastside Staple And Nail, Inc.

Nail guns and stapler products.Also provides stainless steel fasteners and nails. Deliveries anywhere in the US.
9 -

ITW Ramset Red Head

Designer and manufacturer of fastening products used in concrete and steel construction.
10 -

Atlantic Fasteners

Supplier of inch and metric nuts, bolts, screws and washers in steel, stainless, brass, silicon bronze, aluminum and nylon. Includes online technical data and catalog.
11 -

Gripwell Fastening and Engineering Pte Ltd

Manufacture blind and threaded fasteners and access hardware products.
12 -

Peron Metallurgica di Peron G. & C. S.n.c.

Producer of nails for riveting machines, smooth and twist drawn wire, drawn rod iron in bars and avp drawn rod iron, cold-rolled flat iron with rounded edges in coils or cut in bars of various sizes.
13 -

Reminc Conti

Licensors of the taptite family of thread rolling screws and bolts, providing assistance to end users and licensed manufacturers.
14 -

Aerosmith Fastening Systems, Inc.

Manufacture pneumatic fastening systems for attachments to concrete and metal substrates. Includes a listing of dealers.
15 -

Precision Technology Supplies Ltd

Stainless steel fasteners, precision turned parts, micro metric fasteners and allied products.
16 -

Fabsco Corp

Manufacturer of anchor bolts and other fasteners.
17 -

Wurth Industry North America

Specializes in the supply of fasteners and related C-products to OEM and MRO customers through single source inventory management programs.
18 -

Tremont Nail Company

Manufacturer of steel cut nails for restoration projects and remodeling. Online buying facility .
19 -

Fritz Schaber GmbH

German producer of zinc, brass and nickel plated steel nails and pins, upholstery nails and fasteners .
20 -

STO Industries Inc.

Variety of fasteners for wholesale and commercial consumers. Products include gun nails, roof and hand drive nails, and wood screws.
21 -

Sharp Screw Products

Custom machined screw resource manufacturing close tolerance precision screw components and prototypes for all commercial and industrial applications.
22 -

Craftech Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer of high technology plastic screws, fasteners, components, structural hardware, shapes and tools.
23 -

Interstate Screw Corporation

Bolts, nuts, screws and nails also tools.
24 -

Zyh Yin Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of fasteners and hardware, especially in screws, bolts and nuts for wooden furniture.
25 -

MMS and Accessories

Offers fasteners, nuts, washers, bolts, tubing, clamps, screws, machine bolts, wood screws, cable, turnbuckles, eye bolts, carriage bolts and lag bolts.
26 -


Offers fasteners including steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass.
27 -

Pacific Fasteners

Specializes in corrosion resistant fasteners , stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, and monel. Online catalog .
28 -

Components For Industry Corp.

Manufacturers of machine screws, bolts and nuts .
29 -

Shanghai Fast-fix Rivet Corp.

Supplier and manufacturer of blind rivets, rivets, riveting tools, and nuts . Includes detailed drawings of individual products.
30 -

Tai Chuan Hardware Company

Manufactures various type of screws and bolts, nuts, pieces of computer, fasten and lylon screws, and special products.
31 -

Delta Fastener Corp.

On-hand selection of headed fasteners, bolts, nuts, washers and screws.
32 -

Ferry Cap and Set Screw

Manufacturer of cold-headed, high- strength precision fasteners.
33 -


Suppliers of wood screws and other multi-purpose fixings to trade, education and the public. Suppliers of woodscrews, brass, twin thread and specialist fixings. Includes online catalogue.
34 -

ACS Manufacturing, Inc.

Manufacture of formed spring steel fasteners.
35 -

Premiere Fasteners

Manufacturer of bolts, rivets and fasteners using aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel.
36 -

Stafast Products, Inc.

Manufacture a high retention, tapered barrel T-nut.
37 -

International Fasteners

Self drilling, drywall, and sheet metal screws in a variety of materials and finishes.
38 -

Metric Screw and Tool Co.

Metric fasteners and cutting tools, selling to OEM, distribution, and end-users.
39 -

Lakeside Fasteners

Standard and special stainless, non-ferrous and steel nuts, bolts, screws, washers, rod, studs, pins, eyelets and grommets.
40 -

Non Standard Socket Screws Ltd

Manufacturers and distributors of standard and specialty screws, fasteners and associated products for companies worldwide.
41 -

Drillco Group

Manufactures a patented undercut anchor, the maxi bolt. The maxi bolt is primarily used in the nuclear and power industry.
42 -


Carries screw products such as the new star drive wood screws. Available to distributors everywhere.
43 -

Francis Kirk and Son Ltd

British premier grade socket screws and durlok anti vibration bolts.
44 -

Fasco Fastener Company, Inc.

Supply corrosion resistant stainless steel, silicon bronze and brass fasteners for the marine industry.
45 -

Scrooscoop Fastener Co.

Stocks a full range of screws, rivets, and a variety of anchoring fasteners.
46 -

Lauren Industries, Inc.

Bin-stocking supplier of fasteners, metric, electrical terminals and chemicals.
47 -

Pro-Dec Products, Inc.

Offers screw covers and fastener covers to conceal the heads of screws, bolts, nails and rivets.
48 -

South Engineers Sdn Bhd

Manufacture and sale of wire nail, furniture nail, ornamental window guard, drain mate, and welded mesh.
49 -

Cixi Special Rivet Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of rivets. Products include open and sealed type rivets , multigrip and grooved type rivets, peel, drive rivets, and colour plated rivets .
50 -

Mid Continent Nail

Collated, bulk, and wire weld, pneumatic tools, and pallet machinery.
51 -

Vulcan Industrial Fasteners Ltd

A wide range of industrial fasteners and fixing systems for the pipeline, construction and engineering industries.
52 -

Clinch Fast, Inc.

Panel fasteners, self clinching fasteners, and self-clinching standoffs.
53 -

Triangle Fastener

A wide variety of fasteners, from drywall screws to roofing, and cordless and electric power tools, accessories, and specialty fastening systems.
54 -

Prest-on Drywall Fasteners

Prest-on insta-back and corner-back drywall fasteners make wall, corner and ceiling installations and repairs easier, faster and safer.
55 -

Kwan On Manufacturing Ltd

Product range includes locks, corners, mirror hangers, picture hangers and screws.
56 -

Stainless Threaded Fasteners Ltd

Specialist stainless steel fastener stockholders holding approximately 10,000 items of A2 and A4 fasteners in stock in both metric and imperial thread forms.
57 -

North East Fasteners Corporation

Manufacture of small and miniature fasteners, specializing in the electronics and small components industries. .
58 -

Numax Inc.

Products to staple, nail, or adhere any combination of wood, metal, and plastic together.
59 -

Jay-Cee Sales and Rivet

In-stock inventory, supplying rivets and special fasteners.
60 -


Full-Service supplier of screws and turned parts.
61 -

Reliable Fasteners Pvt Ltd.

Manufacturers and exporters of fasteners, hex head bolts/screws, lag bolts, machine screws, self tapping screws, rivets, nails and nuts.
62 -

Mehta Trading International, Inc.

Suppliers of stainless steel fasteners for mill shipment.
63 -

Marketplace of the fastener industry, offering free access to a searchable parts database and company directory.
64 -


Metric taps right and left hand threads, ships anywhere in the US.
65 -

Smith Fastener Company

Supplier of fasteners including nuts, bolts, anchors both threaded and epoxies, screws, fittings, washers, and lifting hardware, in metric and US.
66 -

Jet Press

Suppliers of industrial fasteners with an online catalog. Includes technical specifications to aid the buyer.
68 -

Nelson Stud Welding

Global manufacturer of stud weld fasteners, arc and capacitor discharge and tools.
69 -

Binder GmbH

Produces hook and loop fastener systems with numerous applications on cars, buses, trains, aircraft, orthopaedic appliances, sports equipment and clothing.
70 -

Fairchild Fasteners

Specialty fastening systems to both the aerospace and industrial markets.
71 -

Ameribest Fasteners LLC.

Produces expansion, hook and toggle bolts. Includes list of products and distributors.
72 -

Acme Staple Co., Inc

USA. Design, manufacture and distribution of specialty staples and staplers for a wide range of professional and industrial fastening applications. Also, heavy duty industrial stitching machines. Technical information and specifications.
73 -

Alemo Industrial Engineers

Mumbai, India manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel fasteners. Company profile, product photographs and contact information.
74 -

Goodgood Manufacturers

Indian manufacturers of fasteners, machined components and forgings.
75 -

Impex International Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of aerospace and automotive fasteners. Based in USA.
76 -

Spirol International Corp.

Offers coiled spring and hinge pins, dowels, compression limiters, shims, and metal spacers.
77 -

Sure Drive USA, Inc.

Chicago USA manufacturer and distributor of fasteners and under deck fastening system. Also offers private label packaging of fasteners for the distributor markets.
78 -

Arrow Fastener Company

Makers of wire and cable tackers, nail guns, construction fasteners for all types of needs.
79 -

Gunnebo Industrier AB

Manufacturer and supplier of screws, nails, and lifting products.
80 -


Manufacturing engineered threaded blind rivet nut fastener installation tools. USA.
81 -

SchePro B.V.

European manufacturer and distributor of clamps, fasteners, and ties in plastic and metal. Based in The Netherlands.
82 -

Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.

Single source for fastening solutions, offering the hardware, equipment, and technical services and support to satisfy assembly needs from design through production.
83 -

Bisco of Florida, Inc.

Industrial supplies including drill bits and chucks, abrasives, stainless steel fasteners, safety equipment, hand tools, pin vises, and pressure washers.
84 -

QuickScrews International Corporation

Manufacturers of QuickScrew deep threaded fasteners.
85 -

TR Fastenings Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial fasteners and associated components for many industries including aerospace and defence, automotive, marine and petrochem. Based in Uckfield, UK.
86 -

HCL Fasteners Ltd

Manufacturers of the herbie clip and the smart band, nylon hose clips and clamps.
87 -

Delta Engineering

Manufacturer and designer of nuts and bolts. West Midlands, UK.
88 -

Steel City Bolt and Screw LLC

Specialty fastener manufacturer serving a broad range of industries across the United States and abroad.
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