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Heat Generating Equipment Websites

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1 -

Heat Therm

Design and build high heat flux electric heaters for heating liquid metal at high temperature such as aluminium, zinc, and magnesium.
2 -

Combustion Research Corporation

Manufacture low intensity infrared heating heating systems.Includes a listing of distributors and energy conversion calculators.
3 -

Bard Manufacturing Company

Manufacture air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces.
4 -

Electro-steam Generator Corp.

Manufacturing electric steam generators for a variety of applications.
5 -

Kansas City Deaerator Company

Supplier of deaerators to both the power and industrial sectors, in the United States and around the world.
6 -

Delta-Therm Corporation

Design and manufacture electric heat transfer systems, automatic system controls, de-icing and snow melting equipment and radiant floor warming for commercial, residential and industrial applications.
7 -

Infrared Dynamics Inc

Manufacture outdoor patio heating systems. Includes a listing of dealers.
8 -

Master Distributors

Distributors of generators, heaters, fireplaces, and cast iron stoves .
9 -

Sterling HVAC

Produce unit heaters, high and low intensity infrared, air curtains, rooftop furnaces, evaporative cooling units, packaged HVAC rooftop and indoor units, .
10 -


Design and manufacture of industrial electric heating and control systems. Products include duct heaters, industrial heating elements, process heaters, heat control panels and electronic controls.
11 -

Therma-Stor Products

Manufacturers of heat recovery systems, heat pump water heaters, ventilation systems, and dehumidifiers .
12 -


Manufacture industrial, commercial and domestic hot water heaters and boilers.
13 -

Beacon Morris

Manufacture kickspace heaters, convectors, unit heaters, floor vectors and cabinet heaters, for both residential and commercial applications.
14 -

Power Flame Incorporated

Manufactures gas, oil, combination gas and oil, low NOx burners and combustion control systems for commercial, industrial and process applications.
15 -

Consort Equipment Products

Domestic, commercial, and industrial electric heating solutions, air purification, sheet metal fabrication and enclosures, crossflow fans, and electric coiled elements.
16 -

K. Connelly Corporation

Steam power plant equipment.
17 -


Burner parts locator service, provides gas burners and blowers, heat exchangers, gas meters, combustion systems, duplex strainers, valves, actuators, industrial fans.
18 -

Low Energy Systems

Selling gas, propane and electric tankless water heaters, space heaters, vent-free appliances and direct vent fireplaces.
19 -

Carlin Combustion Technology Inc.

Manufacture burners, controls and ignitors. Includes tech tips and a listing of distributors.
20 -

Aquaheat Industries Limited

Manufacture hot water boilers, steam generators, thermal fluid heaters, air heaters, turnkey heating systems . New Zealand ,
21 -

Econo Heat, Inc

Manufacture waste oil burners, heaters and chillers.
22 -

Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc.

Stocking distributor of heaters, controls and accessories for industrial, commercial and residential markets.
23 -

Brugman Radiatoren B.V.

Manufacture panel and column radiators, design radiators and products for floor heating. Includes a listing of dealers.
24 -

Infinity Fluids Corporation

Design, manufacture of industrial heaters and temperature controls. Products include water, mica and ceramic heaters, cast and cartridge heaters.
25 -


Manufacturing electric and gas powered portable temporary heating and climate control equipment.
26 -

Simons Boiler Co.

Manufacturer and distributors of electric steam boilers, ironing equipment, humidifying equipment and air compressor equipment.
27 -

Preheat Engineering Ltd

Manufactures Peregrine heaters and associated products. Oil sump and gear box heaters, coolant heaters, tank heaters in general and diesel fuel tank heaters .
28 -

Farnam Custom Products

Manufacture air, surface and duct heaters, process heaters, centrifugal blowers and axial fans.
29 -

Sensotherm Europanel Limited

Trade distributor and designers of low surface temperature and specialist radiators .
30 -

Ruffneck Heaters

Manufacturer of industrial explosion proof electric air heaters, heat-exchanger unit heaters, hazardous location heaters, explosion-proof thermostats and accessories.
31 -

Mac Inc

Manufacturers of portable industrial and commercial space and building heaters for construction sites, oil rigs, and the aviation industries.
32 -

Frost Fighter

Manufacture portable heaters . Range covers 320,000 to 450,000 BTU output.Includes a photo gallery of typical usage .
33 -

P.C. Mckenzie Company

Complete boiler room systems with a full stocking parts department. On-line "live" customer service.
34 -

Easy Radiant Works

Canadian made commercial grade patio heaters for the food service industry.
35 -

Westwood Products

Manufacturer of ignitors and flame rods for oil and gas burners, ignition and transformer terminals, ignition wire and cable, oil filters, motor couplings, and gauge glass.
36 -

F.J. Evans Engineering Company

Master distributors of infrared heaters, patio heaters, unit heaters, make-up air, fans, air distribution equipment, kitchen hoods and paint booths.
37 -

Watkins Hire Limited

Offer heating boilers for short and long term rental contracts throughout Europe. Includes product overviews, operational locations, news, and related links.
38 -

S.E.S. Scandinavian Electronics AB

Designing control systems for steam boilers.
39 -

Alpha Engineering

Design and install hot oil thermal fluid heaters in a variety of industrial applications.
40 -

Reliable Construction Heaters

National distributor of natural gas, propane, and electric temporary construction heaters.
41 -


Manufactures waste oil heaters and storage tanks for companies interested in recycling.
42 -

Rinnai America Corp.

Offers continuous-flow, tankless water heaters. Also offers ductless heaters as well as fireplaces and cooking appliances.
43 -

Methot Controls Inc

Supplier of heating and regulation products such as hot water or steam boilers, burners, gas regulators and meters, and safety valves.
44 -

Schwank Infra-red Gas Heaters

Canadian manufacturer of high-intensity luminous and low-intensity tube gas fired, infra-red heaters for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and home and cottage applications.
45 -

Armstrong International, Inc.

Manufacture steam, liquid and air products which include humidifiers, steam traps and heat transfer coils.
46 -

Wacker Neuson Climate Technology

Manufactures heating equipment for ground thawing, concrete curing, winter construction, and air dehumidification projects. Includes job studies and how the equipment works.
47 -

The Conrad Company

Manufacturer of flexible heating products, heated hose, heating tapes and silicone heating blankets.
48 -

Vulcan Catalytic Systems, Ltd.

Manufacture gas-fired, infrared catalytic heating systems. Includes technical data.
49 -

Herman Nelson

Manufacturer of portable heating units. Serving the military, airlines, oil drilling contractors, petroleum, exploration, pipelines, contractors, and marine shipping industries.
50 -

Tioga Air Heaters

Designs, manufactures, and rents out industrial air heaters for permanent or temporary applications.

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