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Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS Insulation

Insulation used in a variety of mechanical, industrial and building applications under many operating environments.
2 -

Polybutylene Info Central

Information about polybutylene plumbing for homeowners, home buyers, home sellers, property managers, real estate professionals and home inspectors.
3 -

Belform Insulation

Available in buns, boardstock, cut pipe sections, pipe supports, bends and curved segments, Koolphen K is suitable for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, process and industrial applications.
4 -

Piping Technology & Products, Inc.

Manufacturers of various high quality engineered products including pipe hangers (variable and constant load), spring hangers, expansion joints, mechanical and hydraulic snubbers, insulated pipe supports (cryogenic supports/cold shoes, hot shoes), and code pressure vessels and tanks.
5 -

Insul-Vest, Inc

Manufacturer of high temperature insulation blankets. Offer off the shelve and custom designed products for a range of industries and applications.
6 -

Rovanco Piping Systems

Providing pre-insulated piping system.
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Developing and manufacturing flexible metal hose and braid for over 20 years.
8 -

Unaflex Inc.

Manufacturers of rubber, flexible metal and teflon-lined expansion joints and hose, sheet rubber and high temperature flue ducts.
9 -

Ogontz Corporation

Temperature control, measurement/control, systems and testing equipment products.
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Manufacturer and distributor of electropolished and non-electropolished stainless steel tubing and fittings.
11 -

VBS Industries, Inc.

Provides liquid nitrogen handling equipment, including vacuum insulated no-frost cryogenic transfer hoses, automatic dewar filling stations and liquid nitrogen controllers. Campbell, California.
12 -

Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Flexible thermal insulation for mechanical systems and process piping. Elastomeric and polyethylene pipe insulations control condensation and heat flow.
13 -

JCM Industries

Manufactures fittings and fabrications for the repair, connection and branching/tapping of all types and sizes of pipe. Innovative engineering assures a technically advanced design with the highest safety factor possible.
14 -

Lake Process Systems, Inc.

Design and install sanitary piping systems. Also offer custom stainless steel fabrication and process piping installation.
15 -

Tahoe Design Software

Develops piping design, pump selection software and custom product promotion CDs. Free software downloads are available at their website.
16 -

Piping News Report

A resource for piping and hvac designers and engineers seeking information, jobs, news, articles and links pertaining to piping and hvac design and engineering.
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Quality Pipe Products, Inc

Manufacturer of pipe nipples. carbon steel, brass, stainless steel, chrome plated, pipe fittings: malleable iron and brass.
18 -

Thermacor Process, Inc

Manufacturer of prefabricated, preinsulated, secondary containment, and conduit piping systems for industrial and domestic applications.
19 -

Pelican Forge Software Corporation

Engineers use supportmodeler to model pipe supports in 3d cad for use with intergraph pds and bentley systems plantspace plant design systems.
20 -

HTH Companies, Inc.

Provides mechanical and insulation installation services in the Midwestern US. Also provides scaffold erection and plant maintenance services.
21 -

Techlite Insulation

Non-Fibrous insulation systems for pipe, tanks, and ducts.
22 -

IMI Yorkshire Copper Tube Ltd.

A manufacturer of copper plumbing and refrigeration tube for the construction industry suitable for use in most of the major worldwide markets.
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