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Air Distribution Websites

This category contains links for sites related to air distribution equipment and associated materials and supplies. Sites listed may include, but not limited to:
  • manufacturing,
  • wholesale and distribution, and
  • marketplaces.
Examples of air distribution products provided by manufacturers and distributors include:
  • air knife systems
  • centrifugal blowers
  • axial propeller fans
  • diffusers
  • pneumatic diffusers
  • thermally powered diffusers
  • architectural lattice and perforated grilles
  • grilles and registers
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1 -

Air Trac Corporation

Designs and engineers industrial ventilation, pneumatic conveying systems and services pollution control systems.
2 -

W. Tombling Ltd

Manufacturer of Activair electrical heaters, polythene ducting, air coolers and fans for use in commercial premises such as factories, warehouses, workshops.
3 -

Nailor Industries

Air control and distribution manufacturer of grilles, registers, diffusers, VAV terminal units, louvers, and dampers
4 -

Midtherm Group

Manufacture of flue systems, industrial and commercial fans including axial, bifurcated, chopper, paddle blade, multivane in standard and bespoke designs.
5 -

Young & Bertke Air Systems Co.

Engineering, fabrication, installation and service in air handling systems and sheet metal fabrication.
6 -

Penn Barry

Manufacturer of centrifugal and axial fans for commercial and industrial applications. Also makes a line of roof vents and curbs for roof intake or exhaust.
7 -

Sound Fighter Systems, Inc.

Manufacturer of noise control wall system, industrial ventilation fans, and noise abatement products for air distribution applications.
8 -

CFW Industries

Manufacturers of industrial fans and air systems for drying, dehumidification, dust collection, evaporative air-conditioning, fume extraction and ventilation.
9 -

Sodistra Fabrications Isothermes Composites

Manufacture of insulated components in polyester. Products include sandwich panels, air treatment units, custom made insulated ducting, accessories in composite materials.
10 -

Ray Hudson Limited

Manufacturer of extractor fans and ventilation equipment for humidity control, air extraction and fume removal in commercial and domestic applications.
11 -


Maker of humidity sensitive products including fans, controls, air inlets and outlets for passive and mechanical ventilation - France
12 -

Midwest Air Products Co.

Designer, manufacturer, and installer of air pollution control systems and equipment. Systems incorporate exhaust hoods, exhaust fans, mist eliminators, scrubbers.
13 -

Pinnacle Climate Technologies

Manufacturer of air circulation, shutter and exhaust fans, evaporative cooling, controls and thermostats for industrial, commercial, horticulture and agriculture use.

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