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Water Treatment Websites

Web sites that have content relevant to water treatment chemicals(commercial, industrial, municipal) such as boilers, cooling towers, process, wastewater and of course drinking water.- Category ID : 46467
1 -


Specialty chemicals for boiler, cooling, drinking and waste water treatment. Germany.
2 -

Bayer Corporation

Provider of hydrazine and ion-exchange resins. USA/Europe.
3 -

Ozomax Ltd.

Manufacturer of ozone generators for air and water treatment. Overview of specifications, and residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Located in Québec, Canada.
4 -

Kelien Chemical Co., Inc.

Manufactures water treatment chemicals such as HEDP, PBTCA (PBTC) and ATMP, for boilers, cooling towers, municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment systems.
5 -

American Water Works Association

A source of news and information for professionals in the water industry.
6 -

Bart & Associates, Inc.

Water based descaler for heat exchangers and industrial watercooled equipment. Marietta, Georgia.
7 -

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

Supplier of Bio-Chem Zorb, a water filtration pouch for fresh and saltwater aquariums.
8 -

Aquapharm Chemical Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Biocides and low mw polymers. India.
10 -

US Peroxide

Resource on Hydrogen Peroxide for water treatment. USA.
11 -

CalciQuest, Inc.

Drinking water quality treatment chemicals. USA.
12 -

Westchem Mfg., Ltd.

Water treatment chemicals, using enzymes and bacteria. Canada.
13 -

Thermidaire Corporation Canada, Ltd.

Manufacturers and suppliers of organic water treatment chemicals.
14 -

Freeston Water Treatment

Suppliers of water treatment chemicals and chlorination. UK.
15 -

SPER Chemical Corporation

Sequestration, scale control, and corrosion inhibition. USA.
16 -

Terlyn Industries, Inc.

Zero bleed chemicals. USA.
17 -


Activated carbon manufacturer. USA.
18 -

Taiwan Hopax Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Paper additives, water treatment fine chemicals. Taiwan.
19 -


Producer of cleaning, sanitation and water treatment chemicals. USA.
20 -


Copper and silver ionisation water treatment. UK.
21 -


Water treatment chemicals. UK.
22 -

Industrial Chemicals Group, Ltd.

Chemical of water treatment chemicals. USA/UK.
23 -


Water conditioning chemicals. USA.
24 -

Global Water Technologies

A water technology supplier. USA.
25 -

Thermaxindia. Com

Water treatment. India.
26 -

RO Consumables

Water treatment for and reverse osmosis systems.USA.
27 -


Water treatment for swimming pools. USA.
28 -


Water treatment chemicals, service and equipment. UK.
29 -

Watertreatment International BV

Water treatment company. Netherlands
30 -


Dechlorination for Clean Water/Endangered Species Acts.USA.
31 -

QualiChem, Inc.

Quality products for commercial and industrial water treatment applications. USA.
32 -

Culligan Water Conditioning

Commercial, industrial and residential water treatment. USA.
33 -


Manufacturer of ion exchange resins and activated granular carbon. USA.
34 -

Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.

Water and waste water. India.
35 -

Summit Laboratories, Inc. HomePage

Supplier of water treatment chemicals. USA
36 -

Solid Blend Technologies

Manufacturers of concentrated water treatment chemicals. USA.
37 -

Raw materials for water treatment manufacturing.USA.
38 -

Al Sanea Chemical Products

A range of water treatment chemicals in Kuwait.
39 -

E Water Treatment Chemicals

Specialist water treatment chemicals. USA.
40 -

Alexander Chemical Corporation

Water purification chemicals. North America.
41 -

DX companies.

Commodity water treatment chemicals. USA.
42 -

Enerco Corporation

Chemicals for steam boilers, cooling towers, and wastewater. USA.
43 -

Corrosion Control.

Boiler water treatment and lay up for corrosion control. USA.
44 -

Chemco Products, Inc.

Organic Silicone, and water based defoamers. USA
45 -

Resin Marketing Ion Exchange Ltd.

Ion exchange exporter and manufacturer of resins for demineralisation, softening and speciality applications. Description of manufacturing facilities in India and product specifications.
46 -

Beacon Water Treatment

Cooling and boiler water inhibitors and biocides.
47 -

Applied Process Technology, Inc.

Solid concentrate products for use in boilers, cooling towers, and other water treatment systems.
48 -

Accepta Water Treatment

Seller of water treatment chemicals, biocides, polymers, general purpose chemicals, test kits, and reagents. Also offers toll blending services.
49 -

Water Treatment Products Ltd.

Manufacturer of chemical water treatments; biocides, scale and corrosion inhibitors for boilers, cooling systems and potable water. Toll blending and product details.
50 -

Alliance Group, Inc.

Supplier to water treatment businesses.
51 -

European Desalination Society

Promotes desalination and membrane technologies, as well as water reuse and water technology.
52 -

Kriss Water Treatment Systems

News articles related to industrial water treatment, FAQs, and services for cooling and boiler water treatment systems and chemicals.
53 -

Industrial Chemistry Services

Range of services including water, wastewater treatment, portable plant available within New Zealand.
54 -

Water Treatment and Controls Company

Service chlorinators and other chemical metering equipment to the water and wastewater industry.
55 -

Halliburton Energy Services Inc.

Water treatment product for removal of phosphate from water. USA.
56 -

North Metal & Chemical Company

Manufacturer and distributor of water treatment chemicals. USA.
57 -

Klenzoid Equipment Company

Distributor of ion-exchange resin and filter media. USA.
58 -

Pro Products, LLC

Offers a complete line of water treatment and cleaning products for the plumbing, well and water treatment industries. USA.
59 -

Summit Research Corporation

Products and services for supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) systems. USA.
60 -

Jurby WaterTech International

Water treatment chemicals and equipment, filtering media. UK.
61 -

Roam Chemie

Manufacturer of water treatment chemicals, ecological disinfectants. Germany. Belgium.
62 -

Anmac Service Company

Provides water treatment services to preserve and rehabilitate plumbing systems. USA.
63 -

Changzhou Kewei Fine Chemical Factory

Organic phosphonate, polycarboxyate series for industrial cool circulation water system. China.
64 -

Chempure Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Water treatment chemicals and services. India.
65 -

Chemco inc.

Chemicals for phosphate removal, H2S and odour control, water clarification and colour removal, sludge dewatering. Canada.
66 -

Neelam Chemical

Manufacturer of chemicals for water treatment and fertilizers. India.
67 -

Vanson HaloSource, Inc.

Sea-Klear line of products offers a water treatment solution with environmetally friendly clarifiers and de-foamers.
68 -

Tramfloc Water Treatment

Chlorine dioxide, bromine, defoamers, chlorination and dechlorination systems, polyphosphates for scale and corrosion control. USA
69 -

Water Specialists Technologies

Formulation, manufacturing and blending of chemicals for treating industrial process wastewaters and other environmental applications.
70 -

DMA Water Treatment Ltd.

Provides water treatment chemicals and consultancy services.
71 -


Manufacturer and Distributor of potable and effluent water treatment chemicals. Ireland.
72 -

Pacific Standard Specialties

Produces a line of specialty polymers and polyphosphates designed for scale/rust prevention and corrosion inhibition in potable and industrial water treatment applications. USA.
73 -

Bio-Systems SA

South Africa. Scientific services and products for the biological treatment and bio-augmentation of liquid effluents, technology for the re-use of waste water and absorbents, and bio-remediation of oil contaminated soils.
74 -

Northern Filter Media

Producer of materials for use in swimming pool and pond filtration, waste water treatment, and water softening. Products include activated carbon, anthracite, and natural minerals including a range of zeolites.
75 -

Rugao Jinling Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufactures corrosion inhibitors and water treatment chemcicals, including benzotriazole and tolyltriazole. Located in China.
76 -

Eastlab Corp

USA. Design and manufacture of water purification systems for industrial, medical and research applications.
77 -

Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies

Offers water systems for municipal and industrial water treatment and potable water production.
78 -

Rhomar Water Management, Inc.

A full service water treatment company with solutions for boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems. USA.
79 -

Bluwat Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Water decoloring agent, PAC, polyacylamide for wastewater treatment. China.
80 -

Carus Corporation

Producer manganese compounds and phosphates for use in water treatment and air purification applications. Also offers process development services in the area of organic oxidations using permanganate, as well as selected oxidation products.
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