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Sites pertaining to the manufacture of chemicals used for their flavor or fragrance are listed here. Downstream users of these chemicals are found elsewhere, for example in Food flavors and extracts and Fragrances for beauty produces.- Category ID : 46456
1 -

Shandong Yaroma Perfumery & Chemicals Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer of flavors, fragrances, aromatic chemicals and essential oil.
2 -

Suichuan Xinhai Chemical Co., Ltd.

Produces turpentines and rosins from natural resins. Products include terpene and colosolic acid series chemicals.
3 -

International Flavors and Fragrances

Creator and manufacturer of flavors and fragrances. Company profile, product listing, and contact form.
4 -

A.P.C.S. (Hong Kong) Ltd

Supplies aromatherapy accessories including oil burners, lamprings, candle holders, essential and fragrance oils, displays of essential oils, room sprays, carriers.
5 -

CEDAROME Canada, Inc.

Major producer of coniferous oils, concretes and absolutes,importer and transformer of citrus oils, and reseller of other essential oils and aroma chemicals, which are extensively used in the flavor and fragrance industries.
6 -

Citrus and Allied Essences, Ltd.

Suppliers of essential oils, oleoresins, aromatic chemicals, and specialty flavor ingredients.
7 -

Acme Synthetic Chemicals

Manufacturer and exporter of fine and specialty chemicals, aroma chemicals and chromatographic adsorbents.
8 -

Alpha Aromatics

Complete source for fragrances, fragrance bases and aromatic chemicals for every application.
9 -

Anupam Industries

Exporters and Importers of Aroma Chemicals, Natural Essential Oils, Perfume Ingredients, Flavour Ingredients, Pharma Ingredients
10 -

Appalachian Valley Natural Products

Guaranteed pure, unadulterated essential oils from wild-grown and organic plants. GC tested. Turkish rosa damascena (rose otto).
11 -

Bedoukian Research, Inc.

Supplier of high quality specialty aroma and flavor ingredients.
12 -

Dakota Products

Aromatherapy is the practiced use of fragrant essential oils for physical and emotional health. The science of aromatherapy dates back to ancient Egypt and is practiced widely.
13 -

FFC Aromas

Manufactures industrial fragrances and aroma chemicals including indole, skatole, ionone, geranyl nitrile, isoambrettolide.
14 - SDN BHD

Flavors for food industries. Flavor manufacturer, specializing in bakery and confectionery flavors (butter flavor and milk flavoring.) Free samples.
15 -

Koei Kogyo Co., Ltd

Cosmetics, foods, pharmaceutical materials, and perfume production such as organic Jojoba Extract. Japanese and English site, with company outline and information request form.
16 -

Maschmeijer Aromatics India Ltd.

Manufactures and exports aromatics, for perfumes.
17 -

Taiwan Tekho Camphor Co., Ltd.

Manufactures camphor derivatives, essential oils, as well as aromatic chemicals.
18 -

Ultra International, Ltd.

Manufacturers of essential oils, fragrances and flavours.
19 -

Venus Enterprises

International suppliers of spices, essential oils and aromatic chemicals.
20 -

Vinayak Corporation

Manufacturer exporter of aromatic chemicals and essential oil from India.
21 -


International producer of perfumery and flavor chemicals. Online product database, company profile and areas of expertise.
22 -


Multinational flavor and fragrance house creating, producing, and marketing a large variety of flavor and fragrance compounds and ingredients. Company profile, product details, locations, and contact details.
23 -

Futura Labs International

Egyptian manufacturer of natural extracts, flavours and fragrances for the food and cosmetic industry.
24 -

Seema International

Manufacturer of natural menthol crystals and essential oils.
25 -

Silverline Chemicals

Manufacturer and exporter of natural menthol, essential, and spice oils. India
26 -

Ungerer and Company

Manufacturer of essential oils, flavors, aromatic chemicals, and fragrances.
27 -

Innosol Fragrances and Flavors

Manufacturer of industrial fragrances, for oils and candles, automotive applications, and use in agricultural chemical formulations. Located in Texas.
28 -

Fujian Sanming Yuanyi Perfumery Co., Ltd.

Producer of perfumery products, including natural vanillin, terpinyl acetate, terpineols, and pine oils, in perfumery and medical grades. Located in China.
29 -

Aprikus Ltd.

Swiss producer of natural products for the personal care industry. Main products include turkish rose oil, origanum oil, natural carvacrol and natural thymol.
30 -

A.M. Aromatic & Essential Oils

Producer of floral concretes and absolutes, natural essential oils and carrier oils, floral waxes, and blended products, located in India.
31 -

Industrial Aromatics

Indian aromatics exporters, manufacturing industrial aromatics, aromatic chemicals, fragrances for soaps, essential aromatics, detergent perfumes, and perfumes for cosmetics.
32 -

Perfect Ltd.

Producer of essential oils in Bulgaria. Primary products are rose oil from Rosa damascena and lavender oil from Lavandula angustifolia.
33 -

Tadimety Aromatics Pvt Ltd

Manufacturer of synthetic flavor and fragrance chemicals in India. Overview of products and specifications, and custom synthesis capabilities.
34 -

Premier Specialties, Inc

Manufactures fragrance and flavor compounds, cosmeceuticals and natural cosmetic specialties, including botanical extracts, essential oils, vegetable oils, and fine fragrances.
35 -

Zaphir Contemporary

Producer of a large range of essential oils, aromatic chemicals, flavors, and fragrances, based in Spain. Overview of product areas and capabilities.
36 -


Producer of flavors and fragrances, fruit extracts, co-additives, and bulk natural sugar and vegetable oil products. Based in Italy.
37 -

Moraya Global Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer of specialty aromachemicals, including indole derivatives, skatole, coumarin, ionones, geranyl and citronellyl nitriles, and allyl amyl glycolate. Based in India.
38 -

Fleurarôme Limitée

Fragrance manufacturing company in Québec, with products for personal care, home cleaning, fine-fragrance, and specialty markets.
39 -

PFW Aroma Chemicals B.V.

Manufacturer in the Netherlands of a range of branded fragrance chemicals primarily aimed at personal care and household products, including their signature polycyclic musk Tonalid. Also offers toll manufacturing.
40 -

Nemat International

Manufactures and distributes Indians attars and perfume oils, essential oils and absolutes, incense, and scented consumer products. Located in California.
41 -

Flavor & Fragrance Specialties

Manufacturer of flavors and fragrances for the food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical and household goods industries, with facilities in Maryland and New Jersey.
42 -

Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd

UK-based producer of perfumery and flavor compounds for use in a variety of food and household products.
43 -

SAT Group

Supplier of essential oils, flavors, oleoresins, and botanical extracts used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
44 -

Privi Organics Pvt., Ltd.

Manufacture aromatic raw materials for the fragrance and flavor industry.
45 -

Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.

Manufacturer of sweet and savory flavor solutions. Company profile and product details.
46 -

Treatt PLC

Supplier of flavour and fragrance ingredients.
47 -

Handa Fine Chemicals

Produces botanical extracts, essential oils, vegetable oils, and herbs, fragrances for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and toiletries, health and beauty, animal feed, and flavour & fragrance industries.
48 -

Van Aroma

Van Aroma is an FSSC 22000 certified producer of Indonesian Natural Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients. Van Aroma is Indonesia's leading supplier in Aromatherapy and F&F Industries.
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