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1 -


Denmark-based chemical broker and supplier.
2 -

Humintech GmbH

A Düsseldorf company providing research, development and industrial production of humic matter and humic acids for agriculture, animal feed, pharmaceutical and construction industries, veterinary medicine and ecological use.
3 -

Unitechem Co., Ltd.

China-based exporter of food additives, botanical extracts, pharmaceuticals raw materials and other specialty chemicals.
4 -

Vankim import & Export

Importer and distributor of additives for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors in Turkey, including preservatives, humectants, flavors and fragrances, and sweeteners.
5 -

Aytas Industries and Trade, Inc.

Turkish import/export company that specializes in ethanol. Product specifications, contact information.
6 -

Parchem Trading Ltd.

Supplier of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials for the food, cosmetic, nutrition, flavor, resin, and drug industries.
7 -

Savan Group

International trader in bulk chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials for human and veterinary use, food additives, antiseptics and medical sundries. Product lists.
8 -

Celanese Chemicals

Exports broad array of chemicals including acetaldehyde, acetal, acetic acid, acetic acid n-butyl ester, acetic acid ethyl ester, basic chemicals, organic chemicals, petrochemical, intermediate, chemical intermediates, and solvents.
9 -


Surfactants for personal care in India. Caters to requirements of surfactants and specialty chemicals required by personal care, soaps and detergent industries.
10 -

J&J Plastic Trading Ltd

Plastic resins of various grades from China.
11 -

Superior Materials, Inc.

A raw materials distributor supplying paint, ink, plastics, adhesives, and roof coating manufacturers with pigments, resins, fibers, dispersions, and additives.
12 -

Ukko Corporation

Importer and exporter of natural and synthetic rubber such as nitrile, SBR, NBR and EPDM. Product list, contact information.
13 -

Prism International Inc.

Imports, exports and distributes pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial raw materials. Product list, contact form.
14 -

QCI Britannic

Trader of raw materials for the paint, ink and other industries worldwide with a focus in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Far East. Offering resins, pigments, additives, solvents and equipment.
15 -

Continental Industries Group

An international trading firm for industrial chemicals and plastic resins. Product lists, plastic resin reports and employment opportunities page.
16 -

Olympic Industries

Importer, exporter and indenting agent of chemicals and raw materials.
17 -

P.A.T. Products Inc.

Importer and distributor of specialty chemicals and plastic raw materials. Based in Maine. Product list, supplier and contact information.
18 -

VL Clark Chemical Co.

Importer and regional distributor of commodity and specialty chemicals.
19 -

Expocell AB

Scandinavian importer and distributor of industrial chemicals and daylight fluorescent pigments. Product list, contact information.
20 -

Supreme Resources, Inc.

Suppliers of salicylic acid, oxalic acid, zinc oxide, EBS, phenolic resin, and chemicals stocks in USA. Product list, contact information.
21 -

China Qingdao HongJin Trading Co., Ltd.

Specializes in import and export of organic and inorganic chemicals, medicine, pesticides, dye intermediates, feed, food additives, and other refined chemicals.
22 -

Weber and Schaer

Specialist importer into Europe for the rubber, plastics and adhesive industry.
23 -

Asiatic Chemicals Pakistan

Industrial chemicals, dyes, intermediates, and raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry.
24 -

Mihama Corporation

A specialized supplier of chemicals, HVACandR, water treatment, clean room, energy and related products and technologies in Japan.
25 -

AVF Industries, Inc.

Antimony trioxide, titanium dioxide, citric acid and imported chemicals with stocks in USA. Product list, contact form.
26 -

S. Nihar Exports

Exporter of fine chemicals, speciality chemicals, rare and hard to find chemicals, intermediates and other allied products from India.
27 -


Chemical traders specializing in polymers, ketones, chlorinated solvents, glycerine and other chemicals. Product specifications with registration, Flash and Adobe Acrobat Reader may be required.
28 -

Chemgrit SA (PTY) Ltd.

South African based chemical distribution and trading company. Distributes chemical raw materials to the plastics, rubber, coatings, abrasives, refractories and associated industries.
30 -

Nandlal Bankatlal Pvt. Ltd.

Importers and exporters of pharmaceutical bulk drugs, chemicals and drug intermediates. Product and price lists.
31 -

Quadra Chemicals North America

Industrial chemicals and products distributed across North America.
32 -

Christiani Chemie

German traders of organic and inorganic chemicals, including acetic acid. Product and contact information.
33 -

TRInternational Trading Company Inc.

Seattle-based trader of industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals and raw materials. Product list.
34 -

Commodity Chemicals

Distributor of spot consignments of general and fine chemicals throughout Europe.
35 -

Chemie Trade

India-based company involved in the importing, warehousing, distributing, and indenting of pharmaceutical raw materials.
36 -

Rimpex Rubber Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

Specializes in rubber related import and export business.
37 -

Wilshire Technologies, Inc.

Supplier of biochemicals, fine and specialty chemicals. Includes a full product catalogue.
38 -

SCC Ltd.

Slovenia based import and export company.
39 -

UMA Cosmoplastics Pvt Ltd.

Based in India, an indenting business company specializing in plastic raw materials and industrial chemicals.
40 -

National Boraxx Corporation

Importing and distributing borate chemicals. Company presentation, product catalogue, contact information.
41 -

Tushe Flora

Importer of cosmetic raw materials for Russian market.
42 -

Marlin Chemicals Limited

Importer, exporter and distributor of industrial chemicals and raw materials. Includes company profile, product catalogue, contact information.
43 -

Wuzhou international Co., Ltd

Based in Zhejiang, China, exporter of inorganic chemicals, water treatment chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Product list, contact information.
44 -

End to End Productions Inc.

Distributor of European aerosol paints in US and Canada. Product catalogue, online store.
45 -

Epochemmie Co., Ltd.

Specialized exporter of activated carbon and anthracite filtering materials in China. Product introduction, contact information.
46 -

TDS Chemical Corp.

Handles the import and export of industrial chemicals, dyes and pigments, intermediates. Company profile, product catalogue.
47 -

Zhongjing International Trade Co.,Ltd.

Engaged in the import and export of chemical raw materials. Main products include titanium white powder, lithopones, precipitated barium sulfate.
48 -

Fine Chem Trading Ltd.

Engaged in the global marketing and trading business of chemical products. Profile, searchable product catalogue.
49 -

Jaidip Agencies

Indian importer of industrial chemicals including hydrogen peroxide, thiourea dioxide and phosphoric acid.
50 -

Zhenjiang Inter-China Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Chinese importer and exporter of chemical intermediates, fine chemicals and food additives. Includes company profile, product catalogue, and contact information.
51 -

Acentech Corporation

Korea-based importer and exporter of raw materials for rubber and chemical industries. Includes company profile, product list, technology transfer, and a trade BBS.
52 -

Apratim International

India-based trading and indenting company specializing in the export of chemicals, chlorinate and paraffin oil products.
53 -


An importer and distributor of basic and specialty chemicals in Poland.
54 -

Prime Ventures

A chemical indenting company based in India.
55 -

Valetime Group Limited

UK-based chemical trader. Provides consultancy and advisory services.
56 -

Ecodell Corporation

Russian exporter of pigments and industrial chemicals. Includes company profile, product catalogue, and contact information.
57 -

Brenntag NV

Full-line distributors in Belgium, offering industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, drumming services as well as worldwide exports of drummed solvents and acids.
58 -

Sinochem Hebei Qinhuangdao Import And Export Corp.

Supplier and exporter of chemical products from China.
59 -

Teloon Chemicals Corporation

Importer and exporter of inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food additives, and dyestuff.
60 -

Lucky Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Importer/exporter of chemicals in the Ningbo Free Trade Zone of China, maintaining commercial agreements with large producers of industrial chemicals, including ethanolamines, chlorinated solvents, tert-butyl alcohol, and glycol ethers.
61 -

Rainbow Chemicals Company

Distributor of chemicals from Asian suppliers to US industrial markets. Products include laboratory testing agents, pigments and dyes, organic intermediates, and amines.
62 -


Trades in food and feed chemicals and additives, as well as a range of industrial chemicals. Located in France.
63 -

Shanghai Welrun International Ltd.

Engages in the export, import, and distribution for a broad range of inorganic, fine and speciality chemicals.
64 -

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Import & Export Co., Ltd.

State-owned enterprise in China engaged in the import and export of a wide range of chemicals, plastics, coatings, and associated equipment.
65 -

Siddhi Impex

Merchant exporters of various organic and inorganic chemicals from India. Partial product list, enquiry form.
66 -

Dahuachem International Economic & Trade Corp.

China-based exporter of industrial chemicals.
67 -

Kolsuzlar Kimya AS

Turkey. Importers and exporters of chemicals and chemical agents for the textile, leather, plastics, adhesives, packaging, paint and detergent industries. List of available products. English and Turkish.
68 -

Intersales Network (Pvt), Ltd.

Importers and indentors of industrial chemicals and plastics raw materials.
69 -

Hastand Export Marketing

A wide range of chemicals including pigments, dyestuffs and pharmaceutical raw materials.
70 -

Sinochem Ningbo Import & Export Corporation

A subsidiary of Sinochem, based in Zhejiang, China.
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