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Manufacturers and suppliers of organic intermediates to downstream manufacturers, for example in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. The actual products do not fit any particular chemical classification, as they cover a wide range of basebones and functionalities, from aliphatics to aromatics and heterocycles, derivatized with all manner of functionalities.- Category ID : 46369
1 -

Jurong Xinlong Biochemical Factory

Fine-chemical producer in China whose products include a series of plant growth regulators, a few bulk drugs, and a range of phenylboronic acid derivatives and other intermediates.
2 -

Heibei Yanuo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of pyridines and aliphatic thiochemicals in China. Products include dimethyl disulfide and sulfoxide, chloro-, bromo-, and amino-derivatives of pyridine and nicotinic acid, and derivatives of levulinic acid.
3 -

Sanyi Chemical Company Limited

Manufacturer of organic intermediates for the pharmaceutical, dye, and agrochemical industries. Overview of capabilities and products. Jiangsu, China.
4 -

Changzhou Sunlight Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Fine chemical manufacturer in China, producing pharmaceutical ingredients, hindered amine light stabilizers, and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and dye industries.
5 -

Gaoyou Kangle Fine Chemical Plant

Manufacturer in China of organic intermediates, specializing in derivatives of chlorobenzene, benzyl alcohol, phenylacetic acid, and benzaldehyde.
6 -

Jiashan Hailun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of aminoguanidine derivatives for use as fine-chemical intermediates, located in China.
7 -

Yancheng Creator Chemical Co., Ltd.

Specializes in brominated organics as fine chemical, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates. Products include mono- and dibromoalkanes, and benzene derivatives. Located in China.
8 -

Zhejiang Taizhou Qingquan Medical & Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of furan and pyrrole derivatives, as well as a range of other cyclic, heterocyclic, and aromatic intermediates. Located in China.
9 -

Yancheng Lvye Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates, as well as pesticides. China.
10 -

Yixing City Zhongzheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of fine chemicals including tribromoneopentyl alcohol, dibromoneopentyl glycol, and tris-2-hydroxyethyl isocyanurate.
11 -

Omkar Chemicals

Manufacturer of drug intermediates, fine chemicals, selenium compounds and organic intermediates. Based in India.
12 -

Changshu League Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of pharma and fine chemicals, and hair dyes in China. Products are primarily substituted aromatics, including derivatives of pyridine and resorcinol.
13 -

Changzhou Zirui Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of a range of organic intermediates, including ethers, esters, nitriles, ketones, and halogenated compounds. Located in Jiangsu Province, China.
14 -

Shiva Pharmachem

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty chemicals in India, specializing in pivaloyl chloride and its precursors and derivatives.
15 -

Hangzhou Haichem Co., Ltd.

Producer of fine chemicals and intermediaries. Includes an online order form.
16 -

Merck Schuchardt OHG

Producer of organic intermediates for laboratories, medium-sized and bulk production.
17 -

Nitto Kasei Co., Ltd.

Produces and sells various fine chemicals, which are based on Grignard reaction and organometallic chemistry.
18 -

Dixie Chemical Company, Inc.

Manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, also specializing in custom manufacture and process development services. Located in Texas.
19 -

CMS Chemicals, Ltd.

Manufactures and supplies organic intermediates for the production of many compounds.
20 -

Asymchem Laboratories

Custom synthesis of intermediates, boronic acids, pyridines, fluoro and bromo aromatics.
21 -

Clinical Science Products, Inc.

Producer of Tetramethylbenzidine for the medical, research, and diagnostic markets worldwide.
22 -

Nanyang Weiter Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer in China of fluoro-aromatic compounds, including fluorobenzaldehydes, fluorobenzoic acids, fluorobenzyl chlorides, and fluorotoluene.
23 -

Nanjing King-Pharm Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of fine-chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates in China. Products include tetrazoles and other heterocyclics, selenium and sulfur compounds, biphenyls and phenylamines, dyes, and metal complexes.
24 -

Xishan City Yuhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

Specialized in the production and development of organic intermediates, plasticizers and disperse dyes.
25 -

Haining Zhonglian Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Produces bis(trichlormethyl)carbonate, erucamide, tebuconazole, and other specialty chemicals.
26 -

Tongling Yangguang Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd.

Specialized in the synthesis of a small but diverse range of dye, pesticide, and pharmaceutical intermediates, located in China.
27 -

Suzhou Daxin Chemical Agent Factory

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates in China. Major products include benzylamines, glucamines, and nitrogen-containing heterocyclics.
28 -

Jingjiang Malong Chemical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Fine-chemical producer in China specializing in brominated organics and silane derivatives, also offering several miscellaneous products.
29 -

Zhejiang Jiaxing Nanhu Chemical Factory

Manufacturer of chlorinated derivatives of benzoic acid, benzaldenhyde, and toluidine. Located in China.
30 -

NAST Fine Chemicals Inc.

Producer of organic intermediates in China. Products include derivatives of carboxylic acids, esters, ethers, alcohols, nitriles, and aromatics, including many brominated and chlorinated chemicals.
31 -

Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer of phase transfer catalysts and organic quaternary ammonium compounds, located in India. Other products include quaternary phosphonium compounds, pyridinium salts, and methylating and brominating agents.
32 -

Huaianshi Dacheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Bromochemical producer in China. Most products are brominated hydrocarbons, but they also include acetyl and propionyl bromide, and phosphorus tribromide.
33 -

Jintan Huadong Chemical Research Institute

Manufacturer of phase transfer catalysts in China, including quaternary ammonium, pyridinium, and phosphine compounds, amine hydrochlorides, and bromohydrocarbons.
34 -

Hunan Songyuan Chemical Co..Ltd.

Manufacturer of menthane, pinane, dihydroterpineol, and related chemicals, located in China.
35 -

ChemDesign Corporation

Custom chemical manufacturer in the US also offers a select range of organic intermediates, including hydrazine derivatives, acetals, and various substituted aromatics.
36 -

Yancheng Hongyan Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of fine chemicals in China, whose products include pharmaceutical and dye intermediates, dyes, photo-initiators, and hexafluorophosphates.
37 -

Yancheng Ruibiao Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Factory

Manufacturer of dextrans, as well as a small but diverse range of intermediate chemicals. Located in China.
38 -

Anhui Lishi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Produces a range of aromatic pharmaceutical and dye intermediates, as well as several amino acids and toltrazuril livestock water additive.
39 -

Beijing Chengyu Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd

Manufacturer of a large range of indole, quinoline, and imidazole derivatives in China. Also offers custom manufacturing services.
40 -

Xinhua Institute of Active Material

Company in China engaging in the development and small-scale production of specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.
41 -

Kingland Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Specialized in scale-up and commercialization of industrial, agricultural, and pharmaceutical intermediates, water treatment products and pigments.
42 -

GRR Exports

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical and dye intermediates, including dichlorobenzenes, nitrochlorobenzenes, and their derivatives, located in India. Also offers chemical sourcing services.
43 -

Huaian Depon Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of aromatic intermediates in China. Products include derivatives of anisole, methoxybenzene, acetyl chloride, and benzoyl chloride.
44 -

Hebei Daming Mingding Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of aromatic and heterocyclic fine chemicals, including derivatives of methoxybenzene, aniline, diphenylamine, and diphenyl ether. Located in China.
45 -

ChemFine International Co., Ltd

Manufacturer in China of a diverse range of specialty chemicals, including dyes and dye intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients, photo-initiators, and light stabilizers.
46 -

Yangzhou Tianchen Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates. Products include chlorinated and fluorinated derivatives of benzoic acid, benzonitrile, benzaldehyde, nitrobenzene, and aniline.
47 -

Jujing Chemical Limited Company Of Xinxiang

Producer of piperazine, piperidine, pyridine, and related nitrogen-containing organic chemicals. Located in China.
48 -

Taizhou Haichuan Chemical Co., Ltd.

Develops and produces pharmaceutical intermediates and ingredients, including sulbactam and phenyl dichlorophosphate.
49 -

Liaoning Fuxin Jinhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd

Chemical manufacturer in China, offering fluorinated derivatives of phenol, benzonitrile,nitrobenzene, phenylboric acid,pyridine and anisole.
50 -

Zhenjing Haitong Chemical industry Co., Ltd.

Producer of pharmaceutical and dye intermediates in China. Products include alkylbenzenes, anthraquinones, acrylic acid derivatives, and aromatic amines and aldehydes.
51 -

Sunhow Chemicals

Manufacturer of fine chemicals, and pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, offering a small but diverse range of predominantly aromatic chemicals. Located in Shanghai and Lanxi, China.
52 -

Shanghai Chemrole Co., Ltd.

Producer of pharmaceutical, pesticide, and dye intermediates, electronic chemicals, and flame retardants, located in China. Products include fluorinated and brominated aromatics, and thiazoles.
53 -

Jurong Zhongshan Chemical Research Institute

Fine chemical producer in China, offering its own range of chemicals as well as custom synthesis services, specializing in hydrogenation and synthesis of organic halides and heterocyclics.
54 -

Jiangyin Baihui Fragrance Co., Ltd.

Specialty chemical producer in China specializing in salicylaldehyde, coumarin, and other aromatic aldehydes, as well as phosphorus chloride and oxychloride and organophosphorus compounds.
55 -

Changzhou Yuexing Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals in China. Products include a range of aromatic amines, as well as intermediates for specific APIs.
56 -

Liaoyan Binhe Chemical Co., Ltd.

Company in China producing a small range of specialty chemicals, including food additives, plastic and rubber additives, and organic intermediates.
57 -

Zhejiang Euchem Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical and dye intermediates, pigments, and optical brightening agents in China. Overview of products and capabilities.
58 -

Extrachem GmbH

Supplier of ingredients and intermediates for personal care dye products and pharmaceuticals, located in Germany. Products include permanent hair colors, pigment pastes and master batches, and a small range of organic fine chemicals.
59 -

Taicang Hualian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of aromatic pharmaceutical and dye intermediates in China. Products include derivatives of phenylhydrazine and naphthalene.
60 -

Shuzhoushi Xiangcheng Qingtai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of aromatic intermediates for hair dyes, photographic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Located in China.
61 -

Kutch Chemical Industries Limited

Producer of dye intermediats, including chloro- and nitro-aromatics, acetanilide, vinyl sulphone esters, and chlorinated paraffin oil. Located in Gujarat, India.
62 -

D-L Chiral chemicals, LLC

Specialized in supplying both enantiomers of a wide variety of chemicals, including amines and amino acids, alcohols, carboxylic acids, and sulfinamides. New Jersey, US.
63 -

Hangzhou Verychem Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates in China. Products cover a wide range of backbone structures and functionalities.
64 -

Dongchang Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Specialized producer of glycine and its derivatives, as well as compound peptides and chlorinated aromatics. Nantong, China.
65 -

Kanoria Chemicals & Industries, Ltd

India. Group of companies, active chlor-alkalis, chlorine derivatives and water treatment chemicals, and alcohol based intermediates. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
66 -

Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd

China. Group of companies, involved in the manufacture and trade in titanium dioxide, zirconium, aluminium salts and graphite carbon for a variety of industrial applications. Technical information and specifications. English and Chinese.
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