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General information and suppliers of explosives . Not intended for general "how to make your own" sites.- Category ID : 46366
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Explosives manufacturer in Slovakia
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Armag Corporation

Manufacturer of storage products for arms, ammunition, explosives and blasting agents.
3 -

Copperhead Chemical Company

Manufacturer of nitroglycerin for pharmaceutical use and of explosive materials for use in propellants, fuel additives, and munitions applications. Also offers custom nitration services.
4 -


International Society of Explosives Engineers.
5 -

HiEx Technologies and HiEx Technical Services Ltd.

Manufactures the Teleblaster radio remote blasting system, and drystick dewatering pipes. Consulting to the blasting industry for road construction,quarrying,and mining.
6 -

Institute of Makers of Explosives

IME is the safety association of the commercial explosives industry in the United States and Canada.
7 -

Institute of Explosives Engineers

Information on organization purpose and membership.
8 -

Explosives Limited

Explosives distributor, supplying both packaged and bulk explosive products to the industry. Specifications and blasting formulas.
9 -

Thomas Instruments - Blasting Electronics

Supplier of galvanometers which allow for the checking of stray current when using electric blasting caps.
10 -

Irish Industrial Explosives

Manufacturers and distributors of explosives and accessories to the Irish mining, quarrying and civil engineering industries.
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Supplier of PIBSA based invert emulsifiers for use in the production of emulsion explosives.
12 -

Koryo Explosives Co. Ltd.

Makers of emulan, kinex, prillit detonating cord nped and konel.
13 -


Specialist in high risk chemical reactions, compounds and explosives, from Switzerland.
14 -

Gillrange Ltd.

Online product catalogue including explosives, blasting agents, security pyrotechnics.
15 -

Ideal Supply Inc.

Supplier of a full line of blasting, surveying, and safety supplies. Product lines include measuring, surveying, tools, wire, reels, electronics, loading, storage, safety, and organizing equipment.
16 -

Great Western Corporation

A manufacturer, distributor and exporter of metal relocatable explosives storage magazines.
17 -

Applied Explosives Technology

Explosives for mining, engineering and pyrotechnics for the film, television and advertising industries.
18 -

HG Explosives

Explosives and explosive stores and magazines. Firm based in North Lincolnshire UK.
19 -

Sukhdev Explosives Pvt. Ltd.

Supplier and Consultancy provider in India.
20 -

Johnson Hi-Tech Explosives

Perth, Western Australia based manufacturer and distributor of innovative explosive solutions and custom explosive solutions.
21 -

Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co.

Design, and production of explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnic actuated devices. Lead Azide Replacement, Initiators and Detonators (laser, electric and percussion).
22 -

Nitro-Chem SA

Polish manufacturer of explosives.
23 -


Portable seismographs for controlled blast monitoring, blast analysis and pile driving.
24 -

Sichuan Hongguang Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of TNT, 2,4-DNT, 80/20-DNT, nitrotulene(p,o,m), 2,5-dimenthylphenol, p-nitrobenzoic acid, phloroglucin, Lomefloxacin Hydrochloride , Doxazosin mesylate tablet, and Cetirizine Hydrochloride.
25 -

Academy of Explosives Technology

South Africa based training institution in explosives and blasting technology.
26 -

Davey Bickford

Complete range of electric and pyrotechnical initiators designed for the automotive, mining and armament industries.
27 -


Canadian based manufacturer of pneumatic loading equipment for cartridged emulsion and water gel explosives.
28 -

Kontinitro AG

Manufacturer of Explomet-FO the detonating velocity measuring instrument.
29 -

Jiangsu Provincial Chemical and Building Material Trading Co.Ltd.

Import and export company of civil explosives and chemicals within the Jiangsu Province.
30 -

Chamundi Explosives [P] Ltd.

India based manufacturer of safety fuse and gunpowder for blasting operations.
31 -

East Coast Powder Magazine

Specializing in custom made magazines for explosives, pyrotechnics and hazardous materials.
32 -

Zukovich Morhard and Wade LLC

Design and engineering company, specializing in explosives identification and emulsion manufacturing projects.
33 -

Vetrivel Explosives Pvt Ltd

Industrial explosives manufacturer and exporters from India.
34 -

RedBull Powder Company Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

RedBull Powder Company Ltd is a blasting contractor and supplier of explosives to construction and mining industries. It provides control of environmental effects of blasting, control and reduction of ground vibration, full rock-on-ground service.
35 -

Blasters Tool and Supply Co., Inc.,

Blasting and bomb technician accessories for the mining, demolition and law enforcement industries.
36 -

Nordex Explosives

Publicly traded manufacturer and distributor of explosives for mining and industrial applications in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Products information, technical specifications, and investor information. (TSX symbol NXX)
37 -


Supplier of commercial explosives and blasting technology serving markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
38 -

AEL Mining Services Limited

Manufacturer and supplier of commercial explosives, initiating systems, blasting solutions and services in Africa to the mining, quarrying and construction industry.

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