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1 -

Eco Service

Italian producer and distributor of chemical performance products, including lubricants, coatings, sealants, adhesives, and cleaners. Exports throughout Europe. Multilingual site.
2 -

BASF Coatings AG

Manufacture a range of industrial paints and coatings. Product lines include automotive OEM and refinish, powder, coil and wood coatings. Includes a downloadable photo catalog.
3 -

SEI Chemical

Manufactures a broad-range of graffiti preventative and removal products as well as corrosion preventative coatings.
4 -

Cytec Industries Inc.

Manufacture crosslinking resins for automotive OEM, general industrial, can, coil, wood, metal finishing, and appliance coatings applications. Includes a range of technical data in pdf format.
5 -

Silberline Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Manufacture a range of metallic pigments for coatings, plastics and inks. Includes a distributor locator.
6 -

Reichhold, Inc

Supplier of a range of coating and performance resins for use in architectural, industrial, powder and graphic arts applications.
7 -

Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.

Manufacture a range of products including microbicides, dispersants, defoamers, polymers, corrosion inhibitors, and chemical intermediates.
8 -

Development Associates, Inc.

Manufacturer of polyurethane coatings. Servicing automotive, doming, wire and cable, solar panel and marine industries. Includes product technical and material safety data sheets.
9 -

Orion Industries Ltd.

Licensed to apply a wide range of liquid and powder coatings including teflon, silverstone, xylan, pfa, fep, ceramics, epoxy and nylon. Custom formulate powder and liquid coatings to meet functional and engineering needs.
10 -

FinishMaster, Inc.

Distributor of industrial and automotive paints, coatings and related accessories to the U.S automotive paint refinishing market.
11 -

Hepco Ltd

Offers a full range of electroplate coatings for plastic and metal. The company also manufacture heated towel rails for domestic and commercial applications.
12 -

Pearl Paints North America, Inc.,

Industrial paints and coatings manufacturing company, specializing in vacuum metallizing, interior and exterior automotive, decorative and protective paint finishing systems.
13 -

Normac Adhesives Products, Inc.

Development, manufacturing, distribution and application of polyurethane resistant coating systems for abrasion, corrosion and noise control. Solvent based and 100% solids sprayable, trowellable and castable urethanes, adhesives and primers.
14 -

Futurrex, Inc.

Produce ultra-pure negative and positive resists, planarizing and spin-on glass coatings, and other customer-specific specialty coatings.
15 -

Swain Technology, Inc.

Engineers and applies industrial coatings and high performance engine coatings to improve performance and durability of equipment.
16 -

ZYP Coatings, Inc

Producer of high temperature coatings for use on ceramics, metals or graphite substrates as well as boron nitride powders for use as functional fillers.
17 -

Insulating Coatings of America, Inc

Provide specialized coatings for controlling thermal energy transfer.
18 -

BryCoat Inc

Supply titanium nitride thin film coatings .
19 -

Midwest Industrial Coatings, Inc.

Offer a complete line of production ready, urethane topcoats, e-coat and epoxy primers for use in the automotive, industrial, and recreational market places.
20 -

Lea-der Coatings

Manufacture industrial acrylic and expoxy polyurethane coatings.
21 -

Conformal Coating Information and Resource Center

Information, specifications, research and applications relating to conformal coating for the aerospace, military, commercial electronics and medical industries.
22 -

Cytonix Corporation

Producer of hydrophobic, oleophobic coatings and adhesives based on fluoropolymers.
23 -

Progressive Epoxy Polymers

Manufacture epoxies and epoxy coatings for marine and industrial applications. Product and general technical specifications and application guides .
24 -

Porcelain Industries Inc.

Offer services for porcelain enamel coatings, or vitreous glass coatings. Includes an overview of services, product features, and company history.
25 -

R & D Coatings

Manufacturer of UV and electron beam cured coatings for wood and metal substrates. Able to provide custom formulations for this type of technology.
26 -

Randolph Products Co.

Manufacturers of aircraft, aerospace, military specification, and industrial coatings. Includes material data sheets.
27 -

Sound Specialty Coatings Corporation

Manufacturer of epoxies, paints and other coating products. Applications include automotive, military, marine, and residential. Includes specifications and application guides.
28 -

Aervoe-Pacific Company, Inc.

A manufacturer and marketer of paints, lubricants, cleaners, and coatings for industry. These products are packaged in liquid and pressurized containers.
29 -

Barbee Paint and Coatings Company, Inc.

Manufacture industrial water and solvent based coatings. Applications include automotive, farm equipment, tank interiors, and railcars.
30 -

Firwood Paints Ltd.

Manufacturers of surface coatings and paints for industrial applications. Products include decorative metal finishes, polyurethanes, epoxies, stoving and high performance materials.
31 -

Johnson Supply Company

Distribute a range of paints, coatings, and sealants for the marine and military industries. Also supply cutting and hand tools, and abrasives.
32 -

Orion Paints Ltd.

Manufacture industrial and agricultural paints, such as chlorinated rubber, floor coatings, or-oxide gloss enamel and oxide primers. Also supply household decorative paints.
33 -

Pruett-Schaffer Chemical Co.

Manufacturer of heavy duty, VOC compliant paints and coatings. Product lines include epoxy and urethane primers and topcoats, waterbased, solvent based alkyds, and vinyl and asphaltic coatings.
34 -

S.P. Kish Industries

A supplier of resin formulations and coatings to the automotive, aircraft, and appliance industries.
35 -

Tuff Coats

India manufacturer of industrial paints, epoxy coatings and polyurethane paints.
36 -

U.S. Paint Corporation

Manufactures high performance paints, varnishes, and primers for the marine, aviation and specialized industrial markets.
37 -

Allied PhotoChemical

Manufacture UV curable paints, coatings, and inks. Products include one-part urethane-based paints for metals and plastics, acrylic primers, and urethane and epoxy-based coatings for wood. Includes white papers.
38 -


Manufacture a range of waterbase and solventbase liquid industrial paints and coatings. Also supply powder and UV coatings. Includes application tips.
39 -

Premchem Products.

Manufacturers and suppliers of auto and industrial paint products including ancillary products used by the auto body repair industry.
40 -

Delta T. Control & Coatings

Manufacture a range of coatings for commercial and industrial applications. Product lines include ceramic insulation, roofing, corrosion protection, and containment systems.
41 -

International Coating and Chemical Company, Inc.

Manufacture a one component industrial protective coating consisting of epoxy ester and silicone alkyd resins. Suitable for application to wood, metal, masonry, and fiberglass
42 -

Elpaco Coatings Corp.

Manufactures wide range of coatings for wood, plastic, and metal materials. Includes stains, primers, and intermediate and top coats in variety of formulations.
43 -

Bernardo Ecenarro

Manufacture industrial and car refinish paints. Also produce paint mixing systems, hardeners, additives, and thinners. Includes technical and safety data sheets.
44 -

Chemco International

Manufacture a range of solvent free and waterborne chemically resistant maintenance coatings for flooring, process equipment, and concrete repair and priming.
45 -

The Sherwin-Williams Company

Manufacturers of coatings for plastics, metal, and wood serving the automotive, aerospace, construction, industrial, and maintenance coating sectors. Includes store locator, technical data and application tips.
46 -

Tetrachim Distribution

Distributor of coatings for surface treatment applicators and OEM customers in Europe, Africa and Middle-East. Products include non stick, corrosion resistant, epoxy powders, and shielding products. Includes catalogs.
47 -

Dalian Onichem Specialities Co., Ltd.

Chinese producer and exporter of organosilanes and glyoxal.
48 -

Dar-Tech, Inc.

Manufacturers representatives and distributors of additives, pigments, resins and laboratory equipment for the coatings, plastic, ink, rubber, adhesive and ceramic markets.
49 -

Degussa Corporation

Organosilanes assure permanent bonds between two material systems that are otherwise incompatible. Pre-mixed blends of organosilanes and carbon black offer manufacturers free-flowing powders to complement their choice of organosilane products.
50 -

DuPont Titanium Technologies

Manufacture titanium dioxide for the coatings, paper, plastics and specialties markets. Includes a product advisor, materials safety data sheets, and distributor locator.
51 -

FCC Inc.

Research, develop, manufacture and trade in refined clay related products. Products include organic and water based rheological additives, mud products, and nano clay polymer additives.
52 -


Manufacture corrosion, flash rust and tannin stain inhibitors. Includes a product application guide and listing of distributors. Division of Hammond Group Inc.
53 -

Highlander Trading Corporation

Manufacturers representatives offering raw materials and process equipment, and retail systems to the paint and coatings industry.
54 -

King Industries, Inc.

Manufactures a broad range of additives used in the formulation of high solids, waterborne, conventional and powder coatings, including catylists, resins, modifiers, and inhibitors.
55 -

Kronos, Inc

Manufacturer and marketer of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments. Includes application guide, and material and safety data sheets.
56 -

Landers Segal Color Company

Supplies pigments to the coatings, ink, plastic and construction markets. Products include organic, chromium oxide green, aluminum paste, ultramarine blue, lead chromates, and anti-corrosive pigments.
57 -

Magrabar Chemical Corporation

Manufacture antifoams and defoamers, emulsifiers and surfactants, additives, release agents, and viscosity modifiers.
58 -

R. T. Vanderbilt Company Inc.

Manufacture a range of products including mineral fillers, drier accelerators, corrosion inhibitors, fungicides and preservatives, dispersing agents and thixotropes.
59 -


Producers of linseed oils for the coatings industry. Product lines include raw, refined, blown and boiled, and standoils. Includes technical and material safety data sheets.
60 -

Southern Clay Products

Produces and markets a range of natural and synthetic smectite-based additives that can be used in both water-based and solvent-based formulations. Includes product data and how to use guides.
61 -

Ad-Chem Limited

Contract manufacturing and raw material sourcing for the surface coatings industry. Product listing and pictures of equipment used for colorant addition.
62 -


The Netherlands. Multi-national manufacturing corporation, active in healthcare products, coatings and chemicals. Corporate and product information.
63 -

SurModics, Inc.

Specialist in surface modification, including healthcare devices, biomolecular immobilization, photochemistry and multifunctional coatings. Includes overview of products and company in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. (Nasdaq: SRDX).
64 -

Peach State Labs, Inc.

Company in Georgia (USA) offers performance chemicals for a range of industrial applications, primarily in coatings and additives.
65 -

Macksons Paint Industries - Multilac Paint

Sri Lanka-based exporter of paints and coatings. Includes company profile, product information, and business philosophy.
66 -

Litmus Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer and supplier of matting agents for polyester/TGIC and epoxy powder coatings in Korea.
67 -

Adfast Corp

Canada. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in adhesives, sealants and coatings, and metal fastening systems. English and French.
68 -

APV Engineered Coatings

USA. Manufacturers of custom engineered coatings for a wide range of industrial applications. Extensive technical information.
69 -

Lyondell Chemical Company

Supplier of raw materials and technology to the coatings industry. Products include solvents, intermediates, and resins. Includes product applications and technical literature.
70 -

Image 2000

Distributes a range of products for coating concrete and other surfaces, including polyurethane and epoxy coatings, sealers, rust converters, and additives.
71 -

Chemicoat Inc.

Manufacturer of permanent, water based coating which when applied at a thickness of 1/32" will prevent condensation by absorption and desorption. Useful for HVAC, plumbing, and other condensation prone applications.
72 -

Dupli-Color Products Company

Manufacturer of automotive paints, primers, and coatings for the consumer market. Overview of products, applications, and retail outlets.
73 -

Valimet Inc.

Produces spherical metal powders, including aluminum, aluminum silicon, aluminum bronze and other alloys used in aerospace, paint, industrial and military markets.
74 -

PPG Automotive Coatings

Manufacture protective and decorative automotive coatings . Includes color information, environmental tools, paint coverage calculator and a section for car enthusiasts.
75 -

PPG Industries

Provides information on paint systems used in the repair and refinishing of automotive vehicles as well as a locator for choosing autobody repair shops.
76 -

Dow Corning Corporation

Manufacture silicone resins, additives and water repellents for the coating industry. Includes product data sheets, technical library, and online tools.
77 -

Industrial Environmental Coatings Corp

Manufactures thick-film, epoxy coatings and linings for tanks, pipes, railcar and secondary containment areas designed to protect against chemical attack, corrosion and leaks.
78 -

Gellner Industrial, LLC

USA. Manufacturers of anionic and cationic acrylic emulsions and resins for water based industrial coatings and inks in printing and engraving, floor and wall coating, and paint applications. Technical information and safety data sheets on DOC files.
79 -

Briwax Woodcare Products

Furniture quality finishing products including waxes, stains, sealers, and varnishes plus teak and Danish oils.
80 -


Manufacturer of fine wood stains and finishes plus commercial and military specification coatings.
81 -

General Finishes

Manufacturer of wood stains and finishes. Free information on wood finishing, faux finishes and spraying applications.
82 -

Hydrocote Finishing Products

Environmentally safe water based clear wood finishes, stains, polyurethane, lacquer, gel stains, Danish oil, HVLP, spray equipment and additives.
83 -


Provider of wood coatings, varnishes, finishes for furniture, kitchen cabinet, flooring and distribution.
84 -


Manufacturer of stains, varnishes, wood conditioners, waxes, polyurethanes, plus both oil and water based products
85 -

Liquiguard Technologies, Inc

USA. Development and manufacture of a wide range of protective polymer surface coatings for industrial and consumer applications. Technical information, data sheets, test reports and powder coating application guide on PDF files.
86 -

Camplex Marketing Corp

Manufacturers of specialty additives, paints, coatings, pigments, acrylic emulsions, metallic driers and resins. Also, speciality extenders for formulating paintings, additives and coatings in bulk.
87 -


Manufacture specialty chemicals including pigments, dyes, plastic additives, antioxidants, UV light stabilizers, algicides, and corrosion inhibitors. Technical documentation and literature available to registered users.
88 -

Southwall Technologies, Inc.

Designs, develops, manufactures and markets sputtered thin film coatings on wide-web, flexible substrates for commercial, defense and electronics applications. Global contacts include headquarters in Palo Alto, California. (Nasdaq: SWTX)
89 -

RPM, Inc.

Manufacturer of specialty coatings for waterproofing and corrosion protection, serving both industry and consumers. Links to products, investor information, and details of corporation headquartered in Medina, Ohio. (NYSE: RPM)
90 -

BYK Additives & Instruments

Supplier of additives for coatings, inks, plastics, adhesives, sealants and paper surfaces as well as instruments for the objective assessment of color, appearance and physical properties of coatings, plastics, and paper surfaces.
91 -


Develop, manufacture, and distribute industrial paints, coatings and adhesives. Ireland.
92 -

Jamestown Coating Technologies

Manufacturing of industrial paints and coatings for use by original equipment manufacturers. Product lines include single component waterbourne, high solids, and anodic and cathodic finishes.
93 -

Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH

Germany. Manufacturers of a range of specialty chemicals for surface treatment preparations, paints and varnishes. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications. English and German.
94 -

Ferro Industrial Products

Manufacturer and supplier of a range of colours and coatings. Product range includes thermo-setting powder coatings, plastic masterbatch, ceramic glazes, porcelain enamels, and mould fluxes for the steel industry.

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