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This category comprises establishments which are primarily engaged in production of chemicals using basic processes, such as thermal cracking or distillation. Basic chemicals are generally used as raw materials for further chemical intermediates or final chemical products. Also included in this category and its subcategories are support industries such as associations, wholesalers, importers, and media that focus on the basic chemicals sector.- Category ID : 46278
1 -

ABCR, A Better Choice For Research Chemicals

Custom synthesis of fluorine, silicon, and organic chemicals. Contact information, monthly specials, and online catalog.
2 -

Shanghai Taiyang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of potassium carbonate, bicarbonate, potassium nitrate, and sorbate, ammonium chloride, and nanoscale titanium dioxide, as well as a range of chlorinated and fluorinated aromatics.
3 -

Taicang Puyuan Adjuvant Factory

Produces biocide, bromodode cane, phosphorous tribromide, sodium bromide, 2,2-bibromo-2-Nitroethanol(DBNE), and 1-benzyl hydantin.
4 -

Shikoku Chemical Corporation

Produces fine chemicals, inorganic chemicals and organic chemicals including curezol, glicoat, alborex, carbon disulfide, CMC, and neo-chlor.
5 -

Jiangyin Trust-chem Co., Ltd.

Specializes in research, development and production of various organic, inorganic, and fine chemicals.
6 -

Wuxi Quanli Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Company in China producing organosilicon products: silicone oils, emulsions, and derivatives, and silicone rubber products.
7 -

Vaibhav Industries

Chemical manufacturer in India specializing in sodium acetate, also producing a range of other sodium salts, calcium butyrate, and fragrance chemical precursors.
8 -

Hevy Chemicals

Industrial chemical producer in India. Products include biocides, flocculants, oxygen scavengers, descaling chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, and viscosity reducers used in sugar processing and process water treatment.
9 -

Guangzhou Tinci High-Tech Material Co., Ltd.

Produces chemicals for the personal care and organosilicon industry in China, including surfactants, modified cellulose and guar gum, water soluble or dispersible organosilicones, and preservatives, as well as several fine-chemical intermediates and vinylene carbonate for battery applications.
10 -

BNT Chemicals GmbH

Manufactures alkyl chlorides and tin chlorides, as well as various organo-tin compounds and tin-based catalysts. Located in Germany.
11 -


Produces a range of silicone specialties, including silicone amines, phosphates, quaternary esters, polyethers, and fluorinated silicones, as well as defoamers, emulsions, and oils. Located in Canada.
12 -

Qingdao Yuzhou Chemical Co., Ltd.

Producer of paraffin chlorides, organic building blocks, and a diverse range of mineral products. Located in China.
13 -


Producer and worldwide distributor of industrial chemicals, located in Europe. Main product groups include acids and lyes, solvents, solid chemicals, and specialties.
14 -

Henan Hongye Chemical Company Ltd.

Large-scale producer of thiourea dioxide, sodium percarbonate, and other bleaching agents in China. Other products include furfuryl chemicals, titanias, and anthraquinone.
15 -

Yancheng Huaou Chemical Works

Manufacturer of sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide, and sodium diacetate disinfecting agents, as well as organic intermediates triazole and imidazole.
16 -


Produces environmentally-friendly solvents, biodiesel fuel, and an adjuvant made from soy methyl ester products.
17 -

E&C Chemicals Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of industrial chemicals in Georgia, USA, many of which are aimed at the paper and food processing industries. Products include inorganic and organic acids, salts, and solvents. Also offers custom blending of dry materials.
18 -

Qingdao Great Chemical Inc.

Specializes in oil drilling and antifreeze chemicals, with products including calcium chloride, xanthan gum, bentonite, and bromide salts.
19 -

Jinhui Group

China. Diversified group of companies, active in mining, chemicals, energy, logistics and warehousing, and agricultural development. Coke and coal tar for steel reinforcement and chemical applications. English and Chinese.

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