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Agrochemicals Websites

This category is for websites representing companies or agents that specialize in the agrochemicals industry, ranging from manufacturers to consultants for farmers. 

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1 -

Dow AgroScience

Provides pest management and biotechnology products. Includes profile, news, product catalogue, and safety information.
2 -

H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc.

Provides products to the food, fertilizer, sulphur and food industries.
3 -

Agro-K Corporation

Natural pesticides and fungicides including soaps, oils and nutrient products.
4 -


A US manufacturer of agro-chemicals.
5 -

Diamond K Gypsum

They specialize in mining and products processing for the agriculture, pharmaceutical and food industries.
6 -

Luxembourg Industries

Manufactures crop protection products, industrial and fine chemicals.
7 -

Earth Chem, Inc.

Earth Chem product lines (SOILPAM and EarthBound) are used to control erosion, increase water infiltration, and enhance water retention.
8 -

Cyprus Agriculture Chemicals Agents Importers

This page lists agricultural chemical agents importers of Cyprus with their P.O.Box, Telephone, TeleFax Numbers and corresponding Links.
9 -


Corporate home page with news and information, employment opportunities, values and performance, products and businesses.
10 -

Turf Formula

Used in seeding, sprigging, and sodding turf grass. It is a product of Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc.
11 -

Offers organic root stimulants.
12 -

Gharda Chemicals Limited

A manufacturer of agrochemicals like pesticides, weedicides, fungicides and intermediates, veterinary bulk drugs and high performance polymers.
13 -

Raasi Neem Products (India) Ltd.

Eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture and gardens.
14 -

Interfarm UK

Supplies herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, widely used on the following crops: wheat, barley, sugar beet, potatoes, oilseeds, pulses, vegetables and grassland.
15 -

Westbridge Agricultural Products

Manufactures plant growth regulators, organic fertilizers, plant and turf nutrients, and odor control products.
16 -

The Sipcam-Oxon Group

Italian multinational company operating in the fine chemicals field and specialized in the production of chemical intermediates and agriculture plant protection products, which it both synthesizes and formulates.
17 -

Georgia Gulf Sulfur Corporation

Manufacturer of Yellow Jacket brand sulfur.
18 -

Evans Vanodine International plc

Manufacturer of cleaning and hygiene chemicals for the janitorial and livestock protection industries.
19 -


Trading Division of Foliar Fertilizers Pty Ltd which manufacture a wide range of Liquid Fertilizers including Chelated Trace Elements and a complete range of NPK Foliar Fertilizers.
20 -

Norac Concepts Inc.

Manufactures and distributes a range of crop and seed protection products for the agriculture industry.
21 -

Agri-Growth International Inc.

Certified organic fertilizers, distributes Nitrozyme.
22 -

Green Sol

Specialty products including plant growth regulators, adjuvants, soil amendments, and micronutrients.
23 -

Global Repair

Offers peat and also blends of naturally occurring mineral products, for fertiliser and soil amelioration purposes.
24 -

Agrisel USA, Inc.

Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and rodenticides, for agricultural uses.
25 -

Crop Care Australasia

Manufacturers of more than 130 herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agricultural chemicals.
26 -


Agrochemical chemicals and generics manufacturer. Information on label and off-label approvals and highlights any recent label amendments as well as developments in product uses.
27 -


Produces crop protection products including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and acaricides.
28 -

Zagro Asia Ltd.

Manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products for livestock, poultry, aquatic animals and crops. Provides consultancy, product registration and scientific services.
29 -

BASF Canada

Agrochemical products, canola crop production systems, ROI calculator, weed identification guides, and resource library.
30 -

Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.

A family business that produces crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, and crop seeds.
31 -

Hockley International UK

Manufacturer of products for agriculture, public health and veterinary purposes. Contact information and product portfolio.
32 -

Bayer Environmental Science

Provides resources for lawn care operators, golf course superintendents, and pest management professionals. Including product information, safety labels, marketing programs and business tools.
33 -


Distributor of methyl mromide and amino acids for agricultural applications.
34 -

Registration and Licensing Systems, Inc.

Internet-based system designed to facilitate the registration of pesticides, fertilizers, and other regulated products.
35 -


Specialized crop protection products, equipment and services to horticulture and crop producers. Includes company profile, listing of services, new products news, customers and contact information.
36 -

Independent Soil Services

British soil fertility specialists providing in-depth soil and plant analysis with recommendations to farmers and growers.
37 -

Linwood Supply

Supplier of erosion control supplies, fertilizers, pesticides, organics and equipment for Northern California, Oregon and Nevada markets.
38 -

P.T. Bingei Agung

Distributor of agrochemicals in Indonesia.
39 -

Zhejiang Changxing No.1 Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of triazine herbicides and agrochemicals.
40 -

Orion Crop Protection

Specializes in the manufacture, sales and marketing of crop protection products. Based in New Zealand.
41 -

Chemet Chemicals

Agrochemical manufacturer offering a wide range of pesticides and plant protection chemicals.
42 -

Suntton Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of plant growth regulators and chemical intermediates.
43 -

Gujarat Stare Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.

Manufacturer of melamine, caprolactam, fertilizers, methyl ethyl ketoxime, acrylic sheets, PMMA, nylon, and nylon filament yarn.
44 -

Rallis India

Manufacturer of agricultural products including pesticides, seeds and fertilizers. Also manufactures fine chemicals like gelatine and distributes leather chemicals.
45 -

RPG Life Sciences

Manufacturer of agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals. India.
46 -

S.C. Azomures S.A.

Romanian chemical fertilizers supplier and sole national supplier of melamine and photosensitive materials.
47 -

Green Plantchem Co., Ltd.

Basic manufacturer of plant growth regulator and pyridine derivative products in China.
48 -


Manufacturer of Natural Humate, conventional, and organic fertilizers.
49 -


Independent Australian manufacturer and supplier of generic agrochemicals tailor made to suit the needs of Australian farmers and growers.
50 -

Even-Spray & Chemicals Ltd.

Distributor of agricultural, horticultural, and landscape products. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
51 -

Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation

Manufacturer and suppliers of industrial chemicals like methanol, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate and micronutrient fertilisers.
52 -

Excel Industries, Ltd.

Manufacturer of agrobased, industrial and environment friendly chemicals. An ISO 9002 certified company.
53 -

The Foundation for Agronomic Research

A non-profit agricultural organization dedicated to agronomic research and education projects to improve the economic vigor and sustainability. Sponsored by Potash and Phosphate Institute.
54 -

Incitec Fertilizers

Australian fertilizer suppliers offering soluble fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Products available for domestic sale and export.
55 -

Mid America Crop Protection Association

An organization for crop protection professionals in the Midwest. It provides information about crop protection chemicals and career opportunities within the field.
56 -

Dow AgroSciences Canada

Providing crop protection and plant genetic technology for agriculture, as well as products in forestry and urban pest management.
57 -

Nufarm Limited

Manufactures and markets crop protection products including herbicides, fungicides and plant growth regulators, for agricultural and horticultural markets. Headquartered in Australia, with multinational operations.
58 -

Albaugh, LLC

Formulator and packager of agrochemical products. Includes profile and detailed product information.

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