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The Business and Society category contains sites which pertain to the interaction between businesses, organizations, and governmental bodies. Most sites in this category will focus on the social, economic, or environmental impact of businesses, while many will deal with ethics and social responsibility as it pertains to business.- Category ID : 45108
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International Association for Business and Society (IABS)

Devoted to research and teaching about the relationships between business, government and society. Includes links to newsletters and journals, programs and meetings, syllabi for university courses.
2 -

AccountAbility: Institute of Social and Ethical Accountability

International professional institute dedicated to the promotion of social, ethical and overall organizational accountability, a precondition for achieving sustainable development.
3 -

Business in the Community

A movement of businesses committed to continually improving their positive impact on society through corporate social responsibility.
4 -

Business for Social Responsibility

Multinational nonprofit organization that assists member companies in corporate responsibility, including ethical values, respect for human rights, and environmental protection.
5 -

Business in the Community - Ireland

A movement of companies committed to continually improving their impact on society by integrating social, environmental and ethical concerns into the business decision-making process and the core activities in companies.
6 -

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

Interfaith-based institutional investment center sponsoring shareholder resolution discussions and promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices for companies.
7 -

United Nations Global Compact

A value based platform with nine principles derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It asks companies to act on these principles in their own corporate domains. Contains case studies, current projects, and annual policy dialogue.
8 -

Principles for Global Corporate Responsibility:

Presents the Bench Marks Document, described as one of the sets of social and environmental criteria and business performance indicators available.
9 -

The CSR Group

Consulting firm specializing corporate social responsibility, corporate ethics, sustainability, governance and CSR communications.
10 -

Cause Marketing Forum

Conference for information on building mutually beneficial business and nonprofit partnerships. History, workshop and contact information.
11 -


Provides business advice and access to both markets and capital to businesspeople in developing countries.
12 -

Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

Education and research organization focused on the ways in which companies integrate basic social values with everyday business practices, operations and policies. Offers executive education programs, conferences, consulting and a knowledge center.
13 -

United Nations and Business

Information about UN development project partnerships with the private sector and foundations, guidelines for doing business with the UN, issues statements, fact sheets, and other materials.
14 -

Australian Business Awards

A national program recognising success, innovation and ethics across all industry sectors. Includes entry and nomination forms, FAQ, and details of individual awards.
15 -

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR)

A national charitable organization dedicated to advancing the role and interests of the charitable sector for the benefit of Canadian communities.
16 -

Street Vendor Project

Project organized to promote the rights of street vendors. Includes FAQ.
17 -


Consultancy specialising in anti-discrimination and applied human rights.
18 -

Triple Pundit

Digest with information about businesses and their environmental plans.
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