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Digital signs are electronic devices used to display informational, educational, experiential or advertising content to a target audience at a specific place and time.- Category ID : 46230
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Provides measurement tools and services for retail digital media networks. Based in Bellevue, Washington.
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Sedao Ltd.

Provides hardware and software for digital signage systems. Based in the United Kingdom.
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Retail Computing

Provide media players, servers, screens and content delivery software for digital media networks. Based in Newington, Connecticut.
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DT Research

Manufactures the WebDT digital signage media player and interactive tablet system. Also makes content and device management software. Based in San Jose, California.
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inLighten Inc.

Provides software and hardware to create, schedule and broadcast content to digital signage displays and interactive kiosks. Services include media creation, consulting, installation, training, and support. Located in Clarence, New York.
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Provides software, hardware, design services and application development for digital signage and interactive displays. Based in Nashville, TN.
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TJG Digital Signage

Supplies the Ceres line of digital signage players and software, as well as LED displays and various technical resources. Located in Anaheim, California.
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Audio visual installation experts and providers of iCom digital signage solutions. Full service project planning, AV hardware sales, installation, support, and digital media content featuring iTV News. Located in Depew, New York.
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Digital Imaging Source

Offer indoor digital signage systems, digital signage media players, content creation services, and content hosting networks. Located in Hammondsport, New York.
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Admira DN

Provides media servers, players web-based software for digital signage networks. Based in Barcelona, Spain.
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PWG Screen Media

Provide digital signage network design services, content creation and network management. Located in Surrey, United Kingdom
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Zing HD

Provide hardware and software for digital signage and interaction with mobile devices. Located in Berkshire, UK.
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Maker of media players compliant with W3C SMIL open standards. Headquartered in Irvine, California.
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Develop hardware and software products for the digital signage industry, including server software, player software and video extension devices. Also provide strategic planning, content development and measurement services. Based in Ontario, Canada, with offices in the US, UK and Hong Kong.

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