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Outsourcing refers to the practice of offering contracts to specialists outside the main business.- Category ID : 45095
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Vetter Pharma Turm

Manufacturer of sterile liquids, small-volume parenteral drugs and pre-filled syringes and pre-filled cartridges for sterile production and parenteral drug manufacturers.
2 -

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

For over a century, the P. J. Noyes Company has been committed to the highest standards of quality, personal service and value in manufacturing and packaging a wide variety of pharmaceuticals and personal care products.
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Provides services in pharmacology, in molecular biology and lead development, in toxicology, metabolism and bio-availability, in combinatorial chemistry, HTS, HTP, HTLD and computational chemistry.
4 -


Provides a range of products and services in molecular biology (oligonucleotides, peptides, antibodies, DNA array) and research and development services to the biopharmaceutical industry (molecular biology, cell culture, fermentation, purification and quality control) from gene cloning to GMP production of clinical batches (recombinant proteins and plasmid DNA).
5 -

Charles River Laboratories

A provider of animal research models, as well as a range of biomedical products and outsourcing services, for use in the discovery, development and testing of new pharmaceuticals.
6 -

Gruenberg Oven

Manufacturing high quality custom and standard industrial and pharmaceutical ovens. Oven types include truck, cabinet, conveyor, bench, laboratory, explosion resistant, class 100 sterilizers, granulation dryers, chilling tunnels, continuous process.
7 -

Covance Inc.

Drug development services company offers listings of products and services, jobs, events, and publications.
8 -

QTI Solutions

A full-service pharmaceutical support laboratory providing analytical testing at all stages of product development.
9 -

Automated Systems, Inc.

Providing validation services, control systems engineering, information technology and technical staffing/consulting for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries.
10 -

Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications

Boomerang provides Internet marketing services, web site development and site promotion for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
11 -


World experts in good manufacturing practices and quality systems of health care manufacturers.
12 -

Aspen Technology, Inc.

Enterprise optimization software and services, including integrated supply chain management and solutions for the design, operation and management of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
13 -

Curatrial SMO for Clinical Research

Site management organization in Europe with a network of clinicians, experienced in clinical research and trials for pharmaceutical companies.
14 -

The Professional Group

Group of experienced and specialized professionals who provide Analytical, Laboratory, and Engineering services for Food Technology, Pharmaceutical, and Industrial clients.
15 -

Relamatrix Services

A medical device manufacturers consulting and marketing service, Relamatrix offers turn-key services for foreign medical device manufacturers to enter the United States healthcare market.
16 -

Micron Technologies

Micronising and milling services to the pharmaceutical industry.
17 -


Products and services for the pharmaceutical industry; color vision systems, spectroscopy systems, crack detectors, pinhole detectors, hole detectors, pore detectors, equipment for blister packaging machinery.
18 -

Torpac, Inc.

Capsule filling machines (encapsulators) from 1000 to 10,000 capsules/hour. Empty gelatin capsules (soluble containers) for use in animal and human health.
19 -

Vista Biologicals Corporation

Production of animal cells, cell-derived products, and related contract research for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries; such as production and purification of monoclonal antibodies or recombinant products from animal or insect cell expression systems.
20 -

Stephens & Associates

Offers clinical tests for assessing the safety and efficacy of products, research guidance tests, consumer use studies, microbiological tests, and in vitro tests including non-animal alternative procedures.
21 -

Particle Technology Labs, Ltd.

Full service laboratory specializing in the sizing and characterization of fine particles for pharmaceutical manufacturers; over ten different particle sizing instruments.
22 -

Honeyman Associates

Quality critical services and utilities for the pharmaceutical industry.
23 -

Shionogi Qualicaps Co., Ltd.

Manufactures gelatin capsules for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries.
24 -

Outsourcing Pharmaceutical Development and Discovery Portal

For pharmaceutical professionals involved with the development of new molecular entities through clinical trials and the regulatory process.
25 -

Absorption Systems

A pharmaceutical contract research laboratory that provides rapid in vitro, ADME profiling services for lead discovery support.
26 -

Brace GmbH

Microbead for pharmaceutical uses, drug encapsulationg.
27 -

Premark Services, Ltd.

Strategic pharmaceutical premarketing specialists.
28 -

Lloyd Laboratories, Inc.

Contract toll manufacturing and contract packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, and related products.
29 -

IriSys Research & Development, LLC

Pharmaceutical contract research and development specializing in improving bioavailability of insoluble compounds, generating data for the CMC section of the IND, and formulation development.
30 -

The Capsugel Division of Warner-Lambert Corporation

Manufacturer of two-piece hard gelatin capsules, the preferred solid oral dosage form. Nine global manufacturing facilities.
31 -

Surepharm Services Ltd.

Manufacturers of drugs, tablets, powders and herbal products for the pharmaceutical industry.
32 -

Vita-Herb Nutriceuticals, Inc.

Advanced encapsulating services for nutritional supplements. VHNI has environmentally friendly gelatin and non-gel encapsulation. Vita-Herb Nutriceuticals was designed and built to pharmaceutical standards.
33 -

LHS Laboratory

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics contract manufacturer under GMP specialized in: freeze grinding herbal powder capsules and herbal liquid extracts (encapsulating in hard gelatin or vegetable capsules), diet and sport meal replacements, health food supplements.
34 -

Advanced Synthesis Technologies S.A.

Capability to do a wide variety of organic reactions under cGMP conditions. Chemicals made to order.
35 -

InSitu Technologies, Inc.

Contract engineering services in laboratory testing and product development.
36 -


Assists in making qualified pharmacological and toxicological research and development possible for companies which do not have the necessary in-house resources and know-how - from Vedbaek, Denmark.
37 -

Panafarma Medical Consult AB

An independent consultancy company in Sweden regarding GMP- qualification, regulatory affairs and clinical trials for herbal remedies and OTC topical pharmaceuticals.
38 -

Access BIO

Specializing in science-based regulatory strategies and development services to facilitate biomedical research, emerging technologies and biotechnology-derived product development.
39 -

TCM Associates, Inc.

Provides ISO 9001 and GMP contract manufacturing and packaging services for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies for clinical trials.
40 -

Lambda Research and Clinical Trials

Contract research organization which is involved in clinical trials and help pharmaceuticals companies in drug development activities.
41 -

BioZone Laboratories

Designs private label health supplements and anti-cellulite creams.
42 -

Mini Graphics Inc.

Pharmaceutical printing, labeling, and folding of inserts, outserts, and pressure sensitive roll labels.
43 -

Alantos Pharmaceuticals AG

Company using target amplified drug candidate evolution platform for discovery. Includes profile, news, and career contacts in Heidelberg, Germany.
44 -

PharMaterials Ltd.

Contract research laboratory for materials characterisation, using isothermal microcalorimetry, inverse phase gas chromatography and X-ray diffraction. Offers advice on formulation and drug delivery issues and consultancy in London, United Kingdom.
45 -

Parexel International Corporation

Offers contract services in clinical evaluation through to commercialization and medical marketing to device industries. Includes scope, investment relations, and global career information. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. (Nasdaq: PRXL)
46 -

Akorn, Inc.

Offers contract manufacture of diagnostics and therapies, with expertise in ophthalmic and parenteral healthcare. Details of formulation and lyophilization cycle development, investor relations, and facilities in Illinois and Somerset, New Jersey. (Nasdaq: AKRN)
47 -

Bio-Concept Laboratories, Inc.

Offers analytical chemistry, microbiology and product development. Service details, directions, and profile of company in Derry, New Hampshire, USA.
48 -


Offers research and development and small-scale custom synthesis in the field of organic chemistry, for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Overview of products, reaction portfolio, profile of company in Spain.
49 -

Syntagon AB

An independent lab offering contract synthesis and research. Description of facilities, staff information and news from Södertälje, Sweden.
50 -

Vanguard Pharma

Full-service, pharmaceutical contract selling firm that enables client companies to supplement their salesforce needs.
51 -


Global provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries - from Dublin, Ireland.
52 -


Collects human blood plasma at state-of-the-art centers across the US and Canada for use by pharmaceutical partners in life saving medicines.
53 -

PCI Pharma Services

Offers pre-clinical trials services, phase I to II and commercial production support. Provides information about the company, services, and regulatory requirements, with social media links and global contacts.
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