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Italy pharmaceutical company with product information, division information, customer care and contact detail.
2 -

ChemCon GmbH

FDA inspected custom synthesis of organic chemicals and active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.
3 -

Taizhou Jiangbei Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Manufactures pharmaceutical intermediates and raw material medicines.
4 -

Xinhua Pharmaceutical Chemical Plant

Manufacturing acridine iohexol, cyromazine and intermediate compounds, including protected amino acids for export to America, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia, from Taizhou, China.
5 -

Taicang Hengyi Medicine Chemical Material Factory

Produces pharmaceutical products including doxopin hydrochloride, chlorprothixene and phenoxy benzamine and other intermediates. Company profile, and product and contact details.
6 -

Changde Yungang Biotechnological Co.,Ltd.

Specializes in producing cholic acid, derivatives and bile salts in China. Company profile, and product and contact details.
7 -

Sourcetech Química

Brazilian company dedicated to the development and the production of raw materials and drugs from natural origin.
8 -

Spectrum Laboratory Products, Inc.

A customer-focused manufacturer and distributor of high quality chemicals, safety products and lab equipment for the laboratory and manufacturing facility.
9 -

Richman Chemical, Inc.

Custom manufacturing and fine chemical sourcing for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
10 -

Materials Processing Technology, Inc.

Production of superior value-added bulk products for the pharmaceutical, food and specialty chemical industries.
11 -

Intertrade Exim

Competitive sourcing of pharmaceutical bulk drugs and intermediates, chemicals and agrochemicals from India and China.
12 -

Wenzhou Opal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of cimetidine intermediates series, 4-methyl imidazole, pyruvaldehyde (methyl glyoxal), and pyruvate.
13 -

Alkaloids of Australia

Hyoscine (scopolamine) supplier.
14 -

Clarion Drugs Ltd

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical chemicals, including bulk actives and intermediates. Located at Tumsar.
15 -

Orex Pharma Pvt., Ltd.

Manufacturers and traders of bulk drugs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals in India. The company has large manufacturing facilities and it has inhouse Q.C and research and development and pilot plants. It can serve as a contract manufacturer.
16 -


Manufacturers of pyrazinamide, zopiclone and chemical intermediates.
17 -

Virchow Laboratories

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical ingredients used in bulk drugs and medicines. Prime in the production of sulfamethoxazole. Company profile, product and manufacturing details, and contact links.
18 -

Savan Group

Offer a range of pharmaceutical raw materials for human and veterinary use together with bulk industrial chemicals for customers worldwide.
19 -

Bachem AG

Manufacturer of bulk peptides and related organic chemicals as active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.
20 -

Coral Drugs Pvt., Ltd.

Manufacturers and exporters of bulk drugs and intermediates having specialisation in synthesis of steriods.
21 -

GreenWaves (P) Ltd.

Bulk drug manufacturing company that produces B-group vitamins and anti-histamine drugs for the wholesale pharmaceutical industry worldwide.
22 -

Boehringer Ingelheim Corp.

Pharmaceutical company focusing on prescription medicines, consumer health care, chemicals, biopharmaceuticals and animal health.
23 -

Dragon Pharmachem Co.,Ltd.

Chinese manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. Product listing and contact details.
24 -

Cerbios-Pharma SA

Manufacturers of high quality active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Company profile, product listings and contact details.
25 -

PH and T S.p.A.

Italian pharmaceutical company producing bulk pharmaceutical drugs. Company profile, product listing and contact details.
26 -

Anzen Exports

Indian outsourcing company exports bulk drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and pharmaceuticals. Company profile, product listing and contact form.
27 -

Omkar Chemicals

Manufacturers of bulk drug intermediates, chemicals, herbals, organic intermediates and selenium compounds.
28 -

Lianyungang Foreign Trade Corp.

Supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials, fine chemicals and intermediates. Company profile, product details, and contact information.
29 -

Jingdezhen Fuxiang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

Specialized in the research, production and sale of pharmaceutical intermediates with advanced manufacturing equipment and processes. Company profile, product and contact details.
30 -

Jiangxi Kingnord Trading and Industrial, Ltd.

Handling various pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals and some bulk drugs.
31 -

Kraeber & Co GmbH

Manufacturers of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic and nutraceutical industry. Company profile, detailed product listing, and contract manufacturing and contact details.
32 -

Linhai Xinghua Chemical Plant

Offers a range of pharmaceutical intermediates produced to ISO9002 standards. Company profile, product listing, and contact details.
33 -

Klasspack Pvt Ltd

Manufacturers of ampoules and vials used in neutral glass tubing for the pharmaceutical industry.
34 -

Jintan Aide Pharmaceutical Raw Material and Chemicals Plant

Halide APIs and intermediates, which are mainly sold to Europe and Southeast Asia, from Baita, China.
35 -

Enzal Chemicals (India) Pvt., Ltd.

Manufacturer of piperazine intermediate, drug intermediates, speciality chemicals for bulk drugs and pharmaceutical industries.
36 -

Chemische Fabrik Berg GmbH

Research, production and custom manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and fine chemicals. Includes a searchable product database.
37 -

Changzhou Aitan Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Producers of pharmaceutical intermediates. Company profile and product details.
38 -

AMI Drugs & Speciality Chemicals India Inc.

Manufacturer of bulk drugs, intermediates and speciality chemicals.
39 -

Arran Chemical Company

Manufactures products for pharmaceutical and health care, personal care, and other specialised chemical and industrial applications.
40 -

Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Develops and manufactures dextran-based products, including iron dextran, dextran sulphate and fetal bovine serum.
41 -

Luna Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Manufactures pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, and fine chemicals.
42 -

Khandelwal Laboratories Limited

Producer of pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
43 -

Pantoproducts Enterprises Co.

Specializes in ox gallstones, reindeer horn, musk pod, and bear bile for Chinese medicine.
44 -

United-Guardian, Inc.

Diversified manufacturer of API, cosmetic ingredients, health care products, and medical devices. Includes corporate profile, information for investors, product PDF files, and ordering from Hauppauge, New York.(AMEX: UG)
45 -

Quzhou Hengshun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Produces pharmaceutical intermediates and other specialty chemicals.
46 -

Rishabh Intermediates

Manufacturers of bulk drug intermediates and special chemicals.
47 -

Neuland Laboratories Limited

Manufacturer and exporter of bulk pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates for the generics industry, located in India.
48 -

S.S. Pharma Chem

Manufacturer and exporter of bulk active ingredients and intermediates, located in India. Company profile and product listing.
49 -

R&S Pharmchem

Produces a range of monosaccharides and derivatives for pharmaceutical and research use.
50 -

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Global developer and manufacturer of active pharmaceutical intermediates and ingredients.
51 -

Pharmacosmos AS.

Develops and manufactures carbohydrate and iron carbohydrate compounds, including dextran and iron dextran. Drug products, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and bulk drug solutions manufactured in Holbaek, Denmark.
52 -

Temmler Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

Germany pharmaceutical company with company profile,services,solutions and contact information.
53 -

Dhruv Chem Industries

Manufacturers and exporter ofchemical intermediates,specialty chemicals for bulk drugs and other industries.
54 -

Kores (India) Limited

Manufacturer of API and intermediates from India.Company profile,product detail and contact information.
55 -

Peckforton Pharmaceuticals Ltd

UK pharmaceutical company with company information,product information and contact detail.
56 -

Express Scripts

A specialty pharmaceutical business with administrative, pharmacy, and customer service operations throughout the United States and Canada. Includes company profile and formulary, research and investor information.
57 -


Sells a range of biomedical polymers and pharmaceutical additive compounds. Also information about custom and toll compounding, and polymer distribution solutions.
58 -

Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals LLC

Develops and manufactures commercial and clinical active pharmaceutical ingredients. Facilities include suites with flexible process arrangements, including cGMP and cytotoxic systems.
59 -

MMC Healthcare Ltd

Physician, pharmaceutical, and medical supplies in Chennai, India.
60 -

Enaltec Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer,including company profile,product show and contact information.
61 -

PT Lawsim Zecha

Helps pharmaceutical and food manufacturers to develop outsourcing programs for additive raw material and other unique chemicals along with pharmaceutical finished goods.
62 -

Hindustan Basic Drugs

Manufacturer and exporter of quality grade ferrous fumarate BP/USP/FCC/EP and other bulk drugs.
63 -


Italy company, specialized in API, contract manufacturing, fine chemicals and custom synthesis.
64 -

Astral Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturers of active pharma ingredients and bulk drug intermediates. Company profile, product and contact details.
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