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Algorithme Pharma

Operates two independent clinics for pharmacokinetic, bioequivalence, and pharmacology studies. An analytical laboratory offers clinical sample analysis.
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Global contract research organization based in California, focused on drug discovery. Overview of synthetic chemistry and screening capabilities, custom synthesis options, and related services.
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CNS Network, Inc

Conducting trials into the efficacy of psychiatric medications, with details of staff involved and a description of the process.
4 -

Hegi Research Corp.

Management and monitoring of clinical trials, as well as audits and development of standard operating procedures. Information on services, therapeutic expertise and contact details provided.
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Meaning in Life Medical Research and Consultation

Offering services in planning, implementing, and managing healthcare research projects. Information on specific research focus and MS study provided.
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North American Science Associates, Inc

Independent laboratory with affiliates worldwide. Provides biological, chemical and physical testing services to the medical device industry, and offers education, consultation and on-site evaluation of customer operations. Bioburden and biocompatibillity testing for nonwovens, produced for medical end uses.
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Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services

Offers phase I confinement study services to generic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Provides information on phase 1 studies, clinical trials, data management, location and contact information.
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Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc.

Offers product development, including clinical testing, laboratory services, biostatistical analysis, regulatory services, clinical trial and data management. Information on therapeutics, services, careers and contact details provided.
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Pharmatek Laboratories, Inc.

Provides pharmaceutical chemistry services ranging from methods development and stability testing, to formulation development and small-scale manufacturing for clinical studies. Information on products, services, company and contact details provided.
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Prevalere Life Sciences, Inc.

CRO offering product testing, bioanalytical data analysis and chemical analysis in Whitesboro, New York.
11 -

TKL Research, Inc.

Clinical research company serving cosmetic, OTC drug and pharmaceutical clients, providing full-service clinical testing, clinical trials.
12 -

Trial Management Group, Inc.

Site management organization offering accelerated recruitment and trial management support services. Provides information on services, investigators, therapeutic experience and clients.
13 -

Washington Biotechnology, Inc.

Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering in vivo preclinicals and research, quality control, and regulatory services for FDA submissions.
14 -

Coastal Carolina Research Center

Clinical research facility providing medical research, clinical trials, and investigational drug studies. Information organized by patients, sponsors and physicians.
15 -

D.H. Gold Associates, Inc

Provides technical and regulatory support to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with substantial experience with active drug substances, clinical supplies, oral and topical dosage forms.
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Offers Phase I-IV services including trial management and monitoring, patient recruitment, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, medical writing data management and biostatistics. Services and company details provided.
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Laboratory Consultants

Clinical laboratory consultants delivers cost savings, new revenue streams, and optimized operations for your waived or non-waived laboratory.
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Biological research and contracting. Includes a blog and provides information on rodent models and contract services.
19 -


CRO with a focus in health outcomes and economics.
20 -

West Coast Clinical Trials

Phase I-IV CRO with 120 bed clinic. Research studies and trials include first-in-man, PK/PD, bioavailability, drug interaction, healthy volunteers, kidney impairment, Hepatitis C, allergies/asthma, pediatrics, Asian bridging, and diabetes.
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Pharma Medica Research Inc.

Full-service contract research organization specializing in bioequivalence trials in healthy volunteers. Provides information on services, news and events, locations and contact information.
22 -

Vivakor, Inc.

Performs contract research and development in molecular biology and devices engineering. Offers contract services in the areas of mechanical and electrical engineering, optical layout, and LabView programming for instrument control and digital image analysis.
23 -

PharmaCadence Analytical Services

Bioanalytical CRO that performs contracted target-based quantitative and qualitative analysis, offering training seminars. Provides information on news, publications, services offered and contact details.
24 -

The Emmes Corporation

provides clinical data collection services, computer systems development, and study monitoring.
25 -

Blue Stream Laboratories

Product characterization services, method development and cGMP stability release testing. Provides service details, corporate background, career and contact information.
26 -

Cqua Research International

Trial management clinical research service provider specializing in trial management. Services, investigator information and contact details provided.
27 -

Velesco Pharmaceutical Services

Contract research organization supporting early stage pharmaceutical development. Provides information on scientific and clinical trial manufacturing services.
28 -

Noble Life Sciences

Provides a continuum of preclinical research services, including a 4 vivarium, preclinical experimental design and testing, cellular- and animal-based disease models, and a process for the selection and validation of biomarkers.
29 -

Next Phase Research

Contract research organization. Services and contact information provided.
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CoreRx Pharmaceuticals

Streamlines the drug development process with pre-formulation, formulation development, analytical development and clinical manufacturing.
31 -

ImageIQ Inc.

Imaging Contract Research Organization (ICRO) that combines software engineering with biomedical and imaging expertise to provide quantitative visual analysis that enhances R&D and product efficacy/safety testing for research, medical device and pharmaceutical organizations.
32 -

Prometrika, LLC

Contract research organization serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the areas of clinical operation, data management, biostatistics, medical writing, and regulatory submissions.
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Canadian Centre for Clinical Trials Professional Portal

Facility-based CRO supporting clinical investigations and recruitment of qualified investigators.Offers patient recruitment and retention services to investigators/CROs/SMOs.
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Provides peclinical models of diabetic retinopathy, wet AMD and diabetic macular edema. Provides formulation services to help effectively deliver drugs to the eye.
35 -

Advanced Clinical Research Services

Full service-CRO focused on accelerating clinical trials services and CRA/CRC training for emerging biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device technologies.
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Supplier of high-purity antibiotics for both pharmaceuticals as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and for biotechnology applications as selective antimicrobial reagents.
37 -


Preclinical CRO providing scientific expertise and drug discovery services in metabolic diseases to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They offer an array of preclinical services for compound testing and target validation using in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo approaches.
38 -

Contract Research Organization - TICRO

NY based CRO providing vaccine and drug development research solutions for immunology and infectious disease sectors. Specializing in immunophenotyping, immunogenicity and preclinical efficacy testing using models of influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia.
39 -

CARE Research, LLC

A preclinical contract research organization (CRO) serving the biomedical research, pharmaceutical, and device and drug development industries. They provide in-vivo laboratory services over a wide variety of species, large and small.
40 -

Clinpak Technologies

Contract development and manufacturing organisation operating in Europe and North America. Developing and manufacturing drug products for clients.
41 -

Certus International Inc.

Designing and implementing clinical trials for radio-pharmaceutical, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies using bio-markers and imaging sciences.
42 -

Lotus Clinical Research

California based clinical research facility and organization focusing on opioid induced constipation, ponv, topical hemostasis.
43 -

Ephyra Biosciences Inc.

Provides companies with preclinical study design and/or study execution (in vitro or in vivo. They can also provide the analysis of samples using the latest technologies (e.g. multiplex).
44 -

Ethica CRO Inc.

A full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) that conducts and manages ethical clinical research on drugs, biologics, medical devices and natural health products.
45 -

Triligent International

Pre-clinical and clinical contract research in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and device industries. Services include GCP, GMP, GLP, GXP audits and drug development consulting.
46 -

Averica Discovery Services

Specialty chromatography resource, using HPLC & SFC technologies to offer scalable preparative chromatography, chiral or achiral, in days! Additional services include impurity isolation & profiling, reference standard supply, and customized preformulation.
47 -

Boston Clinical Trials

Boston clinical research center provides medical and clinical research services. Information about ongoing clinical studies, participants, and sponsors.
48 -

Whitehouse Laboratories

FDA regulated lab with a DEA licensed for II-V, ISO 17025 and ISTA certified and has a strong adherence to cGMP quality standards in order to serve the pharmaceutical, medical device and life science community. Whitehouse Laboratories currently maintains a no Form 483 status.
49 -

Surpass Inc.

A preclinical contract research organization providing critical data and solutions to the biomedical community through compliance and state of the art facilities.
50 -

Global Pharma Analytics, Inc.

FDA and DEA registered cGMP analytical chemistry laboratory to support pharmaceutical and nutraceutical development. Routine compendial testing also offered.
51 -

Mapi Group

Full-service CRO for Phase IIIb and Phase IV registries. Provides information on relevant industry news, events and details of services offered.
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