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Electric Vehicles Websites

Manufacturers of electric-powered vehicles (two, three and four wheeled)
1 -

Electric Vehicle S.R.L.

Offerse street electric vehicles to be used for a wide variety of applications. Includes company profile and product overview. [Italian, English]
2 -

AC Propulsion, Inc.

Manufacturer of battery and propulsion systems for electric vehicles.
3 -

AeroVironment Inc.

Supply products and technology for clean energy and efficient vehicles. Products include unmanned aerial vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicle systems, distributed energy and atmospheric systems.
4 -

Electric Vehicles (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Electric scooters, bicycles, golf and utility cars, three-wheelers and shuttles.
5 -

Frazer-Nash Research Ltd.

Go-karts, utility vehicles, golf buggies, tour trams, and city cars.
6 -

Twike Organisation

Links to Twike related sites.
7 -

Electric Vehicles International

Manufacturer of electric and hybrid vehicles, including trucks, trams and shuttle buses for use primarily in off-highway applications. Includes product information. Based in Anderson, Indiana, USA.
8 -

Nu-Kar Electric Vehicles

Manufacturer and Supplier of parts for the Sebring Electric CitiCar, ComutaCar and Postal Van
9 -

Esoro AG

Swiss company developing concept vehicles, including electrically powered, hybrid, and fuel cell designs, as well as plastic component development.
10 -

Tanfield Group

Manufacturer of battery powered vehicles. Includes company profile and service overview.
11 -


Manufacturer of battery powered vehicles in light-weight aluminum and composite bodies.
12 -


Manufacturer of electric powered scooters, bicycles and other transport alternatives. Includes company profile, tips and FAQs.
13 -

Wrightspeed Inc.

Start up enterprise from Silicon Valley, California, which is creating high performance, electric powered, sports cars. Page includes company profile and details about the automobiles.
14 -


manufacturer of electric vehicles for agricultural and industrial applications. Includes company profile and product catalogue.
15 -


Manufacturer of compact high performance utility vehicles for professional uses. Includes company profile and product overview. [Italian, English]
16 -

Tesla Motors

Tesla designs and manufactures premium electric vehicles.
17 -

Phoenix Motorcars

Canadian manufacturer of electric vehicles. Describes the vehicles, lists news items, FAQ, and an overview of the company.
18 -

Commuter Cars Corporation

Electric commuter cars that combine the size, speed and agility of a motorcycle. Includes product overview and data.
19 -


Converts gasoline-powered Ford Focus cars to plug-in electric vehicles for fleet owners and the public. They are working to produce electric cars utilizing more environmentally-friendly materials. Describes vehicle maintenance, lists news items, and the technologies utilized.
20 -

Myers Motors

Manufacturer and dealer for the NMG (No More Gas) highway speed electric vehicle (formerly known as the Corbin Sparrow). FAQ, pictures, parts sales, service details, and benefits.
21 -

NEV Accessories

Manufacturer and retailer of fine accessories for electric vehicles. Includes product catalogue and data.
22 -

Electric Vehicles of America, Inc.

Component supplier for electric cars, trucks, boats, fork lifts, golf carts, mining vehicles, material handling and prototypes.
23 -

Karrior Electric Vehicles

Manufacturer of electric vehicles for a variety of industrial uses. Includes product overview and company profile.
24 -

Polaris: GEM Electric Cars

Four-wheeled transportation for two or four people, with a maximum speed of about 25 miles per hour.
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