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Props, or Properties, are accessories, furniture and other objects used to decorate or enhance a scene in theatre, film or television. A prop might be as innocuous as a picture on a wall in the background, or as important as the gun the villain uses to "murder" another character.

Some props companies specialize in designing and building custom props such as armor, creatures, and over- or under-size models, while other companies focus on collecting everyday objects and renting them out to productions.

Related topics are scenery (backgrounds and large items such as floors, walls, and doors) and costuming.

1 -

Creative Rentals and Decor, Inc.

Props, scenery and decorations for stage, private parties, and promotional displays.
2 -

Prop Art Ltd.

Custom-made key props, models and miniature sets, with and without special effects, for use in film, CGI, print and display. Examples in all media and applications.
3 -

Prop Heaven

Full-service prop house located in Southern California. Serves the entertainment, trade show, event and party industries.
4 -

Scene 2

Design and fabrication of sets, models and props for advertising, photography, commercials, television productions, trade shows and industrial design. San Francisco, CA.
5 -

The Propper Source

Nationwide rentals of movie, TV, photography, stage, corporate, and party props. Worldwide sales of expendables, gifts and props. Custom prop building. Atlanta, GA.
6 -

The Theme Factory of Philadelphia

Rental and sales of props and sets for themed parties, trade shows, meetings, restaurants, catering, and museums. Philadelphia, PA.
7 -

Independent Studio Services (ISS)

Props, set dressing, expendables, weapons. Sun Valley, CA.
8 -

The Creative Services of Anthony C Pierce

A full service display company for the theatrical and film production industries.
9 -

Prop City

Props for film, television, advertising, photo displays, trade shows, and parties. San Francisco CA.
10 -

Pinacoteca Picture Props

Culver City prophouse specializing in the rental of cleared artwork to the entertainment industry. Also available furniture props, smalls and fast custom framing.
11 -

Film Medical Services Ltd.

Medical, dental, and laboratory prop hire. Located in London, UK.
12 -

Eggsotic Events

Artistic themed props, fabrication, centerpieces, rentals and lighting for corporate and private clients. New Jersey.
13 -

E.B. Effects Incorporated

A custom fabrication company serving the entertainment industry. Models, miniatures, props, displays, and special effects for film, television, theater, theme parks and private industry.
14 -

The Fan Attic

John and Pippa Brooker make period-style folding fans for sale or hire to the film and television industries, theatre, re-creators, and costumed guides. Antique fans are also repaired and framed.
15 -

Eclectic Encore Props

Theme props available for rent for event decor, weddings, and theatrical productions.
16 -

Paragon Theme and Prop Fabrication Ltd.

Fabrication company supplying custom theatrical props and theming for stage productions, exhibits, retail, themed environments, special events, and motion pictures.
17 -

Retro Clothes and Furniture

Buyer and collector of retro clothes and furniture for the film and television industry and retail shops. Sales and hire.
18 -

Custom Creations UK

Models, props and effects for the advertising, film and TV industry. Based in London, UK.
19 -

Fraser Paterson

Designer, sculptor and painter. Props and set design for film, television and public display.
20 -

Screamline Studios

Manufacturer of horror, movie and theater related props, designs, displays, make-up, and prosthetics.
21 -

Atlanta Props

Design and creation of props and sets for film, video, photography and corporate events.
22 -

Gaps The Prop Shop

Supplying the movie, theatre and trade show industry with customized and pre-made props.
23 -

Mod furniture, props, picture cars, and locations rentals for film and photography, trade shows and conventions, weddings, corporate events and parties.
24 -

Articole Props

Props, prop makers and suppliers for exhibition, TV, stage and film scenic construction. UK.
25 -

Hotbox, Inc.

3D fiberglass sculptures of figures, animals, cartoons and mascots custom made to specifications. Retro and unusual furniture and vacuum formed panels with custom design available.
26 -

One Stop Prop Shop, Corp

Custom fabrication studio providing sculptures and decorative painting for museums, theme parks, and high end homes. Specialties include lifecasting and realistic human figures.
27 -

Coastline Creations

Custom foam sculpture, three dimensional art, and distinctive displays for trade shows, retail space, events, and private homes.
28 -

RWB Party Props, Inc.

Design, construction, rental and installation of theme prop decor. Prop rentals, production design and set design services.
29 -


Model making and set building. Advertising stills, special effects, prototypes and problem solving.
30 -

Available Art

Provides cleared artworks of all types including paintings, photographs, and sculptures for rental to the entertainment industry.
31 -

Proper Rental

Props available for photo shoots, movies, staging, theatres, commercials, trade shows, and advertising. Located in San Francisco, California.
32 -

Russell Beck Studio

London based workshop for the design and creation of props, sculpture, and models for theatre, themed events, exhibitions, private parties, TV, film and corporate events.
33 -

Graham Sweet Studios

Polystyrene machinery, scrap iron, pipes, chains, anchors, and hoists with an authentic rusted ageworn appearance. Also large polystyrene balls, teardrops and oval shapes.
34 -


Modelmakers to the film and TV industry.

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