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Projecta BV

Manufacturer and supplier of projection screens and presentation furniture. Netherlands.
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Manufacturers of multimedia storage products, blank audio and video tape, mobile communications, computer telephony, and other electronic systems and components.
3 -

Light Design Systems (LDS)

Manufacturer and distributor of professional lighting, dimmers, controllers, special effects, club lighting, pyro, lasers.
4 -

Rosco Laboratories

Color correction and color filters, designer products, dance floors, fog systems, scenic paint, motion effects, patterns, Roscomurals, screens, stage hardware, and software.
5 -

Stage Safety Pty. Ltd.

Manufacturer of safety products for stage use including cable guards, cable ramps, ParSafe, gelframes, and barrel clamps. Australia.
6 -

Decade Transmitters Inc.

Manufacturer of low power, professional FM transmitters for use in theaters, churches, and places of entertainment. Applications include private listening, simultaneous translation, hearing assistance.
7 -


Electronic racks and accessories, including studio furniture.
8 -

Keywest Technology

Manufacturers and distributors of digital and analog video and audio editors, routing and test and measurement equipment.
9 -


Makers of Snap-it and Blink-it miniature battery powered beacons for centerline, quarter mark, lighting trees or other obstacles on the stage.
10 -

Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc.

Designs and manufactures quality, specialized hardware for the film, television, still photographic, and theatrical industries worldwide.
11 -

Applied Electronics

Designs and manufactures trussing, dimming and lighting controllers, lifts and roof systems.
12 -

Mitsubishi Diamond Vision

Manufactures and installs large-scale video displays for indoor and outdoor applications using LED technology.
13 -

Gilderfluke and Co.

Design and manufacture of animation control systems, CD- quality digital audio repeaters, and intelligent public address systems.
14 -

Blackhurst Stage Gear

Manufacturers and fabricators of work boxes, monitors, racks and cases.
15 -

FreeHand Systems, Inc.

Developers of the Freehand Pro digital sheet music display and the LyricViewer lyric and tablature display.
16 -

Lasergraphics, Inc.

Manufacturer of high speed, high resolution motion picture film recording and scanning systems.
17 -

Sabre Technology Ltd.

Electronic design of professional sound and lighting equipment for manufacturers. Company history, services offered, sample jobs, and products.
18 -

Jands Electronics Pty Ltd

Manufacturer and distributor of a complete range of professional audio, lighting and staging products for the entertainment and theatre industries.
19 -

Solid State Logic

Design and manufacture of audio mixing consoles and digital post production systems for the music, video, film and broadcast industries. Oxfordshire, England.
20 -

Pickguard Heaven

Manufacturer of OEM and custom pickguards. Thousands of patterns. Custom routing,left-handed guards, duplication from damaged originals or tracings.
21 -

Eye Speaker Group

Makers of Script Sign supertitling systems using LED technology. Available for sale or for rent.
22 -

Video Automation Systems Inc

Provides video design, video consultants, video engineers and video products to industry and military customers.
23 -

j-Omega Electronics

UK manufacturer of low-cost MIDI-to-parallel converters.
24 -

Richmond Sound Design Ltd.

Manufacturer and developer of theatre sound design, show control systems and software.
25 -


Design and manufacture of lenses and optical systems for stadiums, arenas, theatre, and the television and motion picture industries.
26 -

Harkness Screens International Ltd

Manufacturer and supplier of screens, screen systems and theatre stage equipment worldwide.

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