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This category contains sites pertaining to the design, manufacture, distribution, sales, rental or operation of professional camera requipment and related items. Consumer camera equipment does not belong here. When submitting consumer camera sites please look through the following categories for your best fit: Arts/Photography/Cameras Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Consumer Products Shopping/Photography
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Poh Brothers Distributors Pte Ltd.

Features professional video audio broadcasting equipment including cameras, lens, CCTV, and video equipment.
2 -

Boston Camera Rental Company

Professional motion picture camera equipment: Arriflex, Moviecam, Sony HDTV, Fuji HDTV lenses, Angeniuex, Canon, Cooke, Zeiss, Steadicam, Power Pod, and Sachtler.
3 -

Molesworth Enterprises, Inc.

New York based production company that supply broadcasters like the BBC with crews and equipment for documentary productions in the USA and around the world.
4 -

Tobin Cinema Systems, Inc. (TCS)

Crystal motors for old and affordable motion picture cameras. 16mm and 35mm models from Arri, Bolex and Eclair are supported to enable their use with modern professional filming techniques.
5 -


Professional lighting/grip, theatrical, motion picture, camera, strobe rentals. Located in Miami.
6 -

OConnor Engineering Labs

Fluid heads, tripods and accessories for the film, video and television production industries.
7 -

Fletcher Chicago

Rentals and sales of video, lighting, camera support, and audio equipment. Sony HDTV experts on staff. Chicago, IL.
8 -

CamEx Ltd.

Camera rental company located at Budapest, Hungary offers Aaton Minima for short and long term rent.
9 -

Anton Bauer, Inc.

Manufacturer of microprocessor-controlled portable powering systems for professional cameras and camcorders, including chargers, batteries, and portable lighting equipment.
10 -

Technological Cinevideo Services, Inc. (TCS)

Professional motion picture camera and film equipment rentals. Service, repair and rental on 16mm, 35mm, and video cameras and accessories. Located in New York City. Online rentals.
11 -


Sales, rentals and repair of Aaton cameras and their accessories in Brazil. Film and video postproduction rentals and services. View site in English or Portuguese.
12 -

Computerised Time Lapse

Camera rig allowing the filming of time lapse with graceful camera moves. Technical and rate information, FAQs, and library.
13 -

Bolex International SA

Manufacturer of 16mm and Super 16mm cameras and accessories. Service and conversion of Bolex and Eumig cameras and projectors.
14 -


Lithium ion battery packs for motion picture film and video cameras, lighting, cranes, special effects rigging, and production. Sales and Rentals. Custom designs on request.
15 -

SLV London

Camera and crew hire based in London. Includes services and equipment available, and form for obtaining a quotation.
16 -


Motion picture video and remote heads - video assist, power pods and 24/30 frame playback for commercials, features, pilots, TV series, movies-of-the-week and music videos. Locations in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Portland.
17 -

Liman Video Rental

A full-service broadcast rental company and studio facility located in New York City.
18 -

Robo-Vision Inc.

Robotic and remote control television camera systems for use in sports, news and entertainment video productions.

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