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Tools and Equipment Websites

1 -

Kits and Expendables

Expendables sales and equipment rentals to the New York film community.
2 -

Dannyboy Services, LLC

Providing a generously equipped 3-ton grip truck, tungsten, HMI, generator, camera dollies, and technical labor. Atlanta.
3 -

Film/Video Equipment Service Co.

Sales and rentals of film, video, audio, camera support, lighting and grip equipment.
4 -

Lights On

Sales and rentals of grip trucks, generators, dollies and cranes in Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Omaha.
5 -

JT Services and Available Light

Crew, consultation and lighting equipment for film, video and multimedia productions both in studios and on location in Southern California and Mexico.
6 -

Expandore Enterprise

Exporter of Panasonic broadcast and video equipment and LCD projectors. Based in Singapore, exports to India, Pakistan, CIS, Russia, Africa and Sino China.
7 -

Conny Nemec

Rental of movie equipment for professionals. Lights, dollies, camera cranes, generators and a studio. Austria.
8 -

Cassady Studio Rentals

Mobile ADR recording studio with sync to picture capabilities. Brings post-production to location.
9 -

Edit Source

Southern California based broadcast, computer, and video equipment rental company.
10 -

Birns and Sawyer, Inc.

Sales, rentals and service of professional film and video equipment. Lighting, cameras, accessories, grip, expendables. Hollywood, CA.
11 -

G&G Technologies

Sales, rentals, repair and service of professional video equipment and related products.
12 -

R&R Lighting, Inc.

Movie quiet 500 Amp Prime Power generators for film, television, special events, festivals, and corporate parties.
13 -

Real Image Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Media technology company in India. Production, post-production, technology marketing and software development divisions.
14 -

New Millennium Production L.L.C.

Sales and rentals of electric, light, grip and camera support equipment. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
15 -

Video Editing Rentals

Portable Avid video editing systems, including the Media Composer and Symphony.
16 -

ProMax Systems, Inc.

Turnkey DV, SD, and HD digital video editing systems. Support for both Apple Macintosh G4 and Pentium 4 Windows 2000/XP systems.
17 -

Economy Rentals

Low cost camera package rentals for student and independent filmmakers. Located in Dallas, Texas. Ships worldwide. Affiliated with the USA Film School.
18 -

Visual Impact UK Ltd.

Equipment sales, rentals, service and support to the film and video industries. Based in London with branches in Northern UK, Bristol, Ireland and South Africa.
19 -

Full Circle Productions

Jimmy jib, camera and lighting equipment available with or without operators. Southwest Florida. Client list, stills from previous projects, and a rate card are available online.
20 -

The Power Broker

Used motion picture production equipment for sale and rent.
21 -

Quixote Studios

Sound stages, studios, high-end production trailers, talent motorhomes, expendables, studio supplies, grip and lighting supplies. West Hollywood.
22 -

Digital Systems Media, LLC.

Sells used Avid and other major video equipment internationally. Also, spare parts and rentals. Offices in London UK and Southern California.
23 -

TAI Audio

Sales, service and rentals of production audio equipment for broadcast, film and video. Orlando, FL.
24 -

Coolrooms Corp.

Provides rental furniture to the commercial, film, television and music video production industries. Specializes in backstage client and talent areas and greenrooms on location.
25 -

Tandberg Television

Supplier of digital solutions for the broadcast industry.
26 -

Moving Picture Electronic Services

Rental and support of broadcast equipment, Avid rentals and training, location audio, as well as film and video camera crews. Miami, Florida.
27 -

Media Distributors

Independent distributors of professional motion picture stock, videotape, recording, storage and data media, as well as AVID system sales and rentals. Locations in California, Florida, and New York.

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