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Resource guide for production in media that includes film, video, broadcast and music.
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Peter Rosen Productions, Inc.

Specializes in the arts and documentary. Site contains general company description, a biography of director Peter Rosen, and a descriptive list of over 50 productions, distributors, and awards.
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Prairie Pictures

Specialize in the production of scenes set in severe weather. They also are a source for stock footage of storms.
4 -

Peden Entertainment,LLC

An entertainment company that develops, produces and markets media content focusing on automotive and aviation topics.
5 -

Panoptic Media

Producers of video and multimedia works. Includes company profile and work samples.
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Planet Shark Productions

Los Angeles company which does screenplays and script editing, lists past and current projects. Demo reels available.
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Palma Pictures

Mallorca based production services company can supply studio space, locations, equipment, crew, and casting for productions in the Mediterranean.
8 -

Production Partners, Inc.

Film and television production company created by Executive Producer Sandy Chanley, Producer Thomas Bull, and Director Keith Truesdell.
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The Production Guys

Company which produces for radio and corporate audio lists its services, talent names, and prices.
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Page International Services

Full service film and television production company with offices in Lisbon, London and Bombay.
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Performing Arts Supply

Houston, Texas, USA. Stock and custom wardrobes for stage productions; index of available productions. Catalog [PDF format] of makeup, props, lighting, scenic supplies, and special effects. Ships worldwide.
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Pirromount Pictures

Low budget film production company which produces feature length movies on budgets as low as three figures.
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Phoenix Films

Commercials, broadcast programs, documentaries, still photography, films and videos. Includes services, locations, and client list.
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Pinewood Studios

Film and television studios, home of the British film industry. Information about the studio and the services they provide. Part of the Pinewood Studios Group.
15 -

Prime Cut Productions

Company specializing in international EFP and mobile unit shoots. Development and past projects. Offices in Los Angeles, Paris and Rome.
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Production Central

Producer of film, video, multimedia and website. Site contains video clips, links, and sample reel information.
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Poet House

A recording studio that specializes in having poems professionally read and recorded into audio or video format. Spring Hill, Tennessee.
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