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Animation Websites

Listing for sites of studios and companies involved in animation production for mainstream television and film .
1 -

Silver Fox Films

Production company involved in feature and commercial animation.
2 -

Loose Moose Animation

Stop motion animation using puppets, clay animation and CGI.
3 -

Cartoon Saloon

Ireland based studio providing 2D animation and editing services.
4 -

Animations Unlimited

Services include 3D animations, kiosk interactive multimedia, architectural fly-throughs, and animated media for Web content.
5 -

DNA Productions, Inc.

Provides 2D and 3D character design and animation services, as well as script writing, directing and producing for animated series and features.
6 -

Giant Steps Design, Inc.

Specializes in 3D animation, motion graphics, and effects for film, video, and digital media installations.
7 -


2D animation, flash, and graphics services.
8 -

Singularity Arts, Inc.

Laser graphics and animations for the planetarium and science center communities. They also provide complete audio, DVD and web design and authoring services.
9 -

Media Tech Productions

Offers design services, including 3D animation, web design and animation, logo design and CD-ROM production.
10 -

Meta Motion

Sells and distributes various motion capture, facial animation and performance animation equipment and software.
11 -

The Pixel Factory

Services include 2D, 3D character animation, venue/themed attractions, 2D and 3D morphing, special effects and logos.
12 -

Rhythm & Hues Studios

Oscar winning character animation and visual effects studio for feature films, commercials and theme parks based in Marina del Rey, California.
13 -


Specializes in making industrial and engineering presentations featuring full color 3D graphics, animation and motion graphics.
14 -

Bix Pix Entertainment

Develops original clay animation based work for television and independent clients. The site offers details of their principal projects.
15 -

PIP Animation

Complete 2D animation services from scanning to finishing.
16 -

JSI Media

Marketing, advertising and media production agency offering 3D, architectural, industrial and mechanical animation, interactive presentations, virtual reality and accident reconstruction.
17 -

Videotex Systems

A value added reseller, provides complete solutions for digital video, videographics, multimedia, animation, digital photography, imaging, and presentation applications.
18 -

Cyberfish Laboratories

Specializes in 3D animation and computer graphics design for video, film, broadcast, multimedia, web and print. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
19 -

The Krislin Company

Full service animation house for television, direct to video, and multimedia applications. Site offers samples from ongoing projects, besides information about the company.
20 -

Digital Brewery

Broadcast quality buy-out animations - choose from catalogues of stock. The catalogues are downloadable in PDF format.
21 -

Cuppa Coffee Animation

Services, spanning stop motion, cel and live action sequences.
22 -


Traditional animation and flash design studio based in New York. Virtual studio tour, mobile cartoons and broadcast clips.
23 -

PixelGrind Studios

Digital content solutions for the communication and entertainment industries, including 3D modeling, animation and environment creation. They also offer motion graphics and editing services.
24 -

Digital Artisan

With expertise in both 3D and 2D applications, they can turn a concept into a full motion action sequence, edited to an audio track. The site contains details about their audio and music services as well, and a portfolio of their work.
25 -

The Mad Cow Picture Company

They develop their own projects, and offer services in traditional and Flash animation, character design and storyboarding.
26 -


Focuses on animation, with expertise in clay, cel and digital work. Find a list of their clients and short films on the website.
27 -

Tres Animations

Photorealistic 2D and 3D animation services for film, video and the web. The site provides samples of their work.
28 -

Animatic Media

Animatics, photomatics, live-test, 3D animation and storyboards.
29 -

Hemming, Matthew Frederick Davis

Design in illustration, animation, post-production, and compositing. Projects for broadcast television and corporate communications. Portfolio and list of clients.
30 -

Liquid Pictures

Specializes in 3D animation, special effects, video production, interactive media, and architectural visual simulations, medical, forensic and biomedical simulations. Company provides a description of services and list of clients.
31 -

MCM Grafix

Specializing in 3D and After Effects work for broadcast television.
32 -

Keyframe Digital Productions

3D animation based cinematics and marketing material for the video, game, television and movie industries.
33 -

Celefex Animation and Design

Full-service effects facility that offers information on projects, multimedia gallery and samples, client access area, and contacts. Based in New York City.
34 -

Credo Interactive

Maker of Life Forms, a 3D motion creation and editing software program for professional animators.
35 -


Specializing in claymation, stop-motion, mixed-media and 3-D digital animation for TV commercials, music videos, promos and films.
36 -

Scary Cat Studio

Offers modelmaking and design services that include stop motion animation armatures/puppets, maquettes, props, sets, mouldmaking, exhibition and display models. Bristol, England.
37 -

Killing Time Pictures

Full service animation studio based in Wilmington, North Carolina.
38 -

Hedley Griffin Films

Traditional 2D cartoon studio based in the United Kingdom. Animation samples, credits, publications, and contact information.
39 -

Aardman Animations

Film and television animation company that produced the Wallace and Gromit series. Includes company news and showcase, online film library and merchandise store.
40 -

Klasky Csupo

Independent animation company. Productions include The Simpsons and Rugrats in addition to Duckman, Stressed Eric, The Wild Thornberrys, and Rocket Power.
41 -


Animation studio specialised in educational, scientific and cultural movies for TV, planetarium and stereoscopic cinemas. Studio in Greece.
42 -

Atomic Cartoons

Full-service animation studio specializing in the design and development of animated properties.
43 -

Sunrise Productions

3D and stop-motion animation studio; includes trailers, production info and contact. Based in Cape Town, Africa with an office in California, USA.
44 -

Inky Dinky Animation Studios

End to end services in the areas of traditional and 3D animation features for television shows, commercials and film.
45 -

Segelson Production

Freelance 3D animator, Svante Segelson. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.
46 -

Reliable Animations

Provides full services for 2D and 3D cartoon animation production. Located in Mumbai, India.
47 -

The Duke & the Duck Productions

A small animation studio specializing in storytelling for corporate communications and educational presentations. Located in Washington DC, USA.
48 -


A creative studio which specializes in digital 2D Animation. Located in IL, USA.
49 -

Brain Freeze Entertainment

Animation production for commercials, TV series, feature films and web in a variety of forms including traditional, CG, Flash and Motion Graphics. Located in IL, USA.
50 -

Momentum Engineering

A company specializing in 2-D and 3-D graphics and animations for accident reconstruction. Also acts as a forensic expert witness.
51 -

Phlesch Bubble Animation

Animation, graphics, title sequences and effects for television and interactive media. Specializing in imagery for science, nature, history and technology documentaries, museum exhibits and multimedia. Based in Melbourne, Australia.
52 -

Studio Bozzetto

Animation studio and production-house for tv-series, short and animated film. (Previously named Blinky Animation). Located in Milan, Italy.
53 -

MoreFrames Animation Production

Specializing in 2D traditional animation combined with 3D and practical effects. Motion Graphics, design, illustration, concept, and 3D/2D computer animation also available.
54 -


Sketch to Finish services including animation and character design.

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