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1 -

Khrunichev Space Center

Russian national aerospace research and production center.
2 -

Kayser-Threde GmbH

Providing complete space systems from launch to recovery.
3 -

L-3 Communication Systems

Integrated space communications system design and production.
4 -

SpaceDev Corp.

Offering turn-key space missions from earth-orbit to deep-space.
5 -


Consulting and research organization.
6 -

Orbital Sciences

Development and application of space technologies for practical benefits here on Earth.
7 -

The Aerospace Corporation

Provides information on launch vehicles, satellite systems, ground control systems, and space technology.
8 -

United Technologies

Provides a broad range of high-technology products and support services to customers in the aerospace and building industries worldwide.
9 -


The sole provider of habitable modules and logistics facilities for research and space station supply services on the U.S. Space Shuttles.
10 -


Provides custom and semi-custom time and frequency electronics for demanding space communications, precision navigation and science.
11 -

Aerospace Innovations, LLC

An engineering company offering services to the government and commercial aerospace industry.
12 -

Draper Laboratory

An independent not-for-profit laboratory in applied research, engineering development, education, and technology transfer.
13 -

United Space Alliance

Chartered to manage and conduct space operations work involving the operation and maintenance of multi-purpose space systems.
14 -

JP Aerospace

An attempt to launch the first amateur space flight in history.
15 -


Aerospace and defence engineering company serving the needs of the science, commercial and defence communities in space, airborne and ground systems.
16 -


Specializes in designing and manufacturing of neutronic, optronic, and space equipment.
17 -

SED Systems Inc.

Has experience in space, communications, satellite test and control, and custom electronic system manufacturing.
18 -

RT Logic!

Producing satellite telemetry systems.
19 -

Millennium Engineering and Integration Company

Providing a full range of support services to government agencies, research institutions, and commercial enterprises.
20 -

Edotek Ltd. UK

Chemical and material technology associated with liquid propulsion systems.
21 -

Malin Space Science Systems

Designs, develops, and operates instruments that fly on robotic spacecraft.
23 -

Deep Space Enterprises

Provider of small spacecraft system engineering expertise.
24 -

Deimos Space

Deimos Space, the aerospace company of Elecnor Group, operates in mission analysis, space systems engineering, ground segment systems, space software systems, real-time systems and technology transfer.
25 -

Bigelow Aerospace

Goal is making habitable space stations affordable for corporate communities.
26 -

OHB System AG

Medium-sized system house, with national and international projects in the fields of satellites, manned space flight and technologies for security and reconnaissance. The headquarters are located in Bremen, Germany.
27 -

International Space Services

ISS was established in 1997 to consult and help companies and government organizations pursue their international interests in space.
28 -


Provides science services for measurement instrumentation such as scientific software, design studies, technology development, prototyping and project management, for space and other markets. Located in the Netherlands.
29 -

Planetary Systems Corp

PSC is a space vehicle mechanisms manufacturer offering separation systems, solar arrays and other deployable release devices.
30 -

I.D. & Associates

Australia. Developer, designer, manufacturer and supplier of satellite communication systems.
31 -

Emergent Space Technologies

Providing technical services focusing on research, development, and application of emerging space and information technologies.
32 -

Space Island Group

Developing a plan to design, build and operate commercial space transportation systems and destinations dedicated to commerce, research, satellite repair, manufacturing, and space tourism.
33 -

De Leon Technologies LLC

Aerospace company based in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Includes products and services offered as well as contact details.
34 -

Microcosm, Inc.

Space mission analysis and design, spacecraft orbit and attitude control systems, space-related software for autonomous navigation and low-cost launch vehicles.
35 -

Lambda-X Optics

Design, image processing and metrology optics for space instrumentation.
36 -

Space Technology

Space technology products, alongside international coverage of industry projects. A-Z listing of space industry contractors and suppliers.
37 -

Space Dynamics Laboratory

A not-for-profit research corporation owned by Utah State University. SDL has designed, fabricated and operated over 400 payloads, including shuttle experiments, small satellites and satellite-based sensor systems.
38 -

Princeton Satellite Systems

Spacecraft control systems and of computer-aided design software for the spacecraft industry.
39 -

Mitsubishi Electric Space Systems

Space systems including satellite systems and ground programs. They include space-based networks for aerospace and communications that offer launching, tracking and amplification for satellites.
40 -

Ecliptic Enterprises

Manufactures the RocketCamTM line of onboard video systems for rockets and spacecraft.
41 -

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

Systems engineering services, design and manufacture of space systems, spacecraft, instruments and sensors, cryogenic subsystems and video products for commercial and governmental customers.
42 -

AstroKeys Inc.

Develops technologies for small spacecraft; Distributes SINDA/G software; Provides On-Orbit Servicing expertise, consulting and contract services to space.
43 -

Aerospazio Tecnologie

Research and development company focusing on space simulation, spacecraft, electric rocket propulsion technology, electromagnetic plasma diagnostics and electric thrusters EMI/EMC testing under vacuum.
44 -

Active Space Technologies

Thermal Analysis and Simulation of instruments, satellites, and launchers. Development, calibration, and qualification of instrumentation and optoelectronics.
45 -

Andrews Space & Technology

Aerospace company that specializes in enterprise and technology development for the emerging space markets.
46 -

MacDonald Dettwiler Space and Advanced Robotics Ltd.

Provides space robotics and is known for developing the space shuttle remote manipulator system, or Canadarm.
47 -

Callisto Space

Small company working in Satellite Telecommunications Engineering.
48 -

TS-Space Systems

A physics-based group providing manufacture and support in the fields of solar simulation, high-vacuum thermal cycling chambers and associated equipment to the space industry.
49 -

Gispan - Geoinformation Technology

Brazilian company that develops a multi-satellite ground station system - CBERS, Landsat, Radarsat and MODIS are amongst supported satellites.
50 -

Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Provides space, defense and electronics systems. Products include: satellites for communications, science, weather, surveillance and high energy lasers.
51 -


Provides information on the European space industry. Facts and figures, company profiles, publications, studies, conferences and contact details.
52 -

Iridian Spectral Technologies

Black absorber targets for space vision systems as being used on the Canadarm and the International Space Station.

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