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Military Equipment and Parts Websites

This category is reserved for companies who supply military equipment, parts and products to the military and defense industries.
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Manufacturer of expandable military shelters for the Ministry of Defence in Italy.
2 -


Manufacturer of tents, special containers, mobile operating stations and protection cabins for military use.
3 -

Specter Gear

Manufactures nylon load bearing gear such as holsters, tactical slings, MOLLE pouches, thigh rigs etc.
4 -

Opticsens (Pty) Ltd

Supply military perimeter security, accelerometers and fiber optic gyros.
5 -

ISO Parts

Stocking distributor for military and aviation parts.
6 -

CDK Mobile Systems Inc.

Supplier of military ground support equipment and services.
7 -

Babington Technology

Military field feeding, heating and hot water systems.
8 -

Caravan Medical Corporation

Supplier of a range of defense related products including electronic warfare, projectile tracking and munitions assembly systems.
9 -

Cv International

Manufacturers of fuel contamination detectors, cryogenic equipment, and nitrogen production equipment.
10 -


Industrial cabinets for the protection of COTS electronics equipment from harsh and adverse environments. Used by US Navy.
11 -

Dale Techniche Ltd

Manufacture and export of protective clothing for military, paramedic, emergency services and civilian use. Kevlar, Nomex fibres, and stab jackets.
12 -

Golden Season Pte Ltd

Manufacturer of military equipment and supplies such as MREs (combat rations), folding stretchers, ammunition boxes and military batteries.
13 -

Defense Technology Equipment Inc.

Specializes in logistic military procurement, mainly from the USA.
14 -

Electronic Material Industries Inc.

Independent stocking distributor for military electronic component parts.
15 -

Fisher-Cal Industries Inc.

Supplier to US Department of Defense for military photojournalism, video, multimedia and illustration services.
16 -

Geiger International

A supplier of non-aggressive equipment to the defense industry.
17 -

Global Security Solutions

Government, military and law enforcement security equipment and services.
18 -

Gwangduck Trade International

Import and export of military spare parts.
19 -

HDL Research Lab, Inc.

Design / manufacture of AC-DC and DC-DC power converters for military, aerospace, and specialized industrial applications.
20 -

Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd.

Design, testing and manufacture of protective helmets and communications equipment for military aircrews.
21 -

Kampi Components Co., Inc.

Factory replacement spare parts to the United States military.
22 -


Swiss supplier of NBC gas filters, emergency ventilation systems, shelter components and over pressure valves.
23 -

Merex Inc.

Systems, spares and components for aerospace and defense platforms including aircraft, vehicles, ships, communications and related equipment.
24 -

Milispec International

NATO standard mobile field analysing equipment and military approved lubricants for weapons and fuel.
25 -

Miltech Hellas SA

Manufacture and integration of military products in the Hellenic and international markets.
26 -

Panos S Savides SA

Trading organization specialized in defense and telecommunication systems.
27 -

Powerstar Inc

Manufactures mission critical power products and UPS. Supplies US Navy and Army.
28 -

PVA Technical File Services

Specialist advisors on design, development, testing and certification of personal protective equipment.
29 -

Rolls-Royce plc

Power systems provider, designing, manufacturing and supporting a range of products and services for air, sea and land applications.
30 -

Tech Supply & Services Inc.

Military parts and equipment including automotive parts and repair for the U.S. Military.
31 -

Tesscorn Systems India

Defense and aerospace instrumentation and technology supplier.
32 -

Wel-Fab Inc.

Manufacturer of collapsible container systems and related products for military and civilian use.
33 -

Teknik Grup Engineering and Organization Ltd.

Spare parts for military and commercial aircraft, naval systems, military vehicles and weapon systems.
34 -

Central Management Catalogue Agency (UK) Limited

Recommended spares, components and equipment support documentation.
35 -

Tactical Electronics

Wireless video search systems such as pole cameras, fiberscopes and video gun sites for law enforcement and military.
36 -

Orion Net

Provider of diverse goods and services to government, military and commercial clients.
37 -

Government Suppliers and Associates

Licensed suppliers of equipment to U.S. military installations, police departments and US allies.
38 -

SOS Marine

Manufacture and supply of general and specialised safety, combat and security equipment.
39 -

L Jackson & Co. UK

UK based distributors of military surplus equipment ranging from plant equipment to tractors and field kitchens.
40 -

General Armour

Supply of armor and composite armoured products to defense, automotive and aerospace markets.
41 -

A. Canton & Co.

Purveyors of international arms and military supplies.
42 -

Tricolom Limited

Collaborative offset to aerospace and defence corporations.
43 -

Aerotechnica Ltd

Design and manufacture of automated system for ATC, ATM, Command Post of AD, AF control systems and radar modernization.
44 -


High-precision mechanics and training target systems.
45 -


A Canadian-based specialist in military and security products and services.
46 -

Dunbar Sales Co. inc.

Government and military specification adhesives, lubricants, sealants, paints and coatings.
47 -

Anson Tactical Equipment

Tactical and operational equipment to the police, military, special forces and private security sectors.
48 -

Vose Technical Systems, Inc.

Operations, maintenance and logistics support of US military vehicles and defense items acquisition.
49 -

PinAir Tech Corp.

Military or commercial aircraft parts, accessories and electronic components.
50 -

Triman Industries Inc.

Distributor and packager of fasteners and parts to commercial and Mil-spec packaging.
51 -

MicroPhase Coatings, Inc.

Specialty materials and coatings products to US defense contractors and civilian markets.
52 -

Light Aircraft

Personal safety and survival equipment for defence forces and government agencies.
53 -

Rapp Praezisionstechnik GmbH

Precision mechanical spare parts for military equipment - NATO registered (Ncage Code D1965).
54 -

Castech (UK) Ltd.

Precision polyurethane mouldings, aluminium and investment castings.
55 -

Central City Manufacturing Inc.

Manufactures tent stakes, backpacks, backpack frames, built to government and military specifications.
56 -

Plasan Sasa Ltd.

Development and manufacture of add on armor systems for military and commercial markets using composite material technologies.
57 -

DeVal Corporation

Ground support equipment for U.S Department of Defense customers.
58 -

TSI Weapons Storage Systems

Weapons storage systems racks, cabinets and cases.
59 -

DHK International Inc.

Field equipment, support and logistics.
60 -

Tynemount Limited

British supplier of spare parts for military equipment, plus NSN database.
61 -

MKU Pvt. Ltd

Military equipment manufacturer and distributor based in India.
62 -

AGM Container Controls, Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of environmental container hardware for military, electronic and industrial applications.
63 -

Sielman SA Greece

Design and manufacturing of military spare parts and maintenance of military equipment.
64 -

US Military Supplies

Label printers, vinyl cutters, sign makers, and poster printers for military applications.
65 -

Permali Gloucester Limited

Lightweight composite armour materials and integrated protection systems for vehicles, ships and aircraft.
66 -

Specialty Coatings Inc.

Military, industrial, automotive and architectural coatings and supplies.
67 -

ATAP, Inc.

Re-manufacturing services and technical support for ground support vehicles. Worldwide USAF depot for R9, R11 and R12 refueling vehicles.
68 -

Aleks Armor

Manufacturer of body armor and bulletproof vests for law enforcement, military and security personnel.
69 -

Seacoast Development Group Inc.

Battle lantern conversion kits, emergency ship lighting and rechargeable batteries to USN and USCG product guidelines.
70 -

Mawashi Protective Clothing, Inc.

Apparel, equipment, and systems for law enforcement and military users that offer protection from blunt-force impact, ballistic impact, heat, stab, fire, and other serious threats.
71 -

Albayda Establishment SL

Worldwide solutions for armored and military vehicles: spare parts, maintenance, design and manufacturing.
72 -

Gichner Systems Group, Inc.

Supplier of various expandable and non expandable military tactical shelters (RWS).
73 -

Orion Management, LLC

Technical security solutions including access controls, barriers, closed circuit televisions and force protection.
74 -

Relli Technology Inc

Supplier and manufacturer of military, aerospace and naval spare parts, components and systems.
75 -

Davall Gears

Davall (ISO9001) design, develop, prototype and manufacture gear and geared systems for all military applications.
76 -

web-based notifications alerting companies of government solicitations primarily within aerospace industry.
77 -

Sarkar Defence UK

Ballistic helmets, vests and body armour, anti riot products, EOD and de-mining equipment.
78 -

Technisch Bureau H.A. Muller B.V.

A trading company located in Arnhem. Traditional markets are the Dutch and European military and police.
79 -

ISO Group

Provides spare parts logistics for the defense industry.
80 -

Leafield Logistics and Technical Services Ltd

Procurement, logistics, naval spares and storage.
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