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This category is reserved for companies who supply electronics, engineering and software products and services to the military and defense industries.
1 -

Ingenuity Research Corporation

Provides systems engineers, software engineers and program managers for space and missile defense projects.
2 -

Kollsman, Inc.

Avionics and electro-optic instrumentation and systems for aerospace, defense systems and medical instrumentation.
3 -

Pacific Electronic Enterprises

Overhaul and repair of avionics equipment and electronic assemblies for F-16, F-5, F-15, C-130 and other aircraft / helicopter systems.
4 -

Applied Technology Associates

Precision measurement, sensing and control products for U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, and U.S. Missile Defense Agency.
5 -

Astronautics Corporation of America

Design, manufacture, and maintenance of instruments, computers, displays, and components.
6 -

Baker Hill Industries Inc.

Precision machined components and assemblies for the aerospace, defense and commercial markets.
7 -

Bruhn NewTech

Hazard prediction warning and reporting software for both NBC battlefield and civil emergency environments.
8 -

DRS Technologies

Supplier of defense electronic systems to government and commercial markets.
9 -

Duotech Services Inc.

Depot repair facilities and remanufacturing services utilizing reverse engineering.
10 -

EFW Inc.

Electronics supplier, specializing in hardware and software solutions for upgrade, integration and enhancement projects.
11 -

GET Engineering Corporation

Manufacture of NTDS MIL-STD-1397 products including matrix switches, fiber-optic extenders and hardware adaptors.
12 -

Gleason Research Associates Inc.

Scientific and engineering support to the US government in areas related to military research and development.
13 -

Lektron, Inc.

Manufacturer of assemblies and subassemblies for the defense and commercial industries.
14 -

MacAulay-Brown, Inc.

Technical and programmatic assistance to government (U.S. Department of Defense, NASA) and commercial customers.
15 -

Microwave Dynamics

Manufacturer of low noise, ultra-stable phase locked or free running dielectric resonator oscillators.
16 -

Roband Electronics plc

Design, development and manufacture of electronic power supplies for the defence market.
17 -


A supplier of aircraft electronics to the military.
18 -

TFD Group

Analytical methods and software tools to support ship, aircraft, tank, missile and C3I programs.
19 -

Valador, Inc.

An information architecture company using modeling and simulation, supported by advanced security concepts.
20 -

Wide Band Systems Inc.

Research, design, development and integration of advanced Electronic Warfare Systems and services.
21 -

Wyvern Technologies

Source of build to print electronics components for aerospace and defense contractors including US Navy, Army and Air Force.
22 -

CSA - Consultores de Sistemas de Aeronáutica

Electronics and engineering support for aeronautics and defense industry.
23 -

Ontic Aerospace Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturer of OEM licensed components and assemblies for aircraft.
24 -

Ultra Eelectronics PMES

Signature Management Systems, Transit Power Systems, Defence Power Systems and Navigation Data Systems.
25 -

Microwave Solutions, Inc.

Microwave and RF amplifier to the military, commercial and industrial markets.
26 -

KVA Advanced Technologies, Inc.

High-speed electronics and photonics systems, ordnance initiation including firesets and fuzes for exploding bridge wire, exploding foil initiators.
27 -

Blazeware, Inc.

Software, hardware and systems engineering support services with emphasis on military C4I applications.
28 -

MESH, Inc.

Advanced engineering consulting services to military and commercial clients.
29 -

Research and Development Solutions Inc.

Electronic warfare simulation and training systems.
30 -

US Dynamics Corporation

Approved depot repair facility supporting F-4, F-5, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18 and T-38 aircraft.
31 -

Elron Electronic Industries Ltd.

Manufacturer of defense electronics, information technology, software products, communication, medical devices and amorphous metals. (Nasdaq: ELRNF).
32 -

Inter-Tec Services Limited

Stress engineering services to the aerospace industry, based in Ayrshire, Scotland. ISO9001 accredited.
33 -

Perceptronics Solutions Inc.

Real-time collaborative performance research and development for control and decision tasks in defense, security and emergency environments.
34 -

Mecaset (France)

Mechanical engineering and fabrication services.
35 -

Tao of Systems Integration, Inc.,

Defense and civil aeronautics research and electrical engineering.
36 -

Syntronics LLC

Projectile and missile guidance systems, night vision, forensic and telemetry equipment.
37 -

CMC Electronics Inc

Design and production of technology electronics products for the aviation and global positioning markets.
38 -

Technipower LLC

Design, development and production of custom power ready systems, chassis and power supply products for defense related markets.
39 -

Prime Power, Inc.

Military grade power supply units.
40 -

Copernio Corporation

Custom IT solutions to commercial and military markets.
41 -

Scientific Research Corporation

Leading-edge technology solutions.
42 -

Fidelity Technologies Corporation

Defense contractor offering military and aerospace systems and components, including manufacture of electronic and electromechanical parts, simulation systems, logistics support, and meteorological equipment.
43 -

Princeton Microwave Technology Inc.

Manufactures oscillator, Dielectric Resonators, power dividers, dro.
44 -

US Army C-E LCMC Software Engineering Center

US Army Communications-Electronics Lifecycle Management Command Software Engineering Center.
45 -

RayTec Consulting

Software and system engineering for the Australian defence industry.
46 -

Infowave (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Military battlespace analysis and mission planning tools, tactical-level constructive simulations for command post exercises (CPX).
47 -

Boldon James Ltd.

Military message handling software for formal exchange of information whilst utilizing core COTS Microsoft technologies. Solutions used by military and defence customers in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.
48 -

Professional Engineering Services Pty Ltd.

Provision of professional engineering and project management services.
49 -

Electronic Associates, Inc.

Manufacturer of commercial and military grade cable assemblies and wiring harnesses.
50 -


Consultancy in infrared and electro-optic systems and countermeasures for military and civilian applications.
51 -

Stratign FZE

Strategic electronics for defense communications, encryption and COMINT/ SIGINT/ ELINT requirements.
52 -

Design Intelligence Incorporated

Advanced technical services and solutions to both government and commercial clients.
53 -

SI2 Technologies, Inc.

Designs and manufacture of conformal and flexible antennas, sensors and other electronic systems.
54 -

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Support source for science and technology for UK defence forces and government. Includes reports, services provided, history and FAQs.
55 -

Shoghi Communications Ltd

Integrated electronic defense technologies, products and systems.
56 -

Ultra Electronics Electrics Division

High integrity switches, indicators, control handles, throttle handles and lighting systems for military aircraft cockpits and vehicles.
57 -


Software engineering firm providing technology and engineering solutions to government and private industry.
58 -

Sypris Electronics

Design, manufacture and support of high-performance data acquisition and storage systems for aerospace and defense industry.
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