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Communications, Radar and Vision Websites

This category is reserved for companies who supply communications, radar and vision products and services to the military and defense industries.
1 -

Advanced Simulation Technology Inc.

ASTi specializes in simulated radio and communications environments, digital intercoms and large-area communications networks.
2 -

Camber Corporation Sensor Systems Division

Design and manufacture of RF, IR, and EO sensor simulators, real-time visual applications and environmental models / databases.
3 -

CommsAudit Limited

Manufacturer of RF defense subsystems including; RF Switch Matrix systems, HF Quadrature Receivers, Multicouplers and Antenna Matrix units.
4 -

Deutsche Elno

Military communications technology.
5 -


Defence related electronic and communications equipment and systems for naval and military customers.South America
6 -

Electro-Optical Imaging, Inc.

Manufacturer of video trackers and tracking systems.
7 -

Humphrey Inc.

Guidance and control systems for aircraft, helicopters, missiles, drones and remotely operated vehicles.
8 -


Automatic weather stations, digital anemometers and other meteorological instruments and sensor systems for the naval defence industry.
9 -

Micro Systems, Inc.

Design and manufacture of military radar and GPS-based unmanned aerial targeting and airborne command and control systems.
10 -

Phase IV Systems Inc.

Components for radar, communications, signal processing and other military and commercial applications.
11 -

Phoenics Corp

Defense logistics, air traffic management, systems integration, radar subsystem production.
12 -

Radamec Group

Electro optical systems, stabilised and servo controlled platforms and TV cameras.
13 -

Rotating Precision Mechanisms, Inc.

Manufacturer of positioners, controllers, and antennas for military, government, and commercial customers.
14 -

SEA (Group) Ltd.

Systems engineering, signal processing and software house for marine, space, battlespace and transport industries.
15 -

Simrad Optronics

Laser range-finders and night vision equipment for military and law-enforcement users.
16 -

ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS)

Air command and control, battlefield surveillance and extended air defense. JV between Thales Group and Raytheon Company.
17 -

American GNC Corporation

Advanced technologies in Guidance, Navigation, Control and Communications (GNCC) for the transportation, aerospace and defense industries.
18 -


Design, manufacture and marketing of equipment for processing, distributing, switching or displaying high-resolution images / radar signals.
19 -

Cypher Research Laboratories Pty. Ltd.

Design and manufacture of tactical data systems incorporating high grade encryption modules and associated products for government and military.
20 -


Night vision and military thermal FLIR infrared imaging systems for law enforcement and military applications.
21 -


Opto-electronic warfare systems through its VectorWAVE products.
22 -

Avaak Inc.

Wireless sensor networks for defense and civil markets.
23 -

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing

System integrators offering commercial and rugged grade COTS computing solutions.
24 -

Innovative Engineering & Consulting

Provider of thermal imaging, infrared imaging, and night vision equipment with in-house engineering expertise.
25 -

RDI Communications (Pty) Ltd

Tactical communications systems and services for use in the Defence environment.
26 -

MC-S Nederland

Commercial and military data-gathering, recording and analysis-systems.
27 -

Aeronautics Defence Systems Ltd

Integration of surveillance equipment and network information technologies.
28 -


Design and manufacture of vision systems.
29 -

Top I Vision Ltd.

Unmanned aerial video blimp systems.
30 -

Theon Sensors

Design, development, manufacture and integration of Electro-Optical systems for defence and security applications.
31 -

Prolity Corporation

Specialized professional services to commercial, government and non-governmental clients.
32 -

Wavefront Technologies Inc.

Engineering services company specializing in telecommunications and information technology support to the U.S Government.
33 -

Sascal Displays Ltd

Primary product range of rugged flat panel display monitors, LCD & miniature monochrome CRT video monitors for military and avionics applications.
34 -

AMT Microwave Corporation

RF microwave products, spiral and binconical antennas and radome antenna assemblies for milcomms and electronic countermeasures.
35 -

LXO Enterprises, Inc.

Supplier of obsolete and hard-to-find electronic components and communications spares for military and commercial markets.
36 -

Ultra Electronics Limited

Offers turnkey project, integrated system design and niche product solutions, using in house technology, specialist third party products and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology.
37 -

DSP Computer Manufacturer

COTS solutions for defense and military programs.
38 -

Netline Communications Technologies Ltd.

Design and manufacture of radio frequency and cell phone jamming and detection equipment.
39 -

Marlborough Communications Limited

Radio communications, telecommunications and smart materials.
40 -


Optronics and photonics, optoelectronics products such as advanced infrared sensors, calibration systems and cyrogenic optical systems.
41 -

Kelvin Hughes

Design and supply of marine navigation systems - products include radar sensors and display technology, VDR, ECDIS and highly advanced IBS.
42 -

Kongsberg Geospatial Ltd.

Software components and tools for real-time mapping and geotracking. InterMAPhics product for operational Command and Control and Air Traffic Control displays.
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