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Air Force and Aerospace Websites

This category is reserved for companies who supply air force and aerospace products and services to the military and defense industries.
1 -

Cobham plc

Design and manufacture of equipment, specialised systems and components supplied to the aerospace, defence, industrial and communications markets.
2 -

Westland Helicopters Limited

Military, civil, utility, naval and search and rescue helicopters. An AgustaWestland company.
3 -

Mac Aerospace Corporation

Spare parts for military aircraft and weapon systems
4 -

The Boeing Company

Manufacturer of satellites, commercial jetliners, military aircraft, missile defense, human space flight and launch services.
5 -

Airborne Industries

Manufacturer of military aircraft components and accessories.
6 -

Avionics Test & Analysis Corporation (ATAC)

Avionics test and analysis, custom software applications and related aerospace engineering services.
7 -

Bell Helicopter Textron

Helicopters for commercial and military customers.
8 -

British International Industries

Supplier of aircraft parts and ground support equipment.
9 -

IMP Aerospace Core Group

Aerospace engineering, avionics and aerospace components.
10 -

ESRA Engenharia Aeronáutica Ltda.

Brazil. Provides aerospace ground equipment, parts and services plus flight helmets.
11 -

Excalibur Systems, Inc.

MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 Data Bus Interface Products and accessories for avionics test and simulation.
12 -

Aeromiltec Technologies Ltd.

Military flight helmets, aircrew life preservers, anti G suits, survival kits, parachutes, life rafts and equipment.
13 -

Hawker Hunter Aviation

Wet or dry lease for Hawker Hunter MK58 aircraft and airborne defense threat simulation training for the armed forces.
14 -

Hedinger Aircraft Components Ltd.

Repairs and refurbishment of aircraft electrical parts for military applications.
15 -

Innovative Solutions and Support

The design and manufacture of flight avionics for the military, commercial and corporate markets.
16 -

Mulgrew Aircraft Components

Machining and forming of aluminum extrusions such as seat tracks and braces.
17 -

Pioneer Aerospace Corporation

Parachute and parachute recovery systems for military forces.
18 -

PLR Information Systems

Manufacturer of flight data recorder units, mission data transfer systems, and data, audio and video solid state recorder products.
19 -

Rotodyne S.r.l

Aerospace ground equipment for civil and military applications.
20 -

Southwest Interconnect Inc.

Supplier of aerospace and defense related interconnect products and services.
21 -

General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited

Integrated avionics equipment, mission systems and secure voice and data tactical communications products.
22 -

ETA Global Inc.

Distributors of mil-spec mechanical fasteners and component or assembly hardware.
23 -

CEL Aerospace Test Equipment ltd

Aircraft engine test facility / Real-Time Data Acquisition System (DAS) and engine accessories test equipment.
24 -

Radiola Aerospace Limited

Engineering contractor and integrated logistic support for defense and aviation customers.
25 -

Daedalus Aviation Group

Maintenance, repair and technical aviation services for military and commercial markets.
26 -

Turbo Metrics LLC

Design and manufacture of a portable, real-time APU tester, test cell electronics and data acquisition systems.
27 -

Performance Aeromotive, Inc

Aircraft component repair to US Air Force under the Air Force Repair Enhancement Program [AFREP / GOLDFLAG].
28 -

Fin Sp. z o.o.

Supplier of aircraft parts and armour to Polish Ministry of Defence and commercial sector clients.
29 -

Evolution GmbH

German manufacturer of unmanned and ultralight blimps.
30 -


French manufacturer of rotary optical encoders, incremental, absolute single turn and multiturn: miniaturized or large diameters encoders, solid or hollow shaft encoders.
31 -

Airborne Systems NA Inc

Military parachutes, ejection seat parachutes, and related aerial delivery equipment. A division of Air-Sea Survival Equipment Limited.
32 -

Guided Systems Technologies Inc

Provider of turn-key helicopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).
33 -

Falcon Aerospace Industries

Military aircraft spare parts, tubings, fittings and hardware.
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