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Darkroom Websites

This category is for informational sites on all aspects of using a photographic darkroom. Included are sites on how to build, use, manage and equip a home darkroom as well as information on all the various color and black and white processes that can be employed at home.- Category ID : 38519
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Rockland Colloid

Information on the combination of new and old techniques to produce many new types of photographic prints.
2 -

The Light Factory

Online exhibits, classes in photography, and several articles on alternative processes.
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Lloyd Erlick: Technical Articles

A large collection of articles for darkroom techniques.
4 -

Silverlight Photography Tutorials

Photography darkroom tutorials and resources.
5 -

Kodak Professional: Black and White Films

Technical manuals for all Kodak black and white films.
6 -

Potassium Ferricyanide: Fantastic or Frustrating?

Demystifying this processing additive.
7 -

The Zone System

History and technical description of the zone method of controlling image quality. Examples of work produced with the system, further reading and biography of the siteowner.
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Kodak Professional: Photographic Chemicals

Contains detailed information on all Kodak photographic chemicals. Information for both color and black and white chemicals.
9 -

Developing Tank

Instructions on how to build a durable developing tank from ABS plastic pipe.
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Rodolfo Namias Group: Old Photographic Techniques

Details old printing processes that give results unobtainable on silver-bromide papers. Includes gallery showing technique examples, information about exhibitions, and available courses.
11 -

Masking Kits

Pin-registration holders and carriers, resource on contrast masking techniques and other fine art darkroom procedures.
12 -

Dust and Spotting

Article on removing and avoiding dust and spots on prints.
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Black and White World

Advanced techniques, beginners guide, forums, FAQs.
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