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Associations, organizations, and societies specializing in some aspect of music. Most music organizations are non-profit in status, and all have regular meetings and / or conferences and a board of directors who oversee operations.- Category ID : 26592
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NAMM: International Music Products Association

Members represent every aspect of musical instrument manufacturing and retailing. Information about membership, and all the promoted activities.
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Film Music Society

Devoted to the preservation of classic Hollywood movie and television scores. Includes information about many Hollywood composers and film scorers, and membership information.
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A Cappella Almanac

Official home of CASA - the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America. A source for news and information related to all-vocal music. Also features events, groups, albums, tips and advice, reviews, classifieds, web directory, and song arrangements library.
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Just Plain Folks

Organization of music industry professionals whose goals include the networking of members and the promotion of music worldwide. Includes a list of mentors, links and current member demographics.
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Conductors Guild

Includes listing of activities and publications, and downloadable composer contract forms.
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The IMA Web

The International Music Association. Features classical music and provides a community for the public, music lovers, and musicians.
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Rock & Roll Library

Works to recognize the historical and cultural significance of popular music. Sponsorship information, newsletter signup, teacher resources, and gift shop.
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National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians. Includes a list of repair schools, details of regional clinics and membership.
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Music Fan Clubs Organization

Fan-oriented site providing up to date information about your favorite singers, groups and bands.
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International Association of Music Information Centres

A network of organizations promoting new music, active in thirty-six countries. Each center is responsible for documenting and promoting the music of its own country or region.
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Acoustical Society of America

Contains meeting and membership information, a list of publications, and a number of natural and man-made sound samples in the .au format.

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