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Musicology is a systematic study of music in all of its forms of appearance. Musicology exists as an academic discipline that studies primarily composed and notated music, and is taught in universities across the world. Musicology, as a discrete field of study, has its origins in an article by Guido Adler published in 1883 in Germany. It set out a manifesto for the systematic and analytic study of music, and many of the points and methods outlined by him continue to be the modus operandi for musicologists worldwide. One prominent discipline which grew out of traditional musicology is ethnomusicology, or the study of music as culture. Whereas musicology tends to study works of music that are notated on scores, the individuals and history that created such works, ethnomusicology studies the music of the world, as an act of cultural expression. Another offshoot discipline is popular music studies, which takes conventional musicology methods and applies them to modern popular music. Popula- Category ID : 26562
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Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music

Archive of Early and Medieval music manuscripts and scores. Hundreds of scanned images available, with higher resolution ones for members.
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German National Discography

Listing of all 78RPM recordings made in Germany from 1890-1960.
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The Keys of Atlantis

Chapter 1 of this book by Peter Wakefield Sault, that is concerned with the mathematical derivations of the western system of music, the Babylonian unit of rotation and the minute of time.
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American Music Resource

Searchable database of primary bibliographical and Internet sources for American music.
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Music Ontology Specification

A SourceForge project for organizing the main concepts and properties for describing music (artists, albums, tracks, performances, arrangements) on the Semantic Web.
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WWW Sites for Musicologists

Extensive collection of links.
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Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology-Online

The site presents an index to dissertations-in-progress and a bibliography of completed dissertations reported since mid-1995, arranged under the traditional broad categories.

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