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Composers Websites

For composers of classical, orchestral, chamber, art, and related music from the Renaissance to the present day. This includes those who wrote opera, ballet, or film music.- Category ID : 23754
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Classical Net: Composers

Extensive link collection.
2 -

I Write The Music

A music portal for composers.
3 -

Composers of African Descent

A brief discography of classical music by African, African American, and African European composers.
4 -

The Madness Behind the Music

Contains information about the madness and creativity of some famous composers.
5 -

Classical Music Archives

Contains thousands of classical music files in MIDI format as well as live recordings. New contributions are solicited. A search engine is included. Suggests books, links to free sheet music, alphabetical index, featured composers.
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mfiles: Composers

Classical, contemporary, and film Composers, with biographies, major works, influences and styles, CD reviews, free sheet music, MIDI and MP3 files.
7 -

What to Listen for in Music

Series of Kennedy Center lectures by Dr. Michael Broyles in AU audio format with transcripts. Includes music history with emphasis on classical and romantic composers.
8 -

BigEye Music Center - Classical Composers

Information about composers, their life and works.
9 -

Kunst der Fuge / On Classical

Thousands of classical music audio files on the fugue, counterpoint and generic classical music. Over 5,000 listed fugues, fugue theories, analyses, reviews, bibliographies, and tools.
10 -

ccm composers-classical-music com

Composer biographies and compositions database.
11 -

Boosey & Hawkes: Composers

Search for composers biographies and works.
12 -

Conservatory: Classical Music at Humanities Web

A carefully edited introduction to the composers, history, culture, and music of the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods. Detailed with considerable background material, illustrations, and commentary.
13 -

Music History 102: A Guide to Western Composers and their Music

Internet Public Library entry categorizes according to musical period, including Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth Century. Includes Real Audio RAM files.
14 -

Classical Net: Composer Master List

Short biographies with discography.
15 -

Classical Archives: Composers

List of notable composers from the 14th century onward with links to music in MIDI, MP3, WMA formats.
16 -


Listings of classical composers with on-site and remote links to biographies, pictures, music listings, various analyses of style and methodology, and forums. Owner Jos Smeets accepts and solicits links and contributions.
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Université du Québec: Composers

Alphabetical index of names with birth and death dates.

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