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This category is for web sites about the hobby of music collecting as well as for Internet resources that would be useful for music collectors.- Category ID : 23732
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International Music Discographies

Online music price guide, available by paid subscription. USA values in dollars; accepts submissions from users.
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The Internet Museum of Flexi / Cardboard / Oddity Records

Devoted to odd promotional and novelty records, usually printed on paper. Images and RealAudio from a collection.
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Vinyl Bank Record and CD Fairs

UK Midlands based record and CD fair organiser. Find fair dates, venue information, public and dealer information.
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History of rock posters and information for collectors.
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Images of gig posters, flyers and handbills from around the world.
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Includes a history of Russian rock and information on Russian music labels.
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Record Song Book

Private collector presents information about and seeks copies of the UK music magazine published in the 1960s and 1970s.
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The History of Sound Recording Technology

Explores the history and impact of the inventions that changed the way we listen; includes business, cultural, and technological sections.
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German-based database of record and CD prices for independent releases.
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User built music database. Store and organise personal music collection listings for free. Includes cross-referenced discographies of artists and labels, marketplace, and forums for music and general discussion.
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Cylinder, Disc and Tape Care in a Nutshell

Care, handling and storage of musical recordings in a collections environment, from the US Library of Congress. Includes a bibliography.
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Music Price Guide

Includes recent online auction results, free classified ads, and a worldwide directory of record sellers.
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The Care and Handling of Recorded Sound Materials

Technical paper on the archival maintenance of music recordings. Expanded version of an article initially prepared for the National Library of Canada.
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Record Covers Drawn by Comic Artists

Listing of album covers (CD and vinyl) drawn by comic artists and illustrators. Includes many images. In French and English.

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