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Charts Websites

Sites in this category contain information on the ranking of songs, albums, artists, and so on. Some examples would include Billboard, MTV Countdown, etc. Charts in this particular category should be global in nature: either a collection of charts for several different nations or a chart covering music worldwide.- Category ID : 23652
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Roots Music Report

Weekly online compiled from over 100 reporting radio stations from roots rock, roots country, roots blues, folk, americana and bluegrass genres.
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All Time Top 100 Albums

A personal compilation of top albums of all-time from sources around the world, published by Martijn Boeren.
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Charts All Over the World

Features a directory of links to charts on the Internet from 80 countries.
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Pop Music

Charts of the best and worst in popular music.
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Contains 30 Top 20 and Top 40 charts and news from 22 countries around the world.
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Top Hits Online

A weekly music chart compiled from hundreds of personal music charts found on the web.
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UU-BRU Radio Playlist

Weekly top 40 music chart, with year-end summaries dating to 1955.
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Weekly top albums and singles from around the world with box office and television rankings listed as well.
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Top 10 Songs

Weekly rankings of the top downloads from online song retailers.
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Acclaimed Music

List of the 2000 most recommended rock albums and singles of all time by year from years 1956 to 2004.
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Features the Blue Islands official pop singles charts. Also includes discographies by artist.
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Beyond Radio

Compiles hits, new releases and songs not yet heard on the air waves, all tracked from personal charts and internet voting sites.
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World Charts

Links to official singles charts sites from countries worldwide.
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A collection of all-time Top 100 Albums charts from the US, UK, Netherlands and Belgium from 1974 onwards, indexed alphabetically and by decade.
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Extracted from Billboard, showing the number one song on any date back to the 1890s, with links to the more recent tunes on Youtube, Rhapsody and iTunes.

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