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This category is for movie news services, newspapers, books, magazines and e-zines, articles, interviews, and journals. Please view the subcategories to assist you in correct placement of sites that deal with only one of those specific topics. It is NOT for news or media on the people associated with films (i.e., actors and actresses), just for the movies or the movie industry.- Category ID : 11991
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Chasing the Frog

Previews and news about upcoming films, reviews of theatrical releases, DVD information, top film lists, and a look at classic films.
2 -

Film portal. Showtimes, news, trailers, image galleries, film festivals, film schools, home video, ring tones, and related links.
3 -

Dark Horizons

News, images, video clips and reviews of current and upcoming blockbuster films.
4 -

Film Scouts

Screens independent films and mainstream film trailers. Also includes film reviews, interviews, and articles.
5 -

Reviews, news, trailers, and discussion forums. User contributions welcome.
6 -


Trailers, box office statistics, archive of film previews, interviews, and movie stills.
7 -


Movie news, interviews, and reviews. Also includes theater and video release information for Australia and the United States.
8 -

The New York Times: Movies

Movie reviews, nationwide showtimes, new releases, movie news and ticket purchase.
9 - Movie Report

Information, pictures, and news for several upcoming feature films.
10 -

NPR Topics: Movies

Article feed from National Public Radio news programs.
11 -

Talk About Films

Discussions of foreign and independent films, downloadable as MP3 files or podcasts.
12 -

JAM! Movies

Movie news from a Canadian angle.
13 -

Film Fetish

News, reviews of film and DVD, release schedules and calendars, contests, filmmaking and industry events, multimedia, polls, and links.
14 -

Topix: Cinema

News about cinema, collected from various sources on the web.
15 -


Film and DVD reviews sorted by grade, year, or title, previews of upcoming films, multimedia links, contests, and a news weblog.
16 -

The Movie Times

Reviews, weblog, surveys, contests, and weekly box office reports with rankings.
17 -

News, trailers, reviews, interviews, rumors, feature articles, release schedules, podcasts, and forum.
18 -

News, reviews of films in theaters and on DVD, trailers, clips, image galleries, posters, and reports of new film screenings.
19 -

News, reviews, previews and interviews for independent film, world cinema, documentary film and the world film festival scene.
20 -


Critical analysis of recent theatrical releases, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. Also includes festival coverage, interviews and feature articles.
21 -

Screen Spotlight

Film and DVD reviews, movie news, and Hollywood gossip.
22 -

Reviews, trailers, film recommendations, and feature articles.
23 -


Mainstream casting news, soundtrack previews, posters, and film reviews.
24 -

Cinematic Happenings Under Development

News, previews, reviews of films in theatrical release and on DVD, interviews, top lists, editorials, contests, original writing, forums, weblogs, and chat room.
25 -

Pure Movies

Reviews, interviews, competitions, trailers and academic articles.
26 -

Film Unlimited

News, reviews, gossip, full UK listings from the Guardian and Observer.
27 -

Nuke the Fridge

News, reviews including Blu-ray and DVD releases, interviews, and feature articles.
28 -

IGN Movies

Reviews, previews, podcast, top lists, films on DVD and Blu-ray, articles, news, trailers, release dates, video clips, message boards, and links.
29 -

Yahoo! Movies

Showtimes, trailers, reviews, articles, interviews, news, and gossip.
30 -

USA Today: Movies

Real-time resource for film news, reviews and showtimes.
31 - Movies

Feature articles, reviews, and previews, with a focus on independent film.
32 -

Movie Insider

Provides the film news with casting information, box office reports, release dates, articles, and links.
33 -

African Movie Star

Provides reviews, interviews and pictures of actors and actresses from Africa.
34 -

The Movie Bit

Featuring industry news, reviews, trailers and podcasts.
35 -


Presents industry news, reviews and trailers.
36 -

The Cinemaholic

Provides articles, reviews and opinion.
37 -


Covers the latest film news, reviews, previews, interviews and trailers.

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