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This category is for sites offering specific information on a large number of movies with the same theme or criteria.- Category ID : 11962
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Horror, sci-fi, thriller, fantasy and bizarre movies. Contains film information, multimedia, and historical details.
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National and regional support schemes for the development, production and distribution of films and audiovisual works in the European Union Member States.
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Smoke Free Movies

Movies without cigarettes. Site in English and French.
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The 80s Movies Rewind

Films from the 1980s listed alphabetically or by genre. Listings include plot synopses, reviews, trivia, and film recommendations.
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Lists actresses who have died on-screen. Many entries include descriptions on the death and screen captures.
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A Short History of the Movies

Web companion to the book by Gerald Mast, with links to sites related to film history.
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Comic Book Movie

News about the production of movies based on comic book characters.
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Where Did They Film That

Location listings for films made in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Allows searching by film title or place name.
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Fiction Into Film Database

Searchable list of science fiction, fantasy, horror movies and TV shows that were based on works of fiction.
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Listing of sequels, prequels, and remakes that are slated for release. Includes sortable listings, rankings, and links to specific movie information.
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Multilingual guide to feature and documentary films about environmental, social and globalization issues.
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Guide to non-mainstream and foreign films.
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Comic Book Movies

News, rumours, photographs, and trailers for films adapted from comic books.
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Reel Streets

Information on UK locations for films made from the 1920s to 1980s.
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The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations

Includes photographs of various shooting locales as well as film synopses. Allows browsing by place, film, or cast member.
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Systematic compilation of annual film ticket sales statistics in European cinemas since 1996. Entries include totals and a breakdown by individual country.
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Movie Locations Guide

Provides cross-referenced listings for various filming locations, with photographs, maps, and addresses.
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The World Trade Center in Movies

Listings of films that show the World Trade Center towers, by title or decade. Includes screenshots.
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The Movie Map

Provides an interactive map of filming locations. Allows user contributions.
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Provides approximate times for taking breaks while watching films in theaters. Includes scene spoilers and film reviews.
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The Bechdel Test

Rates films based on the criteria of containing at least two female characters who talk to each other about something besides a man. Includes viewer-contributed reviews.
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Based on the Book

Compilation of book titles, short stories, and plays that have been made into motion pictures.
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British Film Locations

Photographs, maps, and information on filming locations in the United Kingdom.
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