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Mystery Websites

This category is dedicated to mystery genre fiction sites.- Category ID : 8645
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Tangled Web UK

Authors, books, reviews, Crime Scene, discussion and news.
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Mysteries In Print

An on-going listing of new and upcoming mystery books and books on tape. Books and audio tapes can be purchased online.
3 -

Online mystery network offering mystery entertainment and information.
4 -

Mystery Ink

Information about mystery novels and authors. Includes book reviews.
5 -

Golden Age Mysteries

Message board for fans of mysteries in the classic tradition, including those written by Ellery Queen, Dorothy L. Sayers, John Dickson Carr, and Agatha Christie.
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Information about African American mystery writers and characters. Reviews and news are also featured.
7 -

Detectives on Stamps

Nicaragua issued a series of postage stamps portraying a dozen fictional detectives.
8 -

Holidays Can Be Murder!

List of holiday-theme murder mysteries and their authors, categorized by holiday.
9 -

Mormons in Mystery Novels

Mormon and Utah-based fictional detectives, and the mystery novels in which they appear.
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Search engine for novels, with specific search elements, including plot, theme, characters, and setting.
11 -

Looking for a Mystery?

A guide to both the history of the mystery novel and to locating modern mysteries by topic and style.
12 -

Wikipedia: Crime Fiction

Article covering the history of the genre, its categories, use in film and criticism.
13 -

Mystery Books With Lesbian Characters

Showcases mysteries in which the main character is a lesbian. Browse by author or by character. For each author, a link to official site if possible, profile of the character, bibliography. Notes Lambda-winning authors.
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An interactive online book club where crime fiction lovers can have discussions in a forum, download podcasts, view webisodes and find out more about the accompanying TV show.
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A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection

History, trends, schools of writing, and an alphabetical list of mystery authors.
16 -

The Early Whodunit

Traces the development of the early whodunit in both mystery and conventional literature of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
17 -

Clerical Detectives

Introductions to over 180 clerical detectives, including detecting clergy, ex-clergy, monks, nuns and several others.

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