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This category is for decorative body modifications of all kinds, such as tattooing, body piercing, body painting, traditional Indian mehndi (painted henna designs on the hands and feet) and decorative scarification and branding. Some sites may also discuss other temporary forms of body decoration such as extreme hair colors and irregular suntans. Bodyart covers a span from pure decoration to a deeply religious ritual rite of passage, from the modern fashion statement to a spiritual return to the thought patterns of our more primitive ancestors.- Category ID : 3189
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Nail Art Gallery

Thumbnail gallery featuring artwork from Irene Ellis, Vicki Irvine, Best Foot Forward and various others. Also features links to the artists home pages.
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International Beauty Brokerage, Inc.

Insurance company offering services to tattoo and piercing artists and studios. Available in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Contains contact and company information.
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Professional Program Insurance Brokerage

Available to tattooing and piercing studios. Newsletter, updates, and contact information.
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Blacklight Kabuki

Forum for the promotion of ultra violet artwork. Contains image galleries, upcoming event details, and submission instructions.
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Bellaonline: Body Art

Includes articles, photo galleries, message boards and a newsletter.
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Includes biography of Fakir Musafar and information about piercing and branding courses offered, as well as BodyPlay magazine previews, sales, and article index.
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Usenet FAQs; including netiquette and multipart body modification.
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Jinny, Make-Up Artiste, Inc.

A face and body painter. Her site features an extensive gallery showcasing her work, information on the Paradise Makeup AQ product line she developed with Mehron, and training/class schedules. [Quebec, Canada]
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Bodies of Cultures

From the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Image gallery of body modification through history. Information on piercing, tattoos, and mehndi.

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